Best email clients [2015]


Among the most common tasks done with a phone or tablet is sending and receiving emails. Items are going to and from your email account throughout the day, so managing them can be difficult depending upon the email client used. We’re all Google fans around here, but let’s face it, sometimes the Gmail app pre-installed on our devices doesn’t meet all of our needs.

Some options found in the Play Store aim to make your email smarter and more efficient, while others take a more organized and administrative approach, including neat tools like a built-in calendar or file browser. Whatever your needs might be, Android has an email client for you.

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Gmail app gets Oauth support for Yahoo! and Microsoft mail accounts

Gmail-bannerGoogle’s Gmail app for Android has gotten some extra new security features that will be very important for those of you using a Yahoo! or Microsoft account. The new update brings Oauth support for both accounts, bringing the security of using those email addresses closer to what you’ll typically experience with Gmail.

Oauth allows users to take advantage of two-step authentication and Google’s account recovery process, both of which are staple security features in 2015. If you use either a Yahoo! or Microsoft mail account in your Gmail app, keep an eye out for this update over the next few days. Read more

Signatures and improved delete options on the way to Inbox by Gmail


The Inbox by Gmail app was an attempt by Google to start re-thinking the traditional mail client and how users maintain control over their incoming email. Despite a lot of positive buzz at launch, users quickly discovered several limitations and sizable numbers went back to the Gmail client. New information shows the development team is working on at least a couple of the more critical issues that troubled users. Read more

Google’s Inbox app gets custom Snooze times for morning, afternoon, and evening

New_Features_to_Inbox_Pic1Google is bringing a handy new trick to Inbox that’ll be useful for anyone that doesn’t have a conventional sleep schedule.

While it’s easy to assume that “morning” means whatever time McDonald’s is still serving breakfast for most people, there are plenty of us of that might not be up and around when the sun is rising, whether that’s because of work, school, or any number of things. Google understands that, so they’ve implemented a way to adjust when your morning, afternoon, and evening snooze reminders should go off. Read more