[Deal] Spend 2 minutes completing Google’s Security Checkup and receive 2 GB of Google Drive storage


Did you know that today is Safer Internet Day? To celebrate, Google is giving you a chance to grab 2 GB of extra Google Drive storage, and it will only cost you 2 minutes of your time. More importantly, you will secure your account in the process

All you have to do is complete Google’s Security Checkup, which basically confirms your recovery information, apps and devices that have access to your account information, and lets you check your most recent sign-in activity.

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Here’s Google’s plan to take 80 percent of Microsoft Office’s business


In the beginning, Google’s online office suite wasn’t much to look at. A bare-bones text editor, a basic spreadsheet and presentation editor, and little in terms of features all around, people thought that Google’s online bid to take on Microsoft’s behemoth of an office suite was a bit ludicrous.  However, in the nine years since it debuted, Google has been working hard at adding features like real time collaboration, easier editing, and more tools that bring the online suite closer to Microsoft’s desktop suite. It’s become so robust, that small enterprises have been moving toward the cloud office solution, and as such, Google has even more ambitious plans to take even more business away from Microsoft Office.

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Samsung Knox customers will get a complementary free 3 months of Google Drive for Work

Samsung_Knox_456Right on the heels of adding in new features to Knox, Samsung has announced an offer for customers that use the security service. Any customers that sign up for Knox will get a free 3 month trial of Google Drive for Work, which is obviously Google’s own cloud storage service that’s centered around business security.

The offer nets customers a full 1 TB of storage, and if more than 5 users take part, that gets bumped up to unlimited storage. The encryption on the service is top notch, which goes hand-in-hand with Samsung’s take on Knox, so this might be a worthwhile offer for many people.
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Google publishes short story written by three authors using Docs


In honor of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), Google brought together three authors to write a short story. The twist is that they collaborated across the country using Docs. Edan Lepucki, Mike Curato, and Tope Folarin simultaenously wrote the short story featuring 1600 words and three illustrations in one hour. The opening line, which the authors had to work the story around, was submitted by Lauren Lopez of Malaysia. Google is celebrating the power and creativity of collaboration while showcasing what is possible with its productivity suite.

You can click here to read the short story and hit the break for a recap of how it came together.

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Google Drive offers tips to simplify the holiday craziness


The holidays are hectic for everyone because there is so much do to in a short amount of time. Luckily, Google shows that everything can be simplified with the range of products underneath the Drive umbrella. Sending out those holiday cards is organized with Forms because of the text fields for information. With the Avery Label Merge add-on, you can take addresses from Sheets and port them into a template in Docs to create holiday cards. For those very personal holiday letters, use Docs so that every member of the family can collaborate simultaneously. And take advantage of Slides so that everyone can make a wishlist presentation with unique styles.

Google Drive can do a lot professionally, and now it can do a lot for the holidays.

Source: Google Drive Blog

You can now automatically convert Office attachments in Gmail into Google Drive files

google_drive_app_iconGoogle has added a great function to Drive and Gmail that should speed up moving files between the two services. Now whenever you have an Office file in Gmail that you want to edit in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides, a single click will automatically convert the file into the appropriate Drive app for you to begin editing immediately. Plus, you get all the extra useful features of Google’s office suite, including having a full file history to fall back on.

If you frequently get sent Office attachments in your email, this change should help speed up your work immediately.

source: Google

Google giving 1TB of free Drive storage to new Chromebook owners


We expect Chromebooks to be a very hot item for holiday shoppers this year. The devices running Chrome OS are cheap and the hardware is vastly different than what it once was. The value of a Chromebook just keeps getting and better. And it gets even better now because Google is giving new Chromebook owners free Drive storage. How much? An astounding 1TB for two years. That is nearly $240 that you do not have to spend. It is more than enough space for the average user, that’s for sure.

The offer expires on January 1, 2015. Don’t leave it sitting underneath the Christmas tree for too long!

Source: Google Drive Blog