Google Here shut down amidst privacy, interest concerns


Google appears to have been working on a secret project called Google Here that would have added some new features to their Google Maps product, but Alphabet CEO Larry Page decided to kill it off. Google Here would have combined Google Maps with location detection triggered by wireless beacons installed by retailers to launch “app-less” apps on a user’s smartphone. Read more

Google adds path to send Google Maps directions from desktop to Android device


Google seems to be working on a lot of small refinements to their apps lately to help make their use that much easier. A new update for Google Maps on the desktop works with the latest Google Maps update for Android devices to do that by easing the process of sharing directions you look up on the desktop to your Android device. Read more

Google Maps for Android update will allow you to hide interface elements and share saved maps


A new Google Maps for Android update that will soon be released will bring a new “full-screen view” feature that will let you hide away all unnecessary user interface distractions while navigating a map. With a single tap, Maps will automatically hide away all distractions such as the search bar that can cover map content to give you a full-screen view of your map.  Read more

Federal Railroad Administration to partner with Google on grade-crossing data


The Federal Railroad Administration and Google are entering into a new partnership to help make the roads just a little safer. As part of a project between the two organizations, Google will include grade crossing data in their Google Maps platform for all rail crossings in the country. More importantly, Google plans to add in audio and visual alerts for drivers using the navigation feature available on their smartphones. Read more

Uber hires former head of Google Maps to oversee future technology developments


Brian McClendon, a former Google vice president that worked in the company for the past 10 years who helped develope Google Maps and Google Earth, has recently been hired by Uber to oversee its new technology center in Pittsburgh. As Uber is currently trying to improve its mapping technologies, McClendon had the perfect qualifications for this spot thanks to his years of experience and expertise in the field. McClendon will be in charge of guiding Uber’s mapping, self-driving cars, and vehicle safety measures and will be supervised by Jeff Holden, Uber’s former Chief Product Officer.

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Google Maps will let you know if a place will be closed by the time you arrive


Showing up somewhere late is bad and showing up somewhere that is closed is even worse. You could have saved yourself a trip having known the hours. Now, Google Maps will help prevent any of that from happening. Google Maps will alert you when a place you are plan to head to will be closed by the time of your arrival.

In addition to this, Google Maps added car rental reservations to search results of personal events.

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