Search apps, including Siri, Cortana, and Google Now may be saving recordings of your commands


A user on reddit has posted about his experience as a new employee with a company that has access to voice recordings that he claims are commands given to mobile devices. According to this individual, some of the recordings specifically refer to Siri, Apple’s voice-activated search and command app. The reddit poster also implicates Microsoft’s solution, Cortana, and other posters have pointed out that Google is also saving Google Now commands. Although this user has access to the recordings, the employer is none of these major companies.
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New Google Now card shows ‘Gas stations on your route’


Next time you are on the road and in need of gas, cue Google Now for assistance. Select users are beginning to see recommendations for gas stations that lie on their same routes. Google offers results based on driving speed and location. Gas stations are represented by red circles with white gas pumps. The card appears only when driving or navigating rather than being present when not in a vehicle.

Source: Kevin McLaughlin (Google+)
Via: Android Police

Google Now issuing mortgage and financial advice with latest update

google now mortgage financeGoogle Now has been working on bringing new features and services into the app, and the latest update brings in a unique feature that will be useful for anyone looking into buying a house in the future.

You can ask Google Now how much you can borrow, based on percents and monthly payments, to pull up a mortgage calculator. You can fine tune values in this calculator to figure out what monthly payments will be depending on how much a house would cost, which saves you from having to download an extra app from the Play Store or to sit down and spend an hour figuring it out on your own. Definitely a useful trick.
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Google Now to start showing updates and notifications from 40 apps


Google Now is quite limited as far as notifications are concerned. While it can manage sports scores, weather, stocks, flight timings etc, it had no third party app support. That changes today with Google officially bringing support for 40 new applications such as Pandora, Trip Advisor, Zillow, eBay, Shazam, Ford, Instacart, Airbnb and a whole lot more.

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Devices with Jelly Bean and KitKat get Material Design with Google Now Launcher update


The majority of Android devices are not powered by the latest version of the operating system. Instead, it is Jelly Bean and KitKat running the show around the world. Google is doing the best it can to provide the benefits of Lollipop to those without it. For example, the Google Now Launcher has Material Design elements for Jelly Bean and KitKat devices. The elements include new animations (like when opening and closing apps) and a redesigned app launcher button. Also, Google Now itself has been improved with quick access to accounts and settings.

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Here’s how to temporarily stop Google Now from notifying you of sports scores to avoid spoilers


As you know, Google Now will update you with the scores of your favorite teams. Although much slower than other services, it does work nicely. However, there might be situations in which you’re going to be out and you plan on recording (DVR) the game to watch later as if it were live. In those situations, you definitely don’t want to hear anything about the game. Well Google Now has an easy way to fix that. Just temporarily stop Google Now from updating you. Here’s how…

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Google app broken in Spanish-speaking countries after yesterday’s update


Yesterday, Google pushed an update to its Android app that would fix bugs and introduce Now Cards. Everything is seemingly working fine in the United States and much of Europe; however, users of the app in Spanish-speaking countries are reporting otherwise. The update effectively disables the cards found in Google Now for those users. It will not push new cards with personalized information and that renders it useless. The purpose of Google Now is to be a personalized hub of information for a user.

Are you experiencing any issues with Google Now? Let us know in the comments.

Via: XDA-Developers

Google app getting a version 4.1 update with the addition of ‘Now Cards’ [APK Download]

Google App

The Google app on Android is getting an update to version 4.1 which brings with it the usual suite of bug fixes and the addition of something known as ‘Now Cards‘. This essentially lets you control what cards appear on your Google Now page with the ability to check card history on the web, delete custom preferences or even turn them off.
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