MyRadar Weather Radar provides Google Glass with a live forecast


A little worried about what is to come in terms of weather when out and about? MyRadar Weather Radar for Google Glass can help with that. The new Glassware gives users an easy way to see a live forecast without having to take out a physical device and moving through an app. Specifically, it uses a user’s current location rather than having to pick and choose one. So if rain is coming, you can make sure to get some cover in order to protect the very expensive wearable.

To activate the Glassware, you just have to ask it to “Show the weather” and the radar is brought up. Immediately after, the live forecast is displayed. It is animated and shows just how dense the coming storm will be. The MyRadar Weather Radar Glassware is free, but it does not yet work nicely with the mobile app.

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U.K. cinema group moves to ban Google Glass in movie theaters

Google Glass Prescriptions

With Google Glass only being officially available in the U.K. for about a week, it has not taken long for acceptance to follow a path seen in the U.S. The latest example is the Cinema Exhibitors’ Association which issued this statement via their chief executive Phil Clapp, “customers will be requested not to wear these into cinema auditoriums, whether the film is playing or not.” Apparently the U.K. group wanted to one-up their counterparts at the Alamo Drafthouse which only asks Glass users to remove them when the trailers start.

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Google extending Glass Explorer program to the United Kingdom


People around the world are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Google Glass in their respective countries. While the United States has been the go-to for a bit of time, Google has finally opened the Glass Explorer program to another nation. Starting today, people in the United Kingdom can join the Glass Explorer program for £1,000. Just as with the United States wearers, people in the United Kingdom can choose between five colors and get to tailor their experience if they need prescription lenses.

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Glass firmware updated bringing Glass photos straight to your phone

glass_photos_2 glass_photos_3

Google just launched a new firmware update for Glass, which requires an update for both the eyewear and an update to the MyGlass app. The update allows users to instantly see photos captured with Glass on their phones, where they can share them to their favorite social media platforms.

The updates will also allow users to track their favorite world cup teams, and get updates on scores straight to their phones. Furthermore, the update will allow users to see their parking location, as well as track packages that the user has ordered.

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Roger Federer takes Google Glass for a spin on the tennis court


Sports has been one of the more interesting ways to see Google Glass utilized. Over at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, tennis player Roger Federer was given a pair of Google’s smart glasses. Who was the 17-time Grand Slam champion playing against? Stefan Edberg, another tennis icon. It is quite impressive as you see just how the game looks through the eyes of a professional.

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Quest Visual, creators of Word Lens, acquired by Google to improve Translate product


Quest Visual, the makers of Word Lens, an application which uses your device’s camera to translate words on signs/books/manuals (pretty much whatever) into English, or even other languages, has been acquired by Google.

We can only imagine that Google hopes to make use of the patents and technology that Quest Visual has in order to improve their Google Translate product and perhaps even implement some of this technology into other Google apps as well.

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