Google IO 2016 Coverage

Google Fiber’s free Internet option in Kansas City being dropped


Google Fiber was introduced at least partly as a way to shock the broadband Internet access market into introducing more options for customers and driving competition. Besides entering the market as a new player, Google Fiber also introduced some new pricing models, including one that offered free Internet access for life if a customer paid an upfront fee of $300. In Google Fiber’s first ever market, Kansas City, the company has announced that they are ending the free Internet option. Read more

Google to announce deal with Cuba expanding internet access across the island


If you follow the news then you may have heard that President Obama began his visit to Cuba today. This is a historic visit coming 15 months after the reestablishment of diplomatic ties, and marks the first sitting President to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge visited 88 years ago. While this visit is a symbol of good grace between the two countries, for Cuba it could mean even more; in an interview today President Obama claimed that Google will soon be announcing a deal to bring increased internet access to the island nation.

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Google takes to the web to support Louisville in AT&T lawsuit


When Google decided to get into the Internet access business by offering fiber connections, part of their motivation was to disrupt the market for Internet access. Google saw it as stagnant and offering a substandard product. Of course, Google does have a bit of a vested interest in consumers being able to access fast broadband Internet. It should be no surprise when a company like AT&T files a lawsuit like they did this week to slow down Google’s process. Although not the target of the lawsuit, Google has issued their support for Louisville. Read more

White House, Google partner to bring Google Fiber to public housing for free


On Monday, Alphabet’s Q4 2015 results showed that Other Bets weren’t profitable and the holding company was still leaning on other businesses to generate big revenue. The reason for Other Bets’ struggles could be because the cost of expanding Google Fiber and actually giving away its services for free, albeit the latter is for a good cause. A partnership between Google and ConnectHome, an initiative overseen by the White House and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, will be bringing Google Fiber’s gigabit internet service to residents in public housing properties throughout the United States.

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