Lenovo shows off their Google Glass knockoff

by Robert Nazarian on
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As smart glasses evolve, you can expect more manufacturers to jump in. Lenovo is one such company as they showed off their prototype, which looks a lot like Google Glass. The only difference is the battery resides at the user’s neck. The plan is for this prototype to become consumer ready by October.

Lenovo is also working with another smart glasses maker called Vuzix. We did a hands on with their M100 smart glasses back  in 2013. This partnership is bringing the M100 to China in August or September for 8,000 yuan ($1298).

source: PC World

Samsung considering possible partnership with Under Armour to compete with Apple – Nike collaboration

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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A man walks out of Samsung Electronics' headquarters in Seoul

Apple knows that the “cool factor” is key in selling products.

Hell, it bought Beats by Dre, a headphones company hailed by audiophiles everywhere as “overrated, overpriced garbage,” for $3 billion.

Apple also has a partnership with Nike, which both parties have found lucrative since striking the deal.

Samsung sees Apple’s successes, and clearly wants in.

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Jumping Ship: Google Glass lead creator ditching for Amazon

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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We’ve seen some pretty wild ideas come out of Google X Labs in the past few years — Google Glass for one, Google Contact Lenses, driverless cars and Project Loon are just a few.

But now it seems that the man responsible for all that, Babak Parviz, (now-former) Google X director, will be leaving the company to work on new projects with Amazon.

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Rochester Optical to design fashionable lenses, frames for Google Glass

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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sun lenses

In order to succeed on the mainstream market, Google Glass will certainly have to seem “cool” enough for consumers to wear around as an everyday accessory.

To do this, Google has enlisted many different sunglasses manufacturers to design lenses, frames and more for Google Glass.

The newest designer is Rochester Optical (although not partnered with Google), which just announced new fashion sunglasses for the platform, which will be available internationally.

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Runtastic will integrate with Android Wear, Google Glass, and Google Fit

by Jared Peters on
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Runtastic has officially announced that they’ll be fully supporting all of Google’s upcoming wearable tech, including Android Wear, Google Glass, and the upcoming Google Fit service. Since the wearable market focuses very heavily on fitness tracking, it’s good to see one of the top fitness tracking services commit to the platform so early.

For Android Wear, you’ll be able to download Runtastic apps to do the traditional step counting, heart rate monitoring, etc. There will also be full integration of Android Wear’s voice features. On the backend of things, Runtastic will be one of the first developers to use Google Fit’s APIs to store user data. » Read the rest

Google Glass gets upgraded just before Google I/O

by Robert Nazarian on
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As the Google Glass Explorer Program becomes more widely available, so do the upgrades. With Google I/O kicking off in just a few hours, the Glass team announced some really nice upgrades, on top of the 12 new apps that were just announced.

Performance has been a little lackluster, so all new shipments of Glass will sport 2GB of RAM, as opposed to 1GB. Google Now has been the focal point for Glass, so they have added two more cards. Now you can easily find where you have parked your car and know when that package will be hitting your doorstep. Finally, they have added a viewfinder for pictures. Just say, “OK Glass, show the viewfinder” and you will see white L’s in the four corners. You can then say “OK Glass, take a picture,” with a wink, or by pushing the camera button.

Do these new features make you more likely to cough up $1500 for a pair?

source: +Google Glass

Google extending Glass Explorer program to the United Kingdom

by Justin Herrick on
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People around the world are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Google Glass in their respective countries. While the United States has been the go-to for a bit of time, Google has finally opened the Glass Explorer program to another nation. Starting today, people in the United Kingdom can join the Glass Explorer program for £1,000. Just as with the United States wearers, people in the United Kingdom can choose between five colors and get to tailor their experience if they need prescription lenses.

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Google Glass Frames by Diane Von Furstenberg available in the U.S.

by Jack Holt on
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GlassFramesIf you’re looking to blow $1,8o0 then you may want to consider the new Google Glass frames by Dian Von Furstenberg. Now available in the US, the package comes in a bundle with Glass, one pair of sunglasses and a pair of optical frames. There are multiple tints for the sunglasses and a single pair of optical frames in a variety of colors.

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