Expiration dates for access now applicable to files on Google Drive


Google’s productivity suite is very popular around the world because of its easy setup and ability to allow remote collaboration from anywhere. Everyone from students to business executives are using Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides to get things done. Much of what we do here at Talk Android is actually completed using Google Drive. People like staying exactly where they’re comfortable while working remotely with others.

This week, Google announced that expiration dates for access to files is rolling out now.

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Google brings back Security Checkup reward scheme just in time for Safer Internet Day


In preparation for Safer Internet Day which is will take place tomorrow Tuesday, February 9, Google has brought back its popular free storage reward. If you happened to miss the celebration last year, the search engine giant offered all users 2GB of additional Drive space to participate in a simple security checkup. The same scheme will run this year, but a couple of extra steps have been added in order to make your account more secure than ever before.

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Google to continue rewards program in 2016 to help keep Drive safe


As big as Google is and with the resources available to devote over 500 software engineers and security experts to protecting an asset like Google Drive, their cloud based storage solution, they still cannot compete with the whole rest of the world. That is why the Google Drive team enlists outside parties to help find and correct security holes to help ensure data is safe. Google announced today that they will continue two programs that provide funding for independent security researchers in 2016. Read more

Google simplifies Drive search to be snappy


Google Drive is turning four years old in April, and if you’ve been with the cloud storage solution since its inception, a huge amount of files are stored right now. But, of course, you could’ve joined Google Drive last week and filled your space in the cloud with hundreds of pictures or something else. Regardless of how long you’ve been using Google Drive, Google wants search to be as easy as possible. Files need to be stored and identified quickly for users to feel most productive.

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Google removes document editing in mobile web version of Docs, pushes for app installation instead

google docs web viewGoogle has removed document editing from the mobile web version of Google Docs, opting instead for a banner encouraging users to download the official app from the Play Store. The move makes sense, since that’s how they’ve treated Sheets and Slides for a while now. But if you were hanging on and still editing your Google Docs in Chrome, looks like you’ll have to install the app now. Read more

Top 6 cloud storage apps for saving across devices [May 2015]


There are many reasons as to why you should backup your smartphone and data to the Cloud. After all, you want to ensure your files are secure and have are in a safe place in case of an accident with your smartphone or tablet. But, it’s difficult to do that when you don’t have access to any cloud storage. I’ve put together a list of my favorite cloud storage apps that offer free storage solutions. Some of them even have fantastic pricing for either hundreds of gigabytes of storage or unlimited storage.

Be sure to check it out below!

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Google Rolls out Optical Character Recognition in over 200 Languages

Google OCR1

Improvement in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is one of Google’s lesser-known projects, at least to lay consumers. In reality, many of us have been using OCR for years without knowing what it actually is.

OCR is the technology that enables Google to digitize text captured in image format and make it legibile from the computer’s perspective. So if you’ve ever uploaded a scanned PDF or other image file to Drive, then asked Drive to “Open with – Google Docs,” Google employs OCR, opening a new version of the document that displays the original image and then the extracted text.

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Google Drive adds new sharing feature to Android notification panel and 23 new languages


Google Drive has been updated with performance improvements and a couple of notable new features. The first is that when you upload a file from your smartphone, the notification that you get when the upload is finished will have a new option. You will now be able to quickly share the file with other people right from the notification.

Google also added 23 new languages, which include Armenian, Basque, Chinese (Hong Kong), French (Canada), Georgian, Khmer, Malayalam, and many more.

The update is rolling now so you might not see it in the Play Store right away.

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Best writing and journal apps for Android phones and tablets [April 2015]

Power of WordsWe’ve gone over our best picks for note taking apps before, and in most cases, those apps will get the job done if you just need to write out a to-do list or jot down a recipe. Like with anything else, though, our smartphones and tablets are replacing everything else, and sometimes you may want to use one to write down something a little longer than a memo, especially if you’re the type to bring a Bluetooth keyboard along with your tablet.

You definitely won’t be writing your next great screenplay in Google Keep, so we’ve compiled a list of the best available writing and journalistic apps available on the Play Store. If you’re looking for something more robust to keep a journal or to write out a longer paper that needs careful formatting, these will be better options than the tons of short note apps that you probably already have on your phone. Read more