Bill Simmons just revealed when Google Play will offer podcasts


Three months ago, Google expressed interest in bringing podcasts to the Play Store by housing the conversational content in Play Music. A handful of popular podcasts were brought in as official partners to get things started, but the company still hasn’t revealed when people can get all of their favorite podcasts from Google Play. Due to a comment from the host of a very popular podcast, it seems Google will offer podcasts through the Play Store by the end of this month.

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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ up for pre-order on Google Play


Millions of people worldwide are flooding movie theaters this weekend to see the latest installment of Star Wars. The newest film, The Force Awakens, returns the franchise to the big screen for the first time in ten years. If you don’t plan on seeing the film during its theatrical release or just want to secure your digital copy next year, Google Play is already accepting pre-orders.

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Google uploads official Contacts and Phone apps to the Play Store


Google has uploaded another two of its internally developed applications to the Play Store for easy updating. This time round we’re looking at Contacts and Phone, which will only work on Nexus, Android One and Google Play Edition devices powered by Marshmallow, but compatibility is expected to expand to other handsets in the near future.

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