Google Search update brings new commands and Olympics cards to Google Now

by Justin Herrick on
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A few days after the update went live, we are finally starting to see some more additions to the Google Search app. While Google Now currently alerts users when a set event is approaching, it will now notify when the best time to leave to arrive on time. So Google Now will make sure you make it to a doctor’s appointment, dinner reservation, or airport in a timely fashion. Also added to Google Now is the voice command to call or text contacts. Say “Call Justin” and the device will do so. If you have contacts with overlapping names, it will ask you to clarify.

With the Olympics taking over the world for the next few weeks, Google has added cards pertaining to the games. French, German, Japanese, and Korean languages are all supported. So if you are away from a TV or computer, cue Google Now and check out what’s going on in Sochi easily.

Google Now introduced into Chrome Beta

by Christian de Looper on
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If you have Android 4.1 or later, you’re probably already familiar with Google Now, Google’s own personal assistant, and answer to Apple’s Siri. Well Google Now is now making it’s way into Google Chrome, having reached Chrome Beta today.

Previously Google Now was only available in Chrome through the Canary developer build, but now users of Chrome Beta will be able to enjoy it as well.

Google Now can give information about anything from traffic updates to sports results, and it does this without you even needing to search for it. Soon enough Google Now should be available in the standard version of Chrome.

Source: Chrome Blogspot

Google Now Easter Egg collection

by Robert Nazarian on
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Google might be one of the most innovative companies, but they are also a company that likes to have a lot of fun. Take Easter Eggs for example. They include them all over the place, and Google Now is becoming a very popular destination. XDA member akhan47 put together this collection of known Easter Eggs. I say known because it’s unlikely this is every Easter Egg that is part of Google Now. If you think about it, the possibilities are endless, so I am sure a few more will surface, plus it’s likely Google will add more. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you come up with anything that’s missing and we will add it. Hit the break for the “complete” (and ongoing) list.

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How to turn off ‘Okay Google’ always listening feature in the Google Experience Launcher

by Robert Nazarian on
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As you might already know, if you are in Google Now on your Android phone, you can simply say “Okay Google” to start the next search. The Google Experience Launcher takes this one step further by adding this hotword to your home screens so you don’t have to tap on the microphone in the Google Search box in order to start a search. You can simply say, “Okay Google” followed by whatever it is you want to search for. This feature is on by default, but if for whatever reason, you want to turn it off, it’s very easy to do. Hit the break to get started.

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Google redesigns Google Now website to explain how cards work with animations

by Aditya Thawardas on


Along with releasing a new version of Google Search, including Google Now, Google has also redesigned their Google Now website, and it looks pretty. Filled with short videos and animation, Google shows users how exactly Google Now cards work, and which cards are available.

The website is worth a look, even if you are already familiar with the ins and outs of Google Now. Head to the source link to check it out.

Source: Google Now

Some Nexus 5 users experiencing issues with Google Now, Google recommends sending in feedback

by Justin Herrick on
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If you own the new Nexus 5 and experience some trouble with Google Now, you’re not alone. According to multiple reports, Google Now is not functioning properly on the new device and it is also effecting other Android devices that they own. In some cases, Google Now doesn’t load any information, rendering it useless. The app will not sync and is even crashing when activating it for the first time.

A solution for the issue has been to sign out of their accounts and then signing back in; however, this hasn’t been a successful resolution for many. Some people have even performed a factory reset, but that too has been hit or miss. Android Police explains that it could be due to Location History being turned off or not available. Certain countries do not allow location tracking; therefore, they would be left out from using Google Now. » Read the rest

Google pays tribute to Star Trek with new Google Now easter egg

by Christian de Looper on
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Yet another easter egg has been discovered! Google’s easter eggs are always fun, and this one is no exception, while being geeky at the same time!

When a user asks Google Now to “Beam me up Scotty”, the reply will be a familiar voice saying “I cannot do it captain, I do not have the power.” This easter egg pays tribute to the most famous phrase of the show which was never said by the great Captain Kirk.

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Google Now could get exciting new features on November 13

by Robert Nazarian on
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According to Wired, Google Now should be getting exciting new features on November 13. One of the things I have found lacking with Google Now is that it doesn’t have the ability to control other apps. This new update will allow search inside other applications as well as the ability to launch them. So for example, searching for a restaurant could yield results from OpenTable and you could open the app via voice to make a reservation.

Conversations is another area. Right now you can ask multiple questions, but Google Now never asks you anything back. Google Now will start asking you questions, so if you say, “text Robert”, you might get a reply, “which Robert”, or did you mean “Robert Smith or Robert Nazarian?”

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Google has integrated Google Search heavily into the Google Launcher on KitKat

by Jared Peters on
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Here’s some interesting information about the Google Experience launcher Android 4.4; it’s basically just a front-end for Google Search. Thanks to some code digging over at Ars Technica, Google Search is drawing everything you see on your home screen and handling all of the information. There’s still a Google Home apk, but it essentially just forwards all of the information to Google Search.

This makes it a little different than just adding a few extra search widgets on the home screen, mainly because of how it’s going to integrate into Android. First off, Google Search is updated through the Play Store, so this Google Home should likely be made available in the Play Store before long. It also means that any popular device that ships with Google Apps (even the heavily skinned phones like the S 4 and HTC One) will be able to take advantage of Google Home and bring a more stock experience to any device.

This is a pretty sneaky move to push stock Android onto every phone, but like how Google is handling their Play Services, it’s an excellent way to make sure that they can update devices with just a Play Store update instead of manufacturer-and-carrier approved OTA updates.

source: Ars Technica

Massive updates to Google Now to come alongside Android 4.4 launch

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Nexus 5 Google Now

Google constantly updates Google Now, tweaking small things under the hood, normally without us even knowing it. But with Android 4.4 and the Nexus 5, we’ll see some major changes brought to how the app works, which Android and Chrome OS chief Sundar Pichai explained at a press conference this afternoon.

The plan is the seamlessly blend search results with the apps already installed on your device. For example, when searching for a restaurant, instead of Google Now bringing you to the clunky OpenTable mobile site, you’ll have the app opened with exactly what you’re looking for, right then and there. Same goes for the AllRecipes app when looking for recipes, and a select number of apps. The new features should roll out by mid-November, and an API will also be released which will allow all developers to enable their apps for this functionality.

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