HTC speculates what Android ‘L’ will be called


Lady Fingers? Or Lollipop? Maybe Lava Cake? What about Licorice? Perhaps Lemonade? Alright, Lemon Meringue? No, we’re not offering you snacks. We’re telling you the names that HTC is thinking Google will name its next version of Android. These six names are what HTC came up with. We have less than twenty-four hours to go, so the wait is not much longer for Google I/O.

What do you think the next version of Android will be called? Don’t forget, it has to start with the letter ‘L’. Let us know in the comments.

Source: @HTCUSA


Sundar Pichai confirms Google will preview next version of Android tomorrow with a fall release


In the past, major versions of Android have come in the fall rather than at other times of the year. Even at Google I/O, the company only introduces much smaller updates compared to the fall. Tomorrow, that changes. Sundar Pichai, Android and Chrome’s leading man, tells Businessweek that he wants “the world to understand what we are doing sooner.” Google is going to show what is has in store with Android ‘L’ tomorrow and launch in later this year. Along with this, Android Wear and presumably Android TV are on the table for showtime tomorrow.

This follows Apple’s pattern of introducing an update months prior to its release. Android and iOS will receive updates and fight for supremacy with consumers this fall with a slew of new features and user interface changes.

Source: Businessweek

What to expect at I/O’14 – Design


Not much is left before the Google I/O 2014 event takes place and Roman Nurik, a Design Advocate at Google, has made a post on Google Developers Blog about what to expect at Google I/O 2014 in terms of design.

This year, the event is suited for designers and developers who have an interest in design. He mentions that the event includes a “Designing for wearables” session that will be held on Wednesday at 4-5 PM where interested audiences will get to hear the company’s “take on new design approaches to wearable technology” and the process for Android Wear and Glass.
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Samsung’s new Android Wear smartwatch to be unveiled at Google I/O


With just a week left for Google’s developer conference to kick off, a new report from CNET suggests that Samsung will unveil its first Android Wear device at the conference, citing sources familiar with the matter. The device is likely to be similar to the Samsung Gear devices released last year. Android Wear, announced in March, is Google’s operating system designed specifically for smartwatch and wearables. 

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New image of LG G Watch surfaces


As the clock continues to tick down to Google I/O and the anticipated launch of the Android Wear powered LG G Watch, we have a new image that has surfaced. This new image shows a shot of the screen prompting the user to “Install Android Wear on your phone” which seems to imply an app will be available to help make the connection between the LG G Watch and your smartphone.
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Google releases Android Wear introduction video on YouTube ahead of Google I/O conference


You can certainly expect Android Wear to be seen everywhere at Google I/O next week in San Francisco— we’ll be there, naturally, and up-to-the-minute coverage can be found right on TalkAndroid.

To prepare for the event, Google has released a video on YouTube previewing the features of Android Wear, and provides a general idea how it all “works.”

In the video, you’ll hear about how Android Wear seeks to minimize the time/effort it takes to interact with mobile applications on your smartwatch, as well as the ease developers will have while creating apps for the new platform. We’ll get a good look at the first Android Wear device, the LG G Watch, next week as well. Hit the break for the video.

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Google releases Google I/O 2014 app


With Google I/O coming up, many users are hoping they will be able to stay up to date when it does hit. Google has released a Google I/O 2014 app, to help people stay up to date with everything related to Google I/O.

The app allows users to watch keynote sessions straight from their device, as well as explore the Google I/O agenda and get reminders about upcoming keynote sessions. The app is optimized for all screen sizes and shapes, so most Android users should be able to use it. Hit the break to download the app for yourself!

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LG G Watch to be introduced, given away at Google I/O this month


At major presentations, attendees are typically given some freebies. This year at Google I/O, the freebie will be something very interesting. According to Android Authority, the LG G Watch will be given away to everyone in attendance at Google I/O. Google has done this in the past with Google Glass and the Nexus Q. Both the G Watch and Moto 360 will be introduced to showcase Android Wear, but only LG’s smartwatch will be given away.

In the same report, it is said that an additional manufacturer will be unveiling an Android Wear-powered device. It is currently unknown which company this will be. One name to throw into the arena is HTC as they are rumored to be prepping a smartwatch. Another company that it could be is Asus as they have a strong relationship with Google.

What are you looking forward to at Google I/O?

Source: Android Authority