Google Voice Improves with Offline Voicemail and Group Messaging

Today, the Google Voice app recieved a new update in the Android Market that brings a couple of welcomed improvements. The most popular and often requested is the ability to send text messages to multiple recipients. I will admit, I don’t use Google Voice as much as I should but this feature might sway me to increase its use. The most recent update also allows you to pre-fetch voicemails so they can be listened to when data coverage is unavailable, it also improves text message notification.

To get this new update hit the market link below or head to our apps database for the QR code.

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Contest: Win One Of Twenty Copies Of GrooVe IP

It is time for another TalkAndroid giveaway. We are giving away twenty GrooVe IP accounts valued at $4.99 thanks to snrb Labs. This is an awesome app that will allow you to make calls over WiFi from your Android device using Google Voice’s servers directly. You will also need a Google Voice account in order to use this app.

Full list of rules:

  1. Leave a post in this forum thread. It can be a simple hello or why you love VoIP.
  2. Additional posts from the same user will be ignored.
  3. The contest ends 11:59pm eastern on October 23, 2011.
  4. Winners will be picked at random and contacted via email.
  5. Comments made to this post will not be counted, you must go to the forum link in rule #1.
  6. Due to restrictions in the Android Market, in order to continue to get updates for this app you’ll have to have a PayPal account for a refund. Winners will need to purchase the app from the Android Market, after which your PayPal account will be credited by the developer.

Good Luck.

Google Voice Takes First Step Toward MMS Support

The one thing holding me back from using my Google Voice account exclusively is the lack of MMS support. Sure, others with smartphones can just e-mail photos, but it never seems to work out that way. Yesterday, Google officially announced they have made a first step toward bringing this feature to its GV users. At the moment, only Sprint users are able to send MMS messages and to receive them you’ll have to turn on “enable text to e-mail forwarding” in your GV settings. Google is working on getting this to work with other carriers and getting the MMS messages to show up in the GV inbox, but this is a huge step forward. Most of us have been waiting for this since GV launched and may help to ditch using our main numbers all together. Stay tuned for more detailed information as it comes. Who’s excited?

[via googlevoiceblog]

Google-Branded SIM Card May Suggest Future Google Cellular Service

Well look at what we have here: a Google-branded SIM card. Could this be a foreshadowing of a future Google cellular service? The card is said to have come from Spain, where it is being tested by engineers with the Nexus S. Another picture has surfaced showing ‘Google_Es’ identified as the carrier with the SIM inserted.

It has long been rumored that Google would expand into the realm of cellular networking, even if only as an MVNO, meaning it would provide mobile services, though not actually own a licensed frequency. Could this be what we are seeing the early signs of now? The questions continue to mount from here: Will the possible Google service be limited only to Europe? Would it feature the seemingly perfect ‘Google Voice’ moniker? Is this all just wishful thinking?

Hit the break to peek at that carrier identity screenshot.

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Google is “dog fooding” Google Voice in Europe ahead of international launch

Google voice is currently being tested outside of the U.S. preparing for an international launch. During the European Pirate Summit in Germany, Jens Redmer, Google’s European Director of Business Dev., told entrepreneurs that Google is “taking concrete action” on bringing their telephony service to Europe. He continued by using the phrase ‘dog fooding’ as way to describe the internal testing that is now taking place in Europe.

Redmer was unable to disclose an exact launch date as Google doesn’t pre-announce their products. It was also noted that a launch will require engineers to port the service in order for it to work outside of the U.S., but more importantly, there will be legislative hurdles to pass.

Google Voice is a popular U.S. telephony service that allows you to have a single phone number for all your phones, no matter your whereabouts. It appears that without a release date, the service is already operational in Europe and will only be a matter of time before an official announcement is made.

[via TNW]

Make Free WiFi Calls From Android Phone Or Tablet With Groove IP

The quest for making free calls over WiFi with an Android device is not a new topic, but if you’ve gone down this road you’re probably familiar with apps like sipdroid or csipsimple. If those two names are familiar then you also know you had to deal with Google Voice Callback, pbxes, or SIP accounts and possibly some other forwarding trickery to get the app to work. It’s possible that you’ve even tried to set these apps up and failed after not understanding exactly what needed to be done. Enter GrooVe IP, where all you need is a Google Voice account to get started. If you like simple and something that just “works” and works well, hit up the break for more.

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Google Voice Updated to Version

An update to Google Voice is now available in the market taking it up to version There looks to be just minor updates and bug fixes here, but I swear the opening speed of this app on my Droid X is way faster now. Here’s what’s been updated:

  • Does not require data connectivity for making calls to numbers you previously called
  • Warns you when there is no data connectivity before you compose/send text messages
  • Fix for bug that required you to click the voicemail play button twice
  • Fix for notifications delays for SMS and voicemails

At the time of writing this, the update doesn’t seem to show up on the Android Market’s web site. You can try to update from our handy apps database here or just check for an update on your cell. The update showed up for me just a few minutes ago.

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Microsoft Lync Coming To Android

Coming to us from TechED in New Zealand, Microsoft is showing off a Lync client for mobile. If you are unfamiliar, Lync is a powerful unified communications system utilized by many businesses. It’s somewhat like an overpowered Windows Live Messenger, but again, intended for business.  The surprising news here is that Microsoft is making their client available to more than just Windows Phone 7. Android, iOS, & Symbian will be able to utilize it. Obviously, Microsoft is making a play for the enterprise and by making it available on the major mobile OS’s, they are trying to fend off potential threats from services like Google voice, Google Talk, & iMessage.

Video of Lync after the break

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Google Voice allows number change – or keep old number for $20

Want to change you number but thought you couldn’t on Google Voice? Hold the phone, GV allows you to change you number at no cost, while also allowing you to keep your old one for $20. Things have changed since way back in the early Google Voice Beta stages where they assigned a number for you, and we welcome it!

When you grab a new number and keep the old, calls and texts will go to both, but will only show the replacement number for any outgoing calls or texts, so it may be best to alert your contact list of the number change, even if you’re keeping the old one. Find out more here at the Google Voice Blog.

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