Microsoft’s Woodstock Xbox Music Service Will Run On Android

We don’t normally do stories about Microsoft on TalkAndroid, but there’s a rumor going around about a new streaming music service coming from Redmond codenamed “Woodstock” that could run on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The service will likely stream music through the phone’s browser, but there is no mention of a native app. This is unfortunate since native apps tend to be more streamlined and responsive than browser-based services.

Supposedly, Woodstock will be closer to Spotify with the ability to identify music you already own, a la  iTunes Match. This suggests it will not be simply a music locker-type service like Amazon MP3 or Google Music, but it is unclear exactly how it will work.

It’s great to see more competition in the music streaming space, but until we get more details about Woodstock, it’s impossible to judge how it will stand up against the other services out there. In my opinion, services that are seamlessly built into an ecosystem will almost always be the better choice than a third party option simply because of the convenience and level of integration possible. The operative word there is “almost” since I can think of examples where the third party option wins (think Netflix vs. Google Movies).

Look for Woodstock announcements at this year’s E3, which starts June 5.

source: theverge
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Google Movies Offering 12 Features Movies in the Android Market at 99 Cents For Two Weeks

Featured Google Movies at 99 Cents

For those of you who don’t want to brave the elements to head down to your local Red Box, only to find the latest block buster release is out, should check out the 99 cent movie section in the Android Market. For the next two weeks you will be able to rent titles like Bridesmaids or Conan the Barbarian for only 99 cents. These and other featured titles will help pass the time during those colder weather days, although it does appear that this promotion only pertains to those in the US. For anyone that is interested I recommend checking these movies out before this promotion goes away. Those of you that are also rooted, worry not, we have you covered.

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Google Movies Confirmed On Canadian Carrier Bell Mobility

Canadians are finally getting access to Google Movies in the Android Market according to reports from customers using the Canadian carrier Bell Mobility. Presently, the app is not visible to customers of Roger’s Wireless, Bell’s direct competitor. Rumors are being confirmed however that the Android Market 3.1.5 update will fill in those gaps and bring everyone some much deserved movie love.

Where are my Canadians at? Do you have access to Google Movies yet? Leave us a comment below.

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Google’s Video App Now Works On All Devices Running Android 2.2

It wasn’t long ago that we learned that the Movies app, or Videos app for Android, would be pushed out to all Honeycomb devices, including the at-the-time new Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Well, we learned today that the same can now be said for all devices that run Android 2.2.

This comes as excellent news, as with the app, one is able to rent from thousands of movies to stream directly to your phone, at little more than just a dollar or two per movie. We’d guess that this is intended for larger-screen devices and tablets still running 2.x versions of Android, but with features such as offline mode and wifi/3g preferences, anyone looking to kill some time need look no further.

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