Google Now may soon help remember where you parked

by Justin Herrick on
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This will sure be handy if true. The guys at Android Police are saying that Google Now will be getting a feature that would detect and remind you where your car is parked. It would detect where you were when you exited the vehicle and remind you with a card later on. From there, users can find their way back to the car. If it is an inaccurate location, there will be a button to correct it (for later reference, I assume).

Source: Android Police

Bill reminders and payment links might be coming to Google Now

by Jared Peters on
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Nexus 5 Google Now

Android Police recently decompiled the latest Google Now .apk file and found some pretty interesting bits of code that may turn into a helpful Google Now feature in the near future. According to the teardown, there are some strings and information that indicate that Google will be able to remind you about when you have bills coming up, and will even offer quick links to pay them online.

A reminder might, for example, show you a credit card payment that’s due soon, complete with the total balance on the account, the minimum payment due, and a link to the card’s website for payment. Sounds great on paper, but as with any other financial information, it’s some pretty sensitive stuff. It looks like Google will at least hide some of the account numbers for things like credit cards, and you can turn the feature off completely, of course. » Read the rest

Google Now is a go for all Chrome desktop users

by Robert Nazarian on
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The wait is finally over. After nearly 2 months in Beta, Google Now is coming to all Chrome desktop users. This version of Google Now will show a subset of the Now cards that you see on your mobile device. It will use your device’s location, which you can edit on your Android or iOS device at any time. If you use multiple devices, you need to manage your location settings for each device independently. Location Reporting must be turned on for the devices that you want to be part of the Google Now reporting.

The rollout will take a couple of weeks, so don’t expect it to be available today unless you are one lucky soul.

source: +Google Chrome / more info

Google Now rumored to include an ‘Inferred Events’ feature

by Alihassan Mahdi on
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According to a new rumor, Google Now will grasp events posted on other Google apps such as Gmail and Hangouts and then ask if you’d like the event to be added to your calendar.

The information will be clearly displayed to the user as to where the event was taken from and if the user would like to edit the event prior to adding it to the calendar such that when a recipient tells you about a time and location, Google will take that information and allow you to edit it beforehand. The image at the top of the article is a dummy interface of this rumored feature.  » Read the rest

New Google Now voice command will launch your camera

by Aditya Thawardas on
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google_now_cameraGoogle Now constantly has new updates to enhance the service’s functionality, and the latest one will let you open your device’s camera by simply tapping the microphone and saying “Ok Google,” then “take a photo” or “take a video.” It’s a simple addition that probably should have been included a while ago.

The update is launching through one of Google’s infamous staged rollout programs, so if you don’t have the Google Search update now, you will eventually.

Source: +Google

Google Now reminders to possibly include person-proximity

by Justin Herrick on
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Google Now may be getting even smarter if this rumored feature becomes a reality. Currently, Google Now’s reminders can be based on time and location. But according to Android Police, reminders will be expanded to the people in a specific location. What this would do is let a user know when they are near or with another user, presumably a friend or acquaintance.

The above image is a mockup generated by Android Police. It shows what this feature may actually look like. The assumption is Google+ would be the backbone for the feature through its Location Sharing service.

So would you be excited to be reminded when you are nearby someone you know of? Or did Google Latitude never appeal to you?

Source: Android Police

Google Search app updated with expanded card information, better image searching, and other new features

by Jared Peters on
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Nexus 5 Google Now

Google has updated their Search app with a handful of new features, so you’ll likely start seeing a few new additions as you get the update. A majority of the new changes are in Google Now’s information cards, including extra information for Cricket teams, sports card improvements, and expandable information in cards relating to stock information. Outside of the Now cards, Google has improved image searching, adding in the ability to open an image in a browser to quickly save it. One of the biggest pain points of Google image searching with the app was that it was impossible to save a picture if you needed to store it for later, so this addition is a welcome one. Google has also separated hotword detection in the settings to make it quicker to toggle.

Like other Google app updates, you can expect this one to roll out over the next few days. Hit the link below to see if the update is live for you yet.

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Play Store Download Link

Google adds restaurant menus to Google Now search results

by Jared Peters on

Google Now Menu

Google has added a really cool new feature to Google Now’s search results. Now whenever you search for a restaurant, you might see that restaurant’s menu listed at the top of the search results in a Google Now card, complete with pricing information. The menus are also sorted by appetizers, entrees, and deserts like the store’s actual menu would be.

If you go out to eat often, this could be pretty helpful in coordinating reservations. Let us know if you get a chance to use this anytime soon.

source: Google Plus

Google Now Launcher now available in the Play Store

by Robert Nazarian on
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We knew it was only a matter to time until the Google Now Launcher (aka Google Experience Launcher) landed in the Play Store, and that time is now. However there is one caveat: It’s only for Nexus and Google Play Edition devices running KitKat. If you think about it, that is really not that limited since the launcher does require KitKat and there really isn’t that many devices with KitKat other than the Moto X, Moto G, and a few Samsung devices. I would expect it to be expanded to more devices in the near future.

There are some really cool things about the Google Now Launcher that I like such as that Google Now is all the way to the left most home screen, it’s easier to install widgets, add an unlimited amount of home screens, and the always listening “Okay Google” command. However, I am not a fan of the default home screen being all the way to the left (just right of the Google Now page). I do know that a lot of you do like it, so if you have one of the compatible devices, give it a try.

If you want to see more of how the launcher works, check out our guide here. Hit the break for screenshots and download links.

» Read the rest

HTC planning on a carrier sneak preview of its upcoming smartwatches

by Jack Holt on
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Even with the All New HTC One hogging most of the spotlight, the Taiwanese company has other projects its working on. The all new Nexus tablet aside, the company is working on moving its way into the wearables market. Right now, it’s rumored that the company is working on three different smartwatches, with one of them possibly being shown off next week at MWC. However, the kicker is that the only folks that get to see the watch next week are those from various mobile carriers.

A prototype, based on Qualcomm’s Toq smartwatch, will be shown to various carriers. Besides that, HTC is working on both a music playing bracelet and a smartwatch that puts Google Now at the forefront. The company hopes to get one of these out by Christmas this year, but looks to having issues with the battery and display. The first smartwatch will feature a Qualcomm’s Mirasol display and have bluetooth functionality as well as a music player. The Google Now inspired watch will come with an AMOLED screen.

As far as information goes, that’s about all we have. HTC hopes that by entering the wearables market, it will turn around its financial losses around. Time will tell on that one.

source: Bloomberg