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Android App Go SMS Updated to v2.19


For those that like to spice up the stock android messaging application, you can find many different flavors out there in the Android Market. Just to name a few, Handcent SMS, ChompSMS, and Go SMS. All of which have their own unique messaging experience. Our own Joe Sirianni wrote on Go SMS eariler this month in his personal app review.

Today Go SMS has been updated to 2.19. Check out the screenie below for the details!


GO SMS Gives Handcent A Run For Its Money

Most Android users today hoping to give their SMS application a fresh makeover know all about Handcent SMS for Android.  The app allows you to “switch it up” a bit by offering several tweaks along with a variety of new UI’s for your threaded conversations.  Well, if anyone is getting bored with the app or doesn’t find the UI as clean and streamlined as it once used to be, there’s another contender on the block.  I’ve been using GO SMS for several days now and I love it.  It offers that nice fresh contemporary look instantly giving your device an update in the SMS department. There is a theme for every holiday known to man (pics after the break) and the functionality is excellent and intuitive.  The developer, Go Dev Team, has done an excellent job continually adding new themes all of the time.  And yes, just in case you were wondering, that highly coveted iPhone threaded theme is one of them.   Read more

GO SMS for Android is a clean alternative SMS app

If you’re not a fan of the default Android SMS application, you may want to check out GO SMS. With it’s clean interface and robust features, this app should please just about anyone looking for a different SMS solution. Some of the features of GO SMS include:

-Chat style interface
-Popup windows
-Group sms; batch delete.
-Quick contact and SMS search
-Batch operations mode for message and contacts
-Contacts sort, select, group, search capabilities
-Full MMS/SMS support

If you want to grab GO SMS for yourself, hit up this thread for a download link and instructions.

[via XDA]