Google Search updated with compatibility for 2016 US elections


Google has just started rolling out a fantastic little server-side update for its official Search application for Android. The purpose of this upgrade is to keep you on top of the latest 2016 US elections news by providing you with card-based information on the positions of each candidate, live tallies of the results and voting reminders for you own primary.

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Google enhances weather info on Android devices


Continuing their efforts to improve the information provided by the Google Search app on Android devices, Google announced today some enhancements to the results returned when you search for weather information on your Android smartphone or tablet. The upgraded information includes several new data points and the ability to save your favorite locations for quick access later. Read more

Screenshots on Android are now as straightforward as ever


Google is introducing a new way to take screenshots, one that will be accessible to anyone with an Android device that is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. The contextual arm of Google Now, known as Google Now on Tap, now has a dedicated share button to take a screenshot of your display before choosing which app to share it with.

This finally gives every owner of an Android device an identical way to take a screenshot. Before, devices with physical buttons could vary from a combination between the home button, power button, and volume rocker. Now all that needs to be done is Now on Tap’s activation.

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Google introduces Trial Run Ads that allow users to test out an app without installing it

google trial run adsGoogle has introduced a new way for users to test out apps that pop up in search results without actually having to take the time to install and run the application. Roughly 25% of app installations never actually get touched (I’m guilty of that myself) so Google is looking into new ways to try and get users engaged with the application before it ever hits their phone. Read more

Complex questions can be answered by Google Search


Serving basic, straightforward questions to Google Search has always returned solid results. Need scores to that Houston Rockets game? Wondering when Eddie Murphy was born? Easy. Rarely has the search engine faced difficulties answering questions that require simple facts. Complex questions, though, have been troublesome as Google Search wasn’t drawing upon different areas to supply a direct answer. Most of the time, a complex question would return a myriad of generic search results. Google announced today that complex questions are now welcome to Google Search.

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