Don’t miss your stop with new Google Now alarm

by Jeff Causey on
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If you get to travel using public transportation on a regular basis, the next time you board your train, subway or bus, you may want to check out Google Now. It appears a new option has been added that will let you set an alarm for when you are close to your final stop.

The new feature uses locations like Home and Work that you may have setup as favorites in Google Maps. It does not seem to be connected to a device’s clock app which is normally used for alarms, operating completely through Google Now. The nice thing is Google handles all the calculations, so all you have to do is hit a button to set the alarm.

So the next time you are traveling via the public transit system, be sure to set the alarm and then feel free to doze off or get engrossed in the latest news or play a video game.

source: Android Police

Google releases call reminder feature on Google Now

by Christian de Looper on
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google_now_call_reminder_1 google_now_call_reminder_2It seems like there’s new features being released to Google Now every week. This weeks new feature is that Google Now will now parse your call reminder queries for contacts in your phone numbers and local businesses, and add a call button automatically.

Once Google Now recognizes that the reminder is linked to a business, it will add the call button, and once that button is pressed, users will see a list of local matches for that particular business. The feature will vary depending on the users location, but it still is a cool feature, and shows the lengths Google is willing to go to in order to improve Google Now.

Source: Android Police

Google will soon introduce “Nearby” to send you notifications when you’re around certain people or places

by Jared Peters on
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Google Nearby

Lately we’ve seen Google push for location-sensitive reminders in Google Now, especially with the monthly walking counts and parking spot reminders, but it looks like they’re close to finally adding in contact-based reminders and notifications. In short, Google Now will be able to give you a notification about something whenever you’re around a particular person or place. » Read the rest

Google rumored to be implementing hands-free searching across all Android devices

by Brendan Lynch on
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Google has been consistently expanding its Search application since the introduction of Google Now. It seems as though the company is interested in implementing an “always on” listening mode so that users can access relevant information without looking at or touching his or her device, being referred to as Android Eyes Free, internally.

» Read the rest

You can now ask Google about your upcoming car rentals

by Jared Peters on
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Google Now car rental

Google Now keeps track of a lot of things for you, but sometimes it’s more useful to be able to ask your phone a direct question and get an answer back, especially when it comes to things like car rentals. Thanks to the latest update from Google, you’ll now be able to use Google voice search about any car reservations you have, and it’ll pull information directly from your Gmail account and display it for you. If you already have a reservation, the app will pull up all the details for you, including pick up and drop off times. And if you haven’t made a reservation, well, it won’t return anything and you know what the next item on your to-do list should be.

source: Google+

Setting reminders with Google Now just got a little easier

by Robert Nazarian on
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Earlier this week, we learned that you can easily set a timer using Google Now, but there is one other new feature to fill you in on. Well it’s partially new. You could already set a reminder with Google Now, but it just got a little easier.

With the latest update, you can do it all with your voice. Before, you could only make the request with your voice, and you had to confirm things with your fingers, as in tapping. Now you can simply say “yes” or “set” to confirm Google’s interpretation of your request.

source: TheNextWeb

Google Now can now handle timer queries through device’s native timer apps

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Google Now was previously able to handle time queries, but all timers were run through the Google Now application, and not through your phone’s native timer application — until now.

With Google Now’s latest update, users can say “set a timer for [time]” and a card will appear letting users know that the timer is about to begin, and you will then be directed to your native timer app.

According to various users, this is currently working for a number of phones not running stock Android, including the HTC One M7 and M8, the Moto X and Moto G, the LG G2,  and most Galaxy devices.

Source: Reddit

Bill reminder integration rolling out to Google Now

by Christian de Looper on
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google_now_bills_1 google_now_bills_2A while back there were rumors suggesting that Google would be integrating the bill reminder feature that is in Gmail with Google Now. Well that integration has started rolling out. Right now the feature is pretty basic, and it essentially identifies which emails in your account are bills. A card will then show up in Google Now with the name of the biller, the amount due, the date due, and the ability to see the email with the bill.

The feature is still in its early stages, so there’s currently no way to pay directly from Google Now. When the rumors were first started it was due to a string of code in the Now APK, which also showed strings for minimum payments, previous balances, last months bill, and so on. It doesn’t seem like those features are included in the new update, but they may be included in the future.

Source: AndroidPolice

Latest rumor suggests Google Now launcher changes could be tied to stock Android interface

by Jeff Causey on
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One of the things that has set Google’s Android operating system apart from other smartphone interfaces have been some of the unique features and stylistic cues that Google brought to the screen. With Google I/O coming up in a few weeks and rumors swirling of a pending release of another significant update to Android, likely 4.5, we have suggestions that an overhaul of the home screen and notifications menu may be in the cards. » Read the rest

Google Now aims to make your shopping life a little easier

by Macky Evangelista on
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products searched avail nearby

We previously reported that Google Now helps your shopping at a mall easier by providing you a list of what stores are available in that mall. Now it looks like the much popular assistant will also aim to make shopping easier on yourself by reminding you of products that you’ve searched for and if they’re in the area (if you’re currently near a store).

Let us know if these “shopping cards” have popped up for you already!

source: Google+