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Signatures and improved delete options on the way to Inbox by Gmail


The Inbox by Gmail app was an attempt by Google to start re-thinking the traditional mail client and how users maintain control over their incoming email. Despite a lot of positive buzz at launch, users quickly discovered several limitations and sizable numbers went back to the Gmail client. New information shows the development team is working on at least a couple of the more critical issues that troubled users. Read more

Google’s Inbox app gets custom Snooze times for morning, afternoon, and evening

New_Features_to_Inbox_Pic1Google is bringing a handy new trick to Inbox that’ll be useful for anyone that doesn’t have a conventional sleep schedule.

While it’s easy to assume that “morning” means whatever time McDonald’s is still serving breakfast for most people, there are plenty of us of that might not be up and around when the sun is rising, whether that’s because of work, school, or any number of things. Google understands that, so they’ve implemented a way to adjust when your morning, afternoon, and evening snooze reminders should go off. Read more

[APK Download] Gmail update brings a unified inbox and better searching

gmail unified inboxGoogle has updated their Gmail application, bringing a handful of useful new features on board. The biggest new improvement to the Gmail experience is the inclusion of a unified inbox, so now all of your Gmail and emails accounts in the Gmail application can be viewed without having to switch back and forth between different email addresses. Other email apps have had this feature for a while, so it’s great that Google finally baked it in. Read more

Google’s upcoming Pony Express service to allow bill payments from within Gmail


There are so many ways to make payments both physically and online. Now, Google wants to add another that gets right to it. The company is reportedly working on a service going by the name Pony Express that forwards bills to inbox of its users. From there, they are able to make payments without having to leave Gmail.

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Prepare for Google Contacts to be refreshed on the web


Many of the services that Google operates have been given a new look over the last few months. Providing users with the same look across different services allows for easier use and, of course, it looks great. An area that has seriously lacked for Google is Google Contacts. Finally, Google has redesigned Contacts on the web to feature contacts, circles, and frequently contacted people.

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Google Inbox updated; Adds minor UI tweaks and more functionality [APK Download]


Google has updated their Inbox app and provides some nice UI changes along with a couple new features. First off, Android 5.0 Lollipop users will now see their status bar change to the color of their action bar. More importantly, different notification sounds can now be attached to different accounts in Inbox which enables you to decipher which account your notification came from. Other additions include shortcuts to features like composing a new message and now you can switch through your several accounts swiftly by swiping left or right.

An APK file is available for download after the break!

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