Google Play is giving away Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ album


The best-selling album worldwide is currently available for free through Google Play. This week, Google is giving away Michael Jackson’s 1982 album Thriller. What songs are featured on the album that sold more than 40 million copies? Just “Beat It,” “Billie Jean,” “P.Y.T.,” and “Thriller” to name a few. In all, you’re getting around forty minutes of classic Michael Jackson.

Quite shocking that the world’s best-selling album is being given away so easily.

[Google Play]

Google Play’s minimum purchase price has been reduced in select countries


Nearly two hundred countries have access to Google Play, but no two countries are the same. Consumers and businesses differ from market-to-market. The Play Store, according to Google, is faced with “unique challenges and opportunities” in every market. Pricing is an area that is especially sensitive to change.

Google has decided that now is the time to reduce the minimum purchase price for apps and in-app purchases in seventeen countries.

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Google ready to jump back into China’s mobile market against stiff competition

motorola_moto_x_play_google_play_TAGoogle stepped out of the Chinese mobile market years ago, and since 2010 China has seen a ton of growth for many other manufacturers which puts Google in a sticky situation and six years behind some of its competition. However, the Chinese market is too big to ignore and we’ll likely see Google push its mobile app store back into the country sooner rather than later.

A mobile analytics firm measured how much of the market some of China’s most popular app stores currently hold, and Google’s own Play Store sits at number 10 with barely 3.5% penetration rate. Compare that to Tencent’s 18% penetration rate for its own app store, and even rates from competitors like Oppo, Huawei, and Xiaomi, and Google would have a long road ahead to get things back in full swing. Read more

Larry Page will no longer have any say over Google’s operations in China, leaves decisions up to Sundar Pichai

Google_Larry_Page_StatementSince Google split off as a subsidiary of Alphabet, Larry Page took over as CEO of Alphabet and handed the reigns of Google to Sundar Pichai. This means that while Page is still technically higher up the ladder than Pichai, he’s not making any decisions about Google’s business moves going forward, especially over how the company is handling their operations in China. Read more

Prepare for Google Play to get a new look


On Google+ today, Kirill Grouchnikov shared images of what will become of Google Play in a soon-to-be-released update. The upcoming facelift for the Play Store seems to focus more on graphics and less on text. Navigation will be done through more noticeable tabs with animations following the company’s own Material Design guidelines. And, as you can see above, division will occur between the content found in the Play Store. Apps and games will have their own place away while everything else offered — movies, television shows, music, books, news — is pushed into an Entertainment section.

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