Google Play Newsstand adds support for Austria, Belgium, Ireland, and Turkey


Content offered in the Play Store can be limited depending upon which country you reside in. Anyone in any country can access free content offered by Google in its digital store; however, only certain countries can make purchases. Today, four new countries received support for Play Newsstand. People in Austria, Belgium, Ireland, and Turkey can purchase and subscribe to magazines and newspapers from their mobile devices.

Source: Google Play (Google+)

Google improves app review process and adds a new age-based global rating system


Did you know that Google has been reviewing all app submissions? We’re not sure exactly when they started, but the initiative began in order to detect violations to the developer policies. Most developers might not have noticed this because Google reviews apps pretty quickly. In most cases, an app will be approved with hours, but in other stores, like Apple’s App Store, it could take weeks.

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The original Transformers movie in HD is free in Google Play right now along with Cold Play’s Ghost Stories


Google launched their 3rd birthday promotion earlier in the week, and what was 33 deals has now grown to 41. I am not even sure what is new since then, but a couple of notables are both the original Transformers movie in HD and Cold Play’s Ghost Stories album for Free. What’s funny about the Transformers movie is that the SD version isn’t free, so make sure you click on the HD version. We have the links for each as well as the link for the full list of sale items below.


Cold Play: Ghost Stories

Play Store 3rd Birthday Sale



Google Play app updated to version 5.3.5


The Google Play app, which was previously standing at version 5.2.13, has been updated. The new version, 5.3.5, is relatively minor as there are not any noticeable changes. It seems like everything is on the back end where everyday users would not see a thing.

You can hit the link below to download and install the latest version of the Google Play app. Otherwise, just wait for it to happen in the coming days or weeks.

[APK Download Link]

Google Play is greater in downloads but the App Store is where the revenue is at


Given the fact that Android hold a whole lot of market share and the massive amount of Android phones there are, it shouldn’t shock anyone that Google Play sees a whole hell of a lot more download activity than that of the App Store. You would think that because of this massive amounts of downloads the revenue would be greater, that’s were we would be wrong. It appears that revenue generated from the App Store far exceeds that of Google Play by more than 60 percent.

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The Interview was the top selling movie in 2014 on Google Play and YouTube

interview_picture1After all of the drama surrounding the release of “The Interview”, it turns out the film did pretty well in Google’s online store. The comedy pulled in about $15 million from Google Play and YouTube, officially making it Google’s best selling movie of 2014. Considering it’s only been out for one week, that’s an impressive number. This number also marks “The Interview” as Sony Pictures’ highest grossing digital film ever.

Since the film only saw a very limited release in theaters (and there were was still plenty of controversy surrounding that) it only brought in about $2.84 at the box office, which is pretty low. For comparison, Seth Rogen’s “This Is The End” made $20.7 million on its opening weekend in theaters.
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Google unsurprisingly removes Amazon’s app with app store inside from the Play Store

The Amazon logo is seen on a podium duriIn September, Amazon released a new version of its mobile app that had a hidden app store feature built in to it. While bloggers suggested that Google would remove this app, Amazon’s app stayed where it was. However, as of today, if you search for the app on Google Play, you’ll come up with nothing. It appears that Google has finally taken action. However, if you’re still gung-ho about getting the app Amazon has you covered.

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Google releases infographic about the top apps, games, and media of 2014 on Google Play [Infographic]

google-play-logoWith 2014 winding to a close, Google is recapping everything that’s happened on Google Play over the year. They’ve posted up an infographic detailing the top apps, games, and media that we’ve been downloading for the past 12 months, and some of the info might surprise you.

It’s not hard to guess that Facebook was the most downloaded social app on the Play Store, and it makes sense that health and fitness apps saw the most growth thanks to the surge in wearable fitness trackers and software from major OEMs promoting an active lifestyle. Some things might surprise you, though. For the full graphic, hit the link below and let us know what you think about what we were downloading in 2014.

source: Official Android Blog

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