Google rolls out Google Play Services 6.1 update, packs multiple API enhancements


Google Play Services received an update today, bringing the software version up to 6.1. Nothing too wild here, but there are some updates to the Google Analytics API, Google Drive API and Google Fit API.

The update is slowly rolling out, so be patient. Unless you’re a developer, not much is relevant here, but some solid enhancements nonetheless.

Source: Android Developers Blog

Google Drive updated with new Material Design-inspired “home screens” for the web

Google Drive Material Design Home Pages

Google has updated Drive with brand new “home screens,” which feature an updated view to find your most relevant and recently edited documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

The new look is clearly inspired by Material Design, which we expect to continue its rollout to other Google products in the coming months. There’s also some nice drag and drop functionality that has been added, allowing users to quickly place documents into created folders. You’ll be able to view your most recent activity on a right sidebar as well — this feature is especially useful if you’re sharing the account with others.

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How to setup Google Drive on your desktop for syncing

upload google drive

Keeping the documents on your computer organized in the past was as easy as creating named folders and clicking/dragging files into those folders. Now with the rise of the cloud, there are hundreds of tools that can be used to help users access their files from almost anywhere.

Google Drive has become one of the best of those options.

Many people use Google Drive solely for online word processing and document storing, but since the popular web application introduced “Drive for your computer,” users have begun using Drive to sync files on their computer with Google Drive online.

Want to get started with “Drive for your computer?” Read along below for detailed instructions.

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AT&T’s HTC One (M8) receiving update that fixes Google Drive bug


The bug that was preventing AT&T owners of the HTC One (M8) from redeeming their 50GB of Google Drive space is now getting fixed. The carrier is pushing an update to the device after approving it from HTC. After installing the update, there is a chance that your free storage is still not there. In that case, clear data from the Drive application in Settings and all should be well.

Let us know in the comments if you have gotten the update and enjoyed the 50GB of space.

Todoist gets Google Drive and Dropbox integration as well as native file support


If you’re a Todoist user, you’re about to get a few nice upgrades that should help you stay on top of sharing and managing files. The company announced that they are bringing both Google Drive and Dropbox integration, plus support for managing and adding native files.

If you’re a free user that’s previously shared a project with other users, you’ll be able to attach images, spreadsheets, documents, etc. directly from Google Drive and Dropbox from within Todoist. Unfortunately, they’re restricting that feature from users that haven’t shared any projects.
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Google Drive now allows users to edit images in Slides and Drawings


We have a good news for those who keep their presentation slides in Google Drive. Google announced Tuesday on its blog that images can now be edited by users in Google Slides and Drawings.

The company introduced a range of tools which enable image editing directly from within Slides and Drawings. These include cropping, applying masks, and adding borders to the images. These tools are quite useful since most of us usually end up noticing that some of the images in the slides require a little editing and with these new tools, we no longer need to depend on an external image editing program.
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Big update for Google Play Services rolling out


With support for Google Play Games being extended to the iOS platform, developers will need tools to enable this throughout their games. That will be coming forthwith as Google prepares to rollout a new SDK for developers in conjunction with the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Laying the groundwork for that, Google has started rolling out an update to Google Play Services that includes new APIs.
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Google Drive update brings along a tiny widget for document scanning, animated GIF support

Google Drive is receiving an update today that brings small, useful additions alongside some bug fixes. First up is a new 1×1 widget that links directly to the document scanning feature within Google Drive. Also added in the update is the support for animated GIFs. And, as most updates do, unidentified bug fixes are included.

Hit the break for download links and let us know if the update has been pushed to your device.
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Google Drive adds activity stream to show recent changes

Google_Drive_Splash_BannerToday, Google Drive added a new “activity stream” that makes it easier to track changes in documents that are shared among multiple users. The stream will track edits and comments, as well as actions like adding new spreadsheets, renaming documents, and changing the users who a file was shared with. To access the stream, click the new info button in the top navigation bar, and it will pop up.

The feature will begin rolling out over the next week, so don’t fret if you don’t see it just yet.

Source: Google Drive Blog