Google IO 2016 Coverage

Google uploads official Contacts and Phone apps to the Play Store


Google has uploaded another two of its internally developed applications to the Play Store for easy updating. This time round we’re looking at Contacts and Phone, which will only work on Nexus, Android One and Google Play Edition devices powered by Marshmallow, but compatibility is expected to expand to other handsets in the near future.

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Larry Page may have been holding Motorola back from making a legitimate Google phone


When Google acquired Motorola way back when, people automatically assumed it would mean the company was ready to produce its very own Google phone. And according to a new report from The Information, that was exactly what Motorola set out to do. But there was only one problem — Larry Page. Google’s very own CEO was the man who turned down Motorola’s ambitious plan. Read more

How did Android look in 2007? See it running on the Google Sooner!

Android lovers will always look back fondly at the HTC G1, the device that started the love affair for many of us. The G1 and Android 1.0 launched with many distinctive features such as the slide out keyboard, home screen widgets, pull down notifications and curved ‘chin’, many of these features are still present in Android 4.0 today.

Meet the Google Sooner, the phone that might just have launched in place of the G1 had it not been for a late change in strategy from Google. With a full qwerty keyboard and non touch-screen design it’s clear that Google was initially chasing after Blackberry and Symbian before the huge success of the original iPhone positioned itself as a more ambitious target for Google to take on. Oh how different things may have been.

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith has been fortunate enough to get his hands on the Google Sooner and has posted some detailed commentary and high resolution screenshots to his blog for the rest of us to enjoy. You can take a look at Google’s own Sergey Brin walking us through this early build in the video below, we’ve also posted a few photos of the Sooner.

Those of you who bought the original HTC G1, would the Google Sooner have caught your imagination in the same way had it ever reached the market? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Prototype Google Phone resembles a Blackberry, was set to arrive with a $9.99 unlimited data plan

Oh how different things could have been. What you’re looking at above is a prototype image of what Google had in mind for the first ever Android phone back in 2006. As the court battle between Google and Oracle wages on, these interesting little titbits are surfacing from the courtroom via some official documents that Google released. It’s definitely interesting to note that the early prototypes resemble a Blackberry far more than an iPhone, perhaps adding some substance to the argument that Google changed its strategy after the success of the original iPhone.

Another interesting story to surface is that Google intended to subsidise a $9.99 unlimited data plan in partnership with T-Mobile as part of the launch strategy. It’s fair to say that HTC’s G1 was certainly an improvement on the original design although I suspect one or two of us would bite Google’s hands off for an unlimited data plan for less than $10!

Would you have bought this back in 2008? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

source : Android and Me