Google Search can now utilize hotel confirmation emails for suggestions

by Justin Herrick on
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One of the best features of Google Search is its ability to reach into Gmail and utilize information to tailor a personal experience for a user. For example, this means that the service can track packages for you by using shipping confirmation details. The latest addition to Google Search takes advantage of hotel confirmation emails. With hotel confirmation sitting in Gmail, Google Search can help you navigate the surrounding area. It can show you places to eat and then quickly provide directions back to the hotel. So instead of searching and narrowing down details to receive optimal content, Google is serving users directly with data that already exists.

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Gmail and Drive get more integration

by Alex Cobb on
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The latest Gmail mobile app update has added some much-needed basic functions that are present in the desktop version. For starters, Google Drive is now more efficiently integrated with Gmail, so that you can directly insert files into an email on your mobile device. You can also discern whether or not you’ve selected to share the file with the  email recipient and change the sharing settings before sending it. The latest features are available as an update on the Google Play Store. Links after the break.

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[APK Download] Gmail app update allows sharing Drive files

by Justin Herrick on
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One of the most common things to do when composing an email is attaching a file. With any email client, this is pivotal. For some reason though, the Gmail app for Android has lacked the ability to attach files from Drive. That changes today with an update that allows users to insert files from Drive. If the file is not already shared with the recipient, you can quickly do so from within the app.

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Google releases new Gmail API

by Jeff Causey on
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In response to developers looking for better ways to access Gmail from within their apps, Google announced a new Gmail API intended to serve as a replacement for the IMAP protocol. According to Google, while IMAP is great for standard email clients wanting to connect to an email server, the function is was designed for, it is no longer adequate for new features Gmail makes available or the way services have evolved. » Read the rest

Google adds ‘inferred events’ to Google Now to further integrate Gmail and Calendar

by Christian de Looper on
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Google has added the ability to grab events from Gmail and present them as a card in Google Now, otherwise known as ‘inferred events’. The service has been rolled out for some users, and Now pulls information from users Gmail accounts to create a card.

Users can choose whether or not they want the feature in the “everything else” section of Google Now’s settings. It’s important to note that this feature is different from Now pulling things like flight information. The service may also start pulling from other things, like Hangouts.

Source: Android Police

Gmail interface redesign hinted at in leaked images

by Jared Peters on
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Gmail UI redesign

Not too long before Google pushed out an update revamping the Google+ interface, Yoel Kaseb was responsible for leaking some images of what the interface update would look like. While there were some tiny details that weren’t correct, his images were pretty accurate for the most part. Today, Kaseb is teasing a few more images showing a new interface for another one of Google’s big products: Gmail. » Read the rest

Gmail for Android gets updated with new features and UI improvements

by Jared Peters on
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Google is issuing an update to the Gmail application today that includes a few new features and some user interface adjustments. A big change is the ability to save attachments directly to Google Drive instead of stuffing them on your phone’s cramped internal memory or SD card, which will make them much easier to access when you’re using something besides your phone. There are also brand new spam explanations, so if you dig through your spam folder you’ll get an explanation as to why that message was filtered at the top of the email. » Read the rest

Gmail app first to make the 1 billion installs plateau on Google Play

by Jeff Causey on
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Last fall Google announced their Android platform had broken through the one billion activations mark. With some applications that tend to be on every Android smartphone shipped around the world, it was only a matter of time before an app achieved the same feat and hit the 1 billion installs level. It appears this month that Google’s own Gmail app has reached that lofty goal as the entry in Google Play now lists the number of installs as somewhere between 1 billion and 5 billion. According to AppBrain, this occurred on May 6th.

Although Gmail has reached the 1 billion mark in terms of installs, it should be noted that Gmail is usually installed by default on most Android devices, so it is not like all of these installs occurred after someone specifically downloaded the app to install it. Some other apps that may be on their way to the same level include Google Search, Google Maps, and YouTube, all of which enjoy being installed by default on most Android devices. Others that come installed on some devices, but still have a good number of users specifically downloading them to install, include WhatsApp and Facebook.

source: phoneArena

Gmail changes appear to be headed to desktop along with mobile interface

by Jeff Causey on
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We have already seen some work that Google has underway on the mobile Gmail app that included an overhaul of the interface, increased use of tabs, pin and snooze functions. Depending on how you feel about some of these changes, you may be happy or sad to know that Google appears to be working on bringing the same features to the web interface for Gmail. New images have surfaced showing how Google may be getting ready to deploy Gmail changes across a wide variety of platforms including the desktop. » Read the rest