Google Search will show you how to make the perfect cocktail


Next time you decide to put together your own cocktail, there is chance that Google Search is all you need. Starting today, the search engine (on mobile devices) will display full recipes for cocktails. To become your own mixologist, just fire up Google Search and input the name of any cocktail. At the top, before any other links appear, Google will provide the ingredients, preparation, and process to make the cocktail.

Source: +Google

Google Search displays most relevant content from a single source


The next time you fire up Google Search on a mobile device, take a good look at the results because there is an interesting addition. In the section at the top where Google houses all of its own aggregated items, a spot for the most relevant content from a single source now appears. So, as seen in the image above, searching “ESPN” will return The Worldwide Leader in Sports’ top stories. It works when searching for sources or topics. The carousel design is used to keep content organized horizontally. Links included are for both articles and videos.

Hit the break to see GIFs of the feature in action.

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Is there a doctor in the house? Google Search now highlights relevant medical information


Admit it! We have all felt certain symptoms and went straight to Google to find out what it could be. You’re not alone because one in 20 Google searches are for health related information.

Now Google is making it easier to find that info you’re looking for by showing you typical symptoms and treatments in the Knowledge Graph. You will also get details about how common the condition is and even if it’s critical or contagious. You might even get an illustration.

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Movie search in Google Search for Mobile now visually stimulating


Google is currently rolling out a visual refresh to movie searches in the mobile search engine in Chrome. As you can see from the animated gif above, you’ll be treated to a more material designed looking movie search process in mobile search, something that Google has been working toward. Not only that but the cards got a bit more informative.

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You can now see song lyrics in Google Search results


The next time you search for a particular song’s lyrics on Google, you will most likely see the actual lyrics at the top of the results rather than a bunch of links to other sites. All you have to do is search for the song name with the word “lyrics” and it will appear. An example would be Rock And Roll All Nite Lyrics.

This will obviously hurt such sites as and, which usually rank pretty high when searching for lyrics.

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Google Search for Android TV pops up as a standalone app


This year, the trend for companies has been to release core services as standalone applications because it makes for easier updates. Rather than updating the entire system software, a standalone app can be updated through the Play Store alone. Google Search for Android TV now has a place in the Play Store. It acts as an exploration tool for Android TV to find information and not just content.

Don’t have an Android TV device? Well, the Nexus Player is available through Google Play and it comes with a $20 credit. So now may be the time to make a purchase and reap the benefits.

Hit the break for the gallery and download links.

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Google Search can now provide love quotes and flip a virtual coin

Google_Search_Give_Me_A Love_Quote_Screenshot_01

Need some inspirational love quotes? Try saying, “OK Google….Give me a love quote” and you will get just that. Of course, you might be wondering if you should continue dating that special someone or not, so you can also say, “OK Google….flip a coin” You can also use it to decide whether you should get sausage or pepperoni on that pizza. Both phrases work on mobile as well as the desktop, assuming you are using Google for search. You can also type in your phrase. Give them a try today.

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Google launches Search app for Android TV


Starting today, Android TV users can download and install a dedicated version of Google’s Search app directly from the Play Store. This application, which has been solely developed for Android TV users, allows them to search for content using their voice, but that’s not all the functionality has to offer.

Hit the break below for the full list of features the Google Search app for Android TV brings to the table.

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