White House, Google partner to bring Google Fiber to public housing for free


On Monday, Alphabet’s Q4 2015 results showed that Other Bets weren’t profitable and the holding company was still leaning on other businesses to generate big revenue. The reason for Other Bets’ struggles could be because the cost of expanding Google Fiber and actually giving away its services for free, albeit the latter is for a good cause. A partnership between Google and ConnectHome, an initiative overseen by the White House and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, will be bringing Google Fiber’s gigabit internet service to residents in public housing properties throughout the United States.

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Google Fiber subscriptions still small, but potential lurks


With more than half a dozen Google Fiber markets currently under development, a new study looks at how Google Fiber is performing in the initial markets in terms of attracting customers to choose Google Fiber over other options. Bernstein Research conducted a door to door survey in Kansas City where they determined Google had signed up around 20% of the homes they passed within a year of launch. Bernstein says this is “putting it well on the way to exceed 40% of homes passed and realize attractive ROIs.” Read more

Three more cities invited to welcome Google Fiber


Today, Google Fiber invites were sent to three more cities in the United States. City leaders in Irvine, San Diego, and Louisville will be asked to work with Google in planning for a potential launch of the service in their respective cities. Google and the city leaders must analyze topography, housing density, and existing infrastructure before anything becomes official. So nothing a guarantee and all parties can end up going their own way after assessing different aspects of launching Google Fiber.

Hit the break to see a map of Google Fiber’s progress.

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Talk Android Weekly Recap: July 12 – July 18, 2015


We’re wrapping up yet another week at Talk Android! Summer tends to be really dry for big stories, but we saw some great one this week. Between the ongoing saga between T-Mobile and the FCC, more details on the OnePlus 2, Google Fiber joining the initiative to offer free Internet access, there’s a lot to catch up on.

Here’s some of the best highlights from July 12 to July 18:

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Google Fiber joins initiative to offer free Internet access to public housing communities


Google Fiber has announced they are partnering with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in a new program launched by the White House, ConnectHome, that hopes to bring Internet connections to public and affordable housing communities. HUD has selected 28 locations throughout the country for the initial deployment of ConnectHome, which will provide free Internet connections to public and affordable housing residents in those locations. In communities where Google Fiber exists or is being deployed, like Atlanta, Durham, Nashville and Kansas City, as well as future Google Fiber markets that may overlap, Google will provide the Internet access portion. Read more

Google Fiber sign-ups for southeast Austin open once again


Although Google Fiber announcements initially came with a lot of fanfare and still do at a local level, there are many steps that take place in between that initial announcement and service actually being available for users. One of those steps is the determination of interest on the part of consumers so that Google can verify an investment in laying lines will be worth it. That market data is then combined with other information to guide the decisions on where the service is ultimately deployed. Read more