The Interview was the top selling movie in 2014 on Google Play and YouTube

interview_picture1After all of the drama surrounding the release of “The Interview”, it turns out the film did pretty well in Google’s online store. The comedy pulled in about $15 million from Google Play and YouTube, officially making it Google’s best selling movie of 2014. Considering it’s only been out for one week, that’s an impressive number. This number also marks “The Interview” as Sony Pictures’ highest grossing digital film ever.

Since the film only saw a very limited release in theaters (and there were was still plenty of controversy surrounding that) it only brought in about $2.84 at the box office, which is pretty low. For comparison, Seth Rogen’s “This Is The End” made $20.7 million on its opening weekend in theaters.
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Google unsurprisingly removes Amazon’s app with app store inside from the Play Store

The Amazon logo is seen on a podium duriIn September, Amazon released a new version of its mobile app that had a hidden app store feature built in to it. While bloggers suggested that Google would remove this app, Amazon’s app stayed where it was. However, as of today, if you search for the app on Google Play, you’ll come up with nothing. It appears that Google has finally taken action. However, if you’re still gung-ho about getting the app Amazon has you covered.

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Google releases infographic about the top apps, games, and media of 2014 on Google Play [Infographic]

google-play-logoWith 2014 winding to a close, Google is recapping everything that’s happened on Google Play over the year. They’ve posted up an infographic detailing the top apps, games, and media that we’ve been downloading for the past 12 months, and some of the info might surprise you.

It’s not hard to guess that Facebook was the most downloaded social app on the Play Store, and it makes sense that health and fitness apps saw the most growth thanks to the surge in wearable fitness trackers and software from major OEMs promoting an active lifestyle. Some things might surprise you, though. For the full graphic, hit the link below and let us know what you think about what we were downloading in 2014.

source: Official Android Blog

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[Deal] Get a Chromecast with $20 Google Play credit


Need another reason to purchase a Chromecast? Purchasing the $35 media stick through Google Play, Best Buy, or Amazon will include a $20 credit to the Play Store. The deadline to purchase the Chromecast is December 21 and the credit must be added to an account by January 31, 2015. Then, the $20 credit will remain available until January 31 of next year.

The code to activate the $20 Google Play credit should be emailed to customers the same day the Chromecast was ordered.

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[APK Download] Google Messenger update lets you assign colors to individual chats


Google is currently pushing out a much-anticipated compatibility update for its official Messenger application via the Play Store. In terms of added functionality, this upgrade brings users the ability to assign colors to individual chats, as well as support for emojis, a new search feature and a handful of bug fixes and speed optimizations.

Hit the break for the full changelog.

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Google’s Best Games of 2014 list released


Google is back at it today with a year end “best of” list for 2014. Following up on the release of best apps from a couple days ago, Google narrows things down just a bit with the release of their “Best Games of 2014.”

Like the list of best apps, the list of best games is dominated by free titles. It appears only seven out of the 100 games on the list are not free. Keep in mind though that game developers are much more likely to implement a variety of in-app purchases within their titles, whether it is things like power-ups, new levels, extra adventures or other features.

Hit the source link to check out the entire list. How many of these titles have you played in the past year? Any hidden gems out there that did not make the cut with Google that you would like to share with us?

source: Google Play