New reports suggest Google Glass Enterprise Edition already in developers’ hands


Last week word came out that Google’s focus on making Google Glass enticing for enterprise users had resulted in some changes to the device to make it more suitable for the workplace. Although actual examples of the revamped units have yet to surface, reports coming out this week suggest Google has already shared some units with development teams that participate in the company’s Glass At Work program. Read more

Enterprise Edition of Google Glass beefing up for the workplace


As Google moves to reposition they next version of Google Glass to be primarily used for business and enterprise purposes, reports indicate the Glass team is beefing up the device to be a little more business friendly and more rugged to handle the stress of a workplace environment. Despite some of these changes, the overall form factor will stay much the same as the Explorer Edition with a prism located above the right eye and the electronics hanging on the right temple. Read more

Eye-tracking could be included when Google Glass is reintroduced


Discovered in the files of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is an item from Google that reveals the company is exploring eye-tracking. Why would they be working with such technology? For when Glass is reintroduced to the world. It would eliminate some of the actions that require voice commands or touch by simply replying upon eye movement.

Read more

Schmidt weighs in on Google Glass


Ever since Google announced they were shutting down the Explorer program for Google Glass earlier this year, there has been lots of speculation as to whether the wearable device was dead or not. Many people believe the shuttering of the old beta program was a sign that Google’s experiment had failed. However, others noted that Google had moved it to another part of the company, Tony Faddell’s Nest division, a sign that it would eventually re-emerge, probably with a more consumer-ready focus. Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has now weighed in and made a clear statement that Google is committed to the Glass platform. Read more