Google I/O registration pushed to next week

by Robert Nazarian on
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If you were looking to register for this year’s Google I/O today, you will have to wait until next week. Originally scheduled for today, Google has pushed it until April 15th – April 18th.

According to a post on Google+, they are making the registration process easier. That is always a good thing right? It will still work just like previously explained. Applicants will have 3 days to enter their registration, and there will be a random drawing shortly after the registration closes. Applicants will also get an email notifying them if they won.

source: +Google Developers

Could Google drop Snapdragon in favor of Intel’s chip for Nexus 8?

by Macky Evangelista on
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With Google’s Nexus 8 tablet rumored to be released this July alongside Google I/O, several other rumors about the device has surfaced. One glaring rumor is that Google is opting for Intel’s Moorefield CPU rather than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, which is currently being used in their Nexus 7 (2013) and Nexus 5 devices. The Moorefield chip clocks in at a max of 2.33 GHz and is powered by a PowerVR G6430 graphics engine, so either way, there’s no doubt that the rumored Nexus 8 will be a powerhouse whichever direction Google decides to take.

Of course, these are just rumors so take all of this with a grain of salt. Either way, we’ll all know for sure this coming Google I/O 2014!  On a side note, do you guys think Google will unveil a new OS, or next iteration of Android (4.5, 5.0)? Or will they still stick with KitKat and just bump it up a notch to 4.4.3?

source: AndroidPit

Google I/O 2014 scheduled for June 25-26

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Just last week, I was wondering when the hell Google I/O was going to be this year. Last year it was in May, but the year before that, it was in June. Well Sundar Pichai just made the announcement that it will be held June 25-26, 2014. It will of course be held at Mascone West in San Francisco again and be live streamed for those that cannot attend.

This is the 7th annual Google I/O, and this year’s registration will go a little differently in order to beat the crazy rush to buy tickets. Those who are interested in attending will need to fill out a simple application form online. Then there will be a random drawing for those that will be allowed to buy tickets. They will be following up with more info soon on how to submit your application.

There are 128 days to go, let’s start the speculation on what we will see this year. Let us know what you guys think in the comments.

source: +Sundar Pichai

Portland tech startup Instrument teams up with Google to create Map Diving, a realistic skydiving simulator

by James Gray on
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Google I/O is always a place for innovation and next week’s event will be no different. Those lucky enough to attend will get treated to some of the greatest breakthroughs in technology at Google’s annual event, including a lifelike skydiving simulator based on Google Maps. Using data gathered over the years by Google’s Maps and Earth teams, Instrument has created an extremely advanced skydiving simulator game.

Unfortunately it appears that I/O is the only place Map Diving can be experienced for now, but Instruments has hinted at a possible slimmed down take-home version in the near future. Video demos after the break.

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Two UK retailers mysteriously pull the Nexus 4 from shelves one week before Google I/O

by James Gray on
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Two British retailers (Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U) have mysteriously stopped selling the Nexus 4 just a week before the big Google I/O convention. While you can still purchase the handset directly from Google, the timing has caused some extreme speculation. While many believe we may see the hotly anticipated “Nexus 5″ with Key Lime Pie at I/O, it is far more likely that LG will roll out an updated Nexus 4 with 32 GB of storage and an LTE-capable radio.

Whatever is happening next week is exciting with Google only presenting one keynote. We will be there so check out the schedule and check back constantly for up to date news.

Source: Tech Radar

Google I/O Android app updated with new features for 2013

by Aditya Thawardas on


Google I/O season is upon us, and to celebrate, Google has updated their I/O app for 2013. The app’s aesthetics have been made Google Now-esque, with cards and swiping abundant. Once you install the app and input your Google+ credentials, you are asked whether or not you are attending the event. If you are, the app sets up your WiFi access for the Moscone Center, and lets you schedule your events.

We’ll be at I/O next week, so keep your browser at TalkAndroid for all the coverage you need. The full changelog and download link for the app is after the break. » Read the rest

Google I/O 2013 full schedule released

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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It’s almost that time of year again- the equivalent of Christmas morning for Android developers and fanatics alike: Google I/O 2013.

On Tuesday night, Google released its session schedule for the conference, which will last three days (May 15-17) and will deal with not only Android, but Chrome & Apps, Google+, Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps, YouTube, and many other Google products as well. Google makes it pretty easy for you to know exactly what’s going on at what time, where it’s going on, and who the speakers will be.  When you click on any specific session, a summary page about it opens and gives more details than you’ll ever need.

Of course if you’re not going to Google I/O, the schedule will give you a good idea when the latest products/updates may be coming out, so you’ll know when to be watching for I/O coverage from us. As usual, the main keynote will be streamed live via YouTube, so definitely tune in to get a firsthand look at the newest releases.

Who else is excited? We know we are!

source: Google Developers



Google Babble Chat Client to Unify Now Fragmented Messaging Platforms

by Jason Bracey on
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Google has been working hard to unify their products. Their latest project, combines its currently fragmented messaging platforms under one powerful and effective service. The new initiative, affectionately called “Babble”, will do just that. Currently, Google is maintaining Google Talk, Hangout, Voice, Messenger, Chat for Drive collaboration, and the pseudo Google Talk for G+. The only two that work even fairly well together are Google Talk for Gmail and G+ and even they can evoke frustration with users from time-to-time.

The Babble cross-platform solution could enable Google to dominate chat services such as iMessage and BlackBerry Messenger. Google is building Babble from the ground up, which may or may not be a blessing depending on how you look at it. On one hand, they will be working from a clean slate and there will be no boundaries as to what they can make the app do. On the other hand, Google will be pushing out another Beta product based on past experiences that may have more bugs than a Louisiana bayou on a hot summer afternoon. We will just have to hope the geeks at Google push out a well polished, well oiled, version of the app on Beta release.  » Read the rest

Google I/O tickets sold out in under an hour

by Jared Peters on
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This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Last year, Google I/O tickets didn’t last very long, and this year they went just as fast. If you didn’t manage to snatch your $900 ticket up in under an hour, you were just out of luck. While it didn’t break the record for 23 minutes last year, it’s still pretty impressive. Did any of you manage to get a ticket? Let us know in the comments.

Google has fun with Google I/O 2013 landing page

by Jeff Causey on
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While folks wait for March 13th to roll around so they can register for Google I/O 2013, Google has done a little bit of coding on the event’s web site to help the time pass. When landing on the main page, users are greeted with a stylized I/O logo that is interactive. Each press of the I or the O builds a code eight digits long. Get the right code and you can unlock new easter eggs, hidden pages or sound effects. Users have already been hard at work cracking codes and have discovered results like “bacon,”, “song,” and “simon” among others.

If you decide to take a shot at manually guessing the codes, you can use the indicator at the bottom to help you stay on track. As long as the I’s and O’s stay gray, you are on the right track. Hit the wrong digit and the indicator turns red and you will start over. Get it right and it will turn green and take you to your bonus.

Hit the source link to give the Google I/O site a try and burn up at least a few minutes of time. Be sure to share the successful codes you find in the comments for your fellow TalkAndroid readers.

source: Google I/O
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