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GetGlue gets major update bringing new look and features for the Fall TV season


If you love watching TV shows and movies, then you might already know about GetGlue. It’s probably the most popular app for “checking in” to TV shows and movies and discovering new stuff. They just updated the Android app to 5.0 bringing a new look and new features for the upcoming Fall TV season.

For starters the Watch section has been redesigned and will help you find out what to watch right now on TV, on streaming, and in theaters. Streaming services include On Demand, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, HBO GO, CBS, FOX, FX, AMC, and a dozen more. They also added a new Search & Discover that lets you search by genres or from “Fun Lists” created by the editorial team. You will even get reminders for new episodes, seasons on steaming and theatrical releases for those that you selected as “Want to Watch.” Show pages are now updated with more information.

Of course watching a TV show or movie is just part of it. Commenting on it is where things get interesting and GetGlue now allows you to add memes, gifs, videos or news articles to any of your posts.

Head on past the break for download links.

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GetGlue app for Android gets UI overhall, but loses important features

getglue_android_updateThe guys at GetGlue have redone their social networking app for Android from scratch, giving it a completely new interface and a set of different features. The user interface has been refreshed and cleaned up, giving a Google Now card-style look to the app. Aside from the nice new aesthetics, there are added tabs to monitor TV shows, movies, and sports, as well as a search tab. Curiously, and disappointingly, books, movies, topics and games have been removed in this update.

In addition, a personalized “smart guide” feature that syncs with your cable provider’s guide which suggests the best movies, TV shows, and sports to watch has been added to the app. Also, you can now check in and chat with friends while you watch, as well as watch clips of your favorite programs through the app. However, Foursquare integration has been removed.

The new UI is nice, but the axed features make it a bittersweet update. You can check out the full change log and download the free update after the break.

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Shazam app update expands tagging for TV shows to be universal

Stalwart music tagging app Shazam continues to move into areas beyond music. You may have noticed the Shazam logo showing up on TV shows or during commercials. That was a sign that app users could use Shazam to get additional information about the show. Shazam is now expanding that capability to enable users to tag any show on any network. Using Shazam, users can pull up information about a TV show’s cast, what they are tweeting about, IMDB and Wikipedia entries, and more. The app also enables users to tweet out or share via Facebook. Read more

GetGlue for Android now supports real-time TV conversations

GetGlue is everyone’s favorite check-in service for TV shows, Movies, and sports games so wouldn’t it be nice to carry on real-time conversations as well? GetGlue just added the feature, so whether you are watching sports, a reality show, or any other favorite show, you will become part of the real-time conversation. You will see friends who also checked-in and comments from other fans. GetGlue even filters the noise so only interesting comments show.

Along with real-time conversations, they have redesigned the user experience to be more chat-like. You will find a new home screen that is basically a menu that helps you get to where you want quickly, and the check-in flow is now streamlined as it now takes one less screen to check-in.

If you don’t already have GetGlue you have to give it a try. Download links below.

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