New look at Google Photos starts to reveal direction for the app


As Google edges closer to separating their Photos app from the Google+ platform, an early version of the new app has surfaced for sources to take a look at the direction being taken by Google. Many core features appear to carryover from the way they operate in Google+, but other features are being added along with some new adjustments for users to polish up their photos. Read more

Google+ splits into Photos and Streams in reorganization


In an effort to boost Google+, Google announced that it will be splitting the service into two distinct services in a recent reorganization. Not only that, but it looks like product VP Bradley Horowitz will lead the newly reorganized Google+ endeavor. He will oversee the split with it dividing into Streams and Photos. This comes off a recent interview with Android and Chrome head, Sundar Pichai.

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Google+ on mobile web gets design refresh


If you visit Google+ on your smartphone or tablet via your web browser and not the dedicated Google+ app, you’ll notice that you now have a fresh, new layout for Google‘s social media site.

This redesign will apply globally because it’s the mobile web version, so if you’re a Windows Phone user or you just don’t like the Google+ app, this will be right up your alley. Read more

Google+ getting revamped notification system on desktop site

Google_Plus_BannerGoogle+ is getting some improvements on the desktop site to make keeping on top of your notifications a little easier. You’ll be able to check out updates and other alerts in a dedicated page, instead of being confined to the smaller area that we’re used.

In the normal notification tray, you’ll also be able to filter out unread notifications from what you’ve already cleared, which can be useful if you’ve got a ton of alerts popping up. Read more

Google+ might be killed off after Vic Gundotra’s departure


Earlier today, Vic Gundotra left Google. Gundotra’s primary responsibility within the company was their (in)famous social network, Google+. Now that he’s leaving the company, many are wondering what’s going to happen to G+ in the coming months, and while no one has a crystal clear answer, sources are confirming that the social network is going to see some drastic changes and cutbacks.

The biggest change is that Google will stop considering G+ as a product, but instead as a platform. This means Google won’t be trying to compete with networks like Twitter, but will instead use the social network as a launching point for other products. A Google spokesperson denied those claims, but according to some other sources, Google is shuffling around teams away from Google+, so that denial may not hold much water. Read more

Google+ adds view counts to user profiles

talkandroid_plusGoogle+ has added another metric to user profiles. You can now see how many views a profile’s posts and pictures have received. The number is visible in the header of the profile, right next to the number of followers. If that’s not really your style, you can hide the number from your profile in the settings, the same way you can hide the number of circles you are a part of.

While you’re checking out the new feature, go ahead and put +Talk Android in your circles.

Source: +Eddie Kessler


Google updates Google+ app for Android focusing on photos, but has to temporarily halt rollout


Google started rolling out an update for the Google+ client on Android devices today. The bulk of the improvements involve the Photos app with support for Android Beam so images can be shared via NFC, an option to uses Photos as part of Daydream when the screensaver is running, and the ability to pull up photo details from a dropdown menu. This last feature has been well received by many, showing that not all improvements have to be some awesome new function. In addition to the new capabilities added for Photos, Google has fixed a problem with Locations that was causing friends’ current locations to not display properly. Read more

Google takes another step in bringing better commenting to YouTube


Anyone who has spent any time on the Internet knows that YouTube’s comment system may best be described as a “wretched hive of scum and villainy” as Obi-Wan would say. To combat that impression and clean the place up, YouTube has started to implement some changes to turn comments into conversations. One piece of that effort is the move to require a Google+ account to be able to leave a comment, similar to the strategy used to clean up the Google Play feedback system. After rolling out some new comment features back in September on a limited basis, YouTube announced today that they are expanding this to all videos you may be watching on the service.

One change visitors will note is that “Top Comments” will move to the top of the comment feed. Posts from the video’s creator, popular personalities, threads that are judged “engaging” based on up ratings, and people in your Google+ circles will be listed first. If you really want to see comments chronologically regardless of the quality of the content, an option to switch to “Newest First” will be available.

YouTube is also making it possible for commenters to limit accessibility to their comments to different levels, like the public, only people in chosen Circles, or even just specific individuals. YouTube says replies will be threaded to help make it easier to follow the conversations.

Finally, if you post videos on your channel on YouTube, the service is providing some new tools to let you moderate comments before they are posted, block certain words, or auto-approve posts from known fans.

Check out the video below for more on the new commenting system, then head over to the TalkAndroid channel to see it in action while you watch some of our videos.

YouTube Preview Image

source: YouTube Creators Blog