Google IO 2016 Coverage

Google Glass successor loses key team member


Project Aura, the name given to the successor project for Google Glass and potentially other wearable technology, has lost a key member of the team. Geoff Dowd came on board last fall to head up the user experience design component of the project. A new report indicates that he departed Google in March, a mere five months into his tenure. Dowd joined Google and Project Aura after working for Adobe on their user interface team. Read more

Did a next generation Google Glass unit get posted to eBay?


A new listing on eBay appears to be for the next version of Google Glass rumored to be the successor to Google’s failed effort to create a consumer-oriented face-worn wearable device. When Google finally shutdown the old Google Glass program, there was talk then and in ensuing months about a business or enterprise focused version that would eventually be produced. The new eBay listing appears to show a device somewhat consistent with past rumors if it is indeed a legitimate listing. Read more

Job listing suggests Google may be developing several Glass products

google-glassGoogle’s Glass project never really took off, but that doesn’t mean the company is abandoning it. According to a recent job listing for the company, it looks like they’re expanding the scope of Google Glass to include “smart eyewear and other related products,” with listing open for several different positions.

Of course, everyone knows Google is the type of company that toy around with tons of different ideas and products, some of which never actually see the light of day. We do know that Google is still working on a newer version of Glass that will hopefully go over a little better with consumers, but there’s no telling when that will actually hit the market. Read more