NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 Chip Outed, Looks To Bring Even More Quad-Core Goodness


We know that NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 chip is one hell of a processor, but what about it’s successor? We already know that NVIDIA plans on bringing in even more speed, but now it appears that we may likely see even more speed that ever before. According to Chinese website Chip Hell, the new Tegra chip will have a 28-nanometer part featuring “4-plus-1” quad core architecture with a fifth battery saver core that will likely be based off ARM’s Cortex-A15 infrastructure. In addition, the imminent chip will be powered by a brand new 72-core GeForce GPU which should offer 20x the performance of the Tegra 2 and 6x that of the Tegra 3. Adding to this is the fact that the new chip will be capable of handling up to a 2,560 x 1600 resolution display at full 1080p and 4K support.

As exciting as the new chipset is going to be, we can only hope that we see more support for the upcoming chips that we’ve seen in years past. There are no further details for now, though rumor has it that we can possibly see a formal announcement of the new technology as early as CES 2013.

source: ZDNet

Nvidia 28nm Kepler GPU May Go Mobile

Nvidia recently released Kepler, a more efficient 28nm GPU, used in the GeForce GTX 680 desktop graphics card. Tech site Anandtech discovered an email sent by Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang to all Nvidia employees congratulating them on the launch of Kepler. In the email, Huang mentions his intention to bring this chip architecture to other devices, including smartphones.

“Today is just the beginning of Kepler. Because of its super energy-efficient architecture, we will extend GPUs into datacenters, to super thin notebooks, to superphones.”

Obviously, the exact same chip can’t simply be inserted into a phone, but this declaration by Huang shows that there is a closer relation between the GeForce and Tegra lines via the Kepler architecture. While the Tegra 3 is Nvidia’s current mobile champion, the next generation from the company will bring us even closer to desktop level performance from a mobile device.

Read Huang’s entire email after the break.

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LG to introduce smartphone line utilizing NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor

LG Electronics has announced their plans to introduce a line of high-end smartphones that will run NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor.  The Tegra 2 is a dual-core chip, which would provide the devices a significant speed and graphics capability.  These new phones will become part of LG’s Optimus Series, which expects to have 10 devices out by the end of this year.

The Tegra 2 features a number of mobile firsts, including the first mobile dual-core CPU, the first mobile NVIDIA GeForce graphics processor, and the first processor capable of recording in full 1080p HD video.  Chang Ma, Vice President of LG’s Mobile Marketing Strategy Team, had the following to say.

“LG is committed to making its Optimus Series smart devices the de facto standard in speed and graphics performance. We selected NVIDIA because it is the visual computing leader and has a long history of creating amazing consumer experiences.”

LG has not announced any specifics about the devices, but our gut feeling is that at least one of them will be running Android.  We’ll be following this one closely, so stay tuned.

[via Korea IT Times]