Three more cities invited to welcome Google Fiber


Today, Google Fiber invites were sent to three more cities in the United States. City leaders in Irvine, San Diego, and Louisville will be asked to work with Google in planning for a potential launch of the service in their respective cities. Google and the city leaders must analyze topography, housing density, and existing infrastructure before anything becomes official. So nothing a guarantee and all parties can end up going their own way after assessing different aspects of launching Google Fiber.

Hit the break to see a map of Google Fiber’s progress.

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Talk Android Weekly Recap: July 12 – July 18, 2015


We’re wrapping up yet another week at Talk Android! Summer tends to be really dry for big stories, but we saw some great one this week. Between the ongoing saga between T-Mobile and the FCC, more details on the OnePlus 2, Google Fiber joining the initiative to offer free Internet access, there’s a lot to catch up on.

Here’s some of the best highlights from July 12 to July 18:

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Google Fiber joins initiative to offer free Internet access to public housing communities


Google Fiber has announced they are partnering with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in a new program launched by the White House, ConnectHome, that hopes to bring Internet connections to public and affordable housing communities. HUD has selected 28 locations throughout the country for the initial deployment of ConnectHome, which will provide free Internet connections to public and affordable housing residents in those locations. In communities where Google Fiber exists or is being deployed, like Atlanta, Durham, Nashville and Kansas City, as well as future Google Fiber markets that may overlap, Google will provide the Internet access portion. Read more

Google Fiber sign-ups for southeast Austin open once again


Although Google Fiber announcements initially came with a lot of fanfare and still do at a local level, there are many steps that take place in between that initial announcement and service actually being available for users. One of those steps is the determination of interest on the part of consumers so that Google can verify an investment in laying lines will be worth it. That market data is then combined with other information to guide the decisions on where the service is ultimately deployed. Read more

Google Fiber services headed to Salt Lake City

Google_Fiber_Truck_01Google Fiber hasn’t exactly gotten off to a hot start, as it’s only available in a handful of cities. Google has been working on expanding their ISP footprint, though, and the next city on that list is Salt Lake City, Utah.

Google announced today that they’ll be partnering with the city to figure out the best way to lay out their fiber network to get customers connected. Salt Lake City was likely picked due to its large technology sector, since those kinds of cities and areas are prime targets for Google’s gigabit internet service. Read more

Google starts testing new ad-targeting service for Fiber TV in Kansas City


In a press release published earlier today, Google announced that it’s now testing local ads with mobile-like ad-targeting for its Fiber TV service in Kansas City.

This ad delivery process pretty much resembles the manner in which ads are targeted for mobile devices, by way of enabling publishers to set specific requirements for their ads; for example, not being displayed on the same device more than once, or only being shown on units that have viewed technology-related content.

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Google’s Fiber TV service not exactly off to a good start


Google launched the Fiber internet service in Kansas City, Kansas a couple of years ago. Google also launched an accompanying cable TV service along with broadband, giving users the option to ditch their cable provider and pick Google instead. A new report now claims that this service hasn’t exactly been off to a flying start with only 29,867 video subscriptions made so far. Read more