JINS MEME ‘Smart Eyewear’ coming to the U.S. in 2015


Google Glass is still catching on despite being available for a couple of years. In the meantime, Japanese eyewear manufacturer JINS has decided to bring its MEME wearable to the U.S., with a showcase expected at next month’s CES event in Las Vegas. This Google Glass competitor will most likely be likely sold with a cheaper price tag, although the manufacturer hasn’t shared details on the pricing yet.
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Google files patent for redesigned and slimmer Google Glass

glass patentGoogle has filed for another patent for a redesigned version of Glass that shows off a much slimmer version than what you’ll get with the Explorer Edition today. This design fixes some of the problems of the original iteration of Glass, including a less bulky frame as well as a textured touch pad on the side.

While this patent shows a nice redesign of the hardware, it doesn’t mention anything about whether or not Google will actually begin shipping Glass with Intel processors like we’ve heard. If all of these rumors wind up being true, though, there’s a good chance we’ll finally see a slimmed down consumer release of Glass with a brand new, optimized CPU sometime next year, and hopefully it won’t cost $1,500 this time around.
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New version of Google Glass with Intel inside coming in 2015


No Google Glass isn’t dead yet. It might take a while (if ever) to become a mainstream consumer device, but there is still a huge need at the enterprise level. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will unveil an updated version of Glass with Intel inside, which replaces the current version’s Texas Instruments chip.

Google will also concentrate their efforts at the enterprise level with the new Glass at Work program. There is an obvious need in the medical field, as well as manufacturing and construction. Google Glass can provide information to those that are working with their hands and don’t have time to fumble around with a tablet or a smartphone. Software developers like Augmedix, Inc and APX Labs LLC are helping to bring Glass to these types of professions.

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Is Google Glass’ allure fading away?


Just months ago, Google opened up the purchase of Glass to the public, but for the insane price of $1,500. Of course, the units are meant for developers only, but one might question when the prototype will hit its final stage and get released to the mass market for an affordable price.

According to a recent report by Reuters, the allure of Glass is starting to wear off — a miserable, miserable sign for Google, especially since the public hasn’t even gotten its hands on a finished product.

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Google Glass is now banned from movie theaters


It was only a matter of time, but Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theater Owners have finally instituted a “zero-tolerance” policy to ban all wearables, including Google Glass. Staff at theaters will apparently not call the police unless there is reason to believe the user is attempting to pirate a movie. Still, ushers are urged to kick out anyone wearing recording-capable wearables during showings. 

Source: NATO

Via: Engadget