Google invites 34 cities to explore Google Fiber

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The chances of getting Google Fiber just went up… slightly. Today Google has announced they are working with an additional thirty-four cities on the possibility of adding their 1Gbit service. Major cities include Portland, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, San Antonio, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh-Durham. New York City, however, still hasn’t made the cut. The aforementioned cities are not ‘locked’ to get Google Fiber as the local government would need to give its approval.

Here is part of what Google had to say:

We’ve long believed that the Internet’s next chapter will be built on gigabit speeds, so it’s fantastic to see this momentum. And now that we’ve learned a lot from our Google Fiber projects in Kansas City, Austin and Provo, we want to help build more ultra-fast networks. So we’ve invited cities in nine metro areas around the U.S.—34 cities altogether—to work with us to explore what it would take to bring them Google Fiber.

Source: Google Official Blog

Google developing 10 gigabit Internet

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Google is reportedly developing technology that will allow for Internet data speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second, much faster than their current Google Fiber service, which is 1 gigabit per second. According to Patrick Pichette, Chief Financial Officer at Google, this next generation of the Internet is part of Google’s “broader, long-term obsession with speed.”

Pichette stated that faster speeds will increase the use of software as a service, and that this is where the world is going. He also said that it may happen over a decade, but “why wouldn’t we make it available in three years? That’s what we’re working on.”

Google Fiber is currently only available to residents in Kansas City, but the service is also set to be coming to Austin, Texas. When asked if the service would be coming to more cities, Pichette said to “stay tuned.”

Source: USA Today


AT&T to begin deploying fiber network in Austin, Texas to compete with Google Fiber

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ATT fiber

AT&T has announced that they will be bringing their fiber network to Austin, Texas later this year to compete with Google’s own fiber network. AT&T’s network matches up with Google’s fairly well, offering up to 1 gigabit-per-second speeds. AT&T is hopeful that this deployment will bring their network to tens of thousands of people in the area by the end of 2014. The CEO of the wireless network operator seems to think that the costs associated with deploying fiber optic cable has come down enough that it’s a smart financial decision to start aggressively pushing this new network, and that he hopes to see more companies expand fiber networks into new markets in the next few years, and hopefully he’s right. Increased competition in the fiber market would mean better prices for consumers and faster internet connection speeds. It’s a win-win situation.

source:  AllThingsD

Google announces Gladstone, Missouri will be receiving Google Fiber

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Google announced today that Gladstone, Missouri will be another recipient of Google Fiber. Gladstone’s city council voted to add the ultra-fast broadband service. Of course, Google says that it takes awhile to “plan, engineer, and start building our network in new communities,” so Gladstone residents will have to wait patiently until they can enjoy the brilliant service.

Google also announced recently that Grandview, MO and Shawnee, KS will be receiving Fiber. Shawnee, Grandview, and Gladstone are all located just a few miles from Kansas City, the first city to launch the 1-gigabit-per-second service. Other cities that will eventually receive Fiber include Austin, TX and Provo, UT.

Source: Google Fiber Blog

Google Fiber gets green light in Grandview, Missouri

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Google is trying to bring its Fiber service to as many places as possible in 2013, and next on the list is Grandview, Missouri. While there’s no actual build out yet, it’s received the green light for planning and eventual deployment. They didn’t announce any official date for availability, but I wouldn’t expect it to take too long at Google’s pace. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.

source: Google Fiber Blog

Google Fiber officially coming to Provo, UT

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Provo mayor John Curtis took to the podium this afternoon to officially announce the “epic” news that Google Fiber is coming to Provo, UT. According to the deal that was announced, Google Fiber will offer free Internet service for any of Provo’s 115,000 residents who are currently on the existing iProvo network for a mere $30 activation fee for up to 7 years. Google will upgrade the existing network to Gigabit technology as part of the project and when the upgrade is complete, residents will be able to upgrade their service to Gigabit level.  Google is also offering to provide free Gigabit service to 25 local entities like schools, hospitals and libraries. Provo’s government has been struggling with their iProvo network, going so far as to solicit proposals to sell the network to a private entity. After making a trip to Silicon Valley and being able to meet with Google representatives, Provo officials realized Google Fiber fit in nicely with a 50-year visioning process that was underway for Provo. This announcement makes Provo the third city to have Google Fiber, following in the footsteps of Kansas City and Austin, Texas.


Austin, Texas added to the list of cities to receive Google Fiber

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Google Fiber, the ridiculously fast 1 gigabit internet/phone/television service provided by our favorite search giant, now has a new city on its list. Austin, Texas will be next in line to receive Google Fiber, joining Kansas City and the Missouri Metro. No official rollout date yet, but you can bet we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear something. Hit the break for the full press release. » Read the rest

Google Fiber set to expand to Olathe, Kansas

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Well the inevitable has happened folks: Google has expanded its Fiber service to the other side of the Kansas City area. From this week, residents in Olathe, Kansas were the lucky recipients of an approval from the City Council which allows for the construction of the hyper-fast network to be used by residents and businesses. Google saw this as a prime opportunity to expand especially since Olathe has become one of the fastest-growing cities in Kansas, has attracted an influx of new businesses and residents— while also creating the golden opportunity to bring in new jobs, grow local and businesses.

Naturally the planning and engineering of the infrastructure still needs to be done, but the hope is that construction will get underway and folks out in Olathe will be able to get in on the pre-registration for the service soon.

source: Google Fiber Blog

Google ready to move Google Fiber beyond Kansas City

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In late July, Google rolled out their new Google Fiber product to Kansas City. According to Capstone analyst Rory Maher, Google is now ready to expand to new locations. In a report on Business Insider today, Maher indicates he has been in contact with sources close to the Kansas City project and they are telling him “more cities will likely be bidding for Fiber soon.”

Google Fiber is Google’s entry into the physical plant side for television and Internet connections. Fiber gives them the opportunity to serve the “last mile” – the term used for the physical connection people use to access the Internet. The product itself includes HD quality television, a beefed up DVR capable of recording up to 500 hours and access via iOS and Android apps, and high-speed Internet service.

Is the Google Fiber product something you would be interested in coming to your location?

source: Business Insider

Google Fiber GFHD100 IP Set-Top Box Makes An Appearance At The FCC, Where It’s Headed Is Anyone’s Guess

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As hardware rumors in Google’s corner of the world continue to whirl about, one thing is for certain, the GFHD100 “set-top box” has surfaced over at the FCC and is indeed real.  Check out the pic above and note that there is a “Google Fiber” label on the device most likely suggesting this is part of the video services roll-out in Kansas.  In addition, the hardware reveals that it’s being built for Google by Humax.  The MAC address on the device is registered with the search giant themselves and will also be equipped with USB, Ethernet, WiFi, IR and HDMI ports as well as an Ethernet coax bridge very remiscent of the devices chosen by Verizon for their FiOS service.  As of now, the bottom of the device is the only view we have but it’s only a matter of time before more pics surface, revealing its entire design.  Feel free to rummage through the FCC filing yourself and drop a comment or two below.

source: FCC