Google Play now carrying Glass Explorer Edition in the U.S.



The Moto 360 is not the only new product that became available in the Play Store starting today. Google has put its own Glass Explorer Edition up for sale in the United States. The Charcoal, Tangerine, Cotton, Shale, and Sky color options are all available and Google is allowing customers to pick up a frame or shade at no extra cost.

The Glass Explorer Edition costs $1,500 with plenty of accessories, from earbuds to cases and pouches, to choose from as well.

Source: Google Play

New Google patent hints at a more traditional Glass design

glass-update-1There is no denying that Google Glass is very, very cool. But there is also no denying that Google Glass doesn’t look very cool. In fact it looks exactly like a pair of glasses with an external prism and projector attached to it, looking more like something Data from the Goonies would wear, and not a gadget aimed at the average consumer. Luckily Google filed a patent last week that seems to be an attempt at making the Glass less conspicuous and more socially acceptable.

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Doctor in Kansas City uses Google Glass to aid in operations


If nothing else, Google Glass is making a name for itself by assisting doctors perform surgery and operations. We reported on a plastic surgeon using Glass with patients last time, and this time we have a doctor in Kansas City who is using Glass to complement computer monitors in the operating room.

During facial reconstruction surgeries, Dr. Jeff Colyer wears Glass to view x-ray images without having to look up at the monitors that would typically display the images. By doing this, he is able to see exactly what he’s working on without having to look away from the patient.
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Man steals Google Glass and quickly gets caught

sergey-brin-google-glass-projectAs Google Glass rises in popularity, there are obviously going to be some people trying to steal the devices. That’s probably not the smartest idea, as a recent criminal quickly learned. A man tried to steal New York tourist Mike Geller’s headset by asking to try it on and then running off, only to be found soon after due to a third-party Glass app called LiveLens that recorded all of his moves after the theft.

You can check out a video compilation of the thief’s day, that mostly included drinking and raving, after the break.

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Google files patents for contact lenses with built-in iris and capacitive sensors

contact lens

Google has toyed with the idea of high-tech contact lenses for quite some time, even partnering with pharmaceutical giant Novartis to bring their vision of the future (pun intended) to market. While they’ve hinted at features like embedded cameras and glucose monitors, two patents filed by the tech giant yesterday seem to be aimed more at security. Using capacitive sensors that make sure it’s being worn on an actual eye, the lens would use a three step process to essentially turn your eye into a fingerprint.

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Minnesota Vikings utilizing Google Glass in training camp


It seems that Google Glass and sports are just meant to be. Many leagues and teams have taken it upon themselves to use the unique piece of technology to provide a dynamic look at the action. The latest organization to do so is the Minnesota Vikings. The team will supplement video content to its official site, allowing fans to view what is going on in training camp.

With this new form of content, fans know whether or not the players are exceeding expectations. Are we looking at a new way to analyze fantasy sports? We shall see.

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Lenovo shows off their Google Glass knockoff


As smart glasses evolve, you can expect more manufacturers to jump in. Lenovo is one such company as they showed off their prototype, which looks a lot like Google Glass. The only difference is the battery resides at the user’s neck. The plan is for this prototype to become consumer ready by October.

Lenovo is also working with another smart glasses maker called Vuzix. We did a hands on with their M100 smart glasses back  in 2013. This partnership is bringing the M100 to China in August or September for 8,000 yuan ($1298).

source: PC World