DoomGLES is the latest Doom port with optimized graphics and Xperia Play support [Video]

Doom fans have a new port to play with in the Play Store. The developer says this one is the “best looking Doom port on mobile devices” What makes DoomGLES so special is it’s ported to OpenGL so it’s graphically improved with real time dynamic lighting, blood projections, particle effects, realistic water effects, and 3D monsters. DoomGLES is optimized for high resolutions, including tablets, and if you happen to be a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play owner, you will also love to know that it’s optimized for your gamepad.

Since this is just an emulator, you have to provide the wad files from the full PC title files. Upon installation you do get to download the original freeware version, but in order to play other titles in the franchise, you will need those wad files. Wad files contain all the elements for the game like maps, icons, and graphics used. If you own Ultimate Doom 1 or Doom 2, all you need to do is save those wad files to your SD card. Now if you don’t own the PC versions, lets just say you can probably find them with a quick Google search, but you didn’t hear that from me.  DoomGLES costs $2.14.

Check out the gameplay trailer and download links after the break.

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Gameloft And Fox Announce Collaboration To Bring Ice Age Game To Smartphones And Tablets

The Ice Age series of movies are no doubt some cool movies– albeit in a cute, CG-generated sort of way. Fox Digital knows you’re excited for the 4th installment of the series called Continental Drift, so that’s why its partnered with Gameloft to bring an official Ice Age game to smartphones and tablets. While there aren’t many details of what type of game this new collaboration will bring, we do know players can interact with the familiar characters such as Sid, Manny and Diego, while playing through a series of quests and mini-games. Not excited yet? Here’s Gameloft Senior VP of Publishing Gonzague de Vallois and his thoughts on the importance of this upcoming game:

“As such, we’re absolutely thrilled to offer the official Ice Age game on smartphones and tablets. We have invested tremendously in this title and it is definitely one of our most important launches this year.”

Hit the break to see the full press release from Gameloft.

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Looking for an old school arcade shooter? Try Titan Turret for Android [Hands on Video]

Old school fans need to check out Titan Turret by Code Monkey. The premise is simple – shoot all the enemies with your gun turret. Unfortunately to accomplish this isn’t necessarily so easy. Much like many of the old school shooters like Space Invaders, it was always easy and simple to play, but never easy. You will have to deal with planes, jets, helicopters, and ground troops, but thankfully your gun turret can rotate and shoot at a 180 degree radius.

Code Monkey brought in some 21st century elements to the game with the chance to shop for upgrades like speeding up your rotation or increase the speed of ammo reloading. You never had those opportunities in the old days unless of course you knew of some “easter egg” that unlocked something. Hit the break for our hands on video and Play Store download links. It’s free so what are you waiting for?

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Playstation Store Games Officially Available For Sony Xperia S Smartphone


Playstation certification for the newly launched Sony Xperia S in Europe (and it’s Japanese Xperia Acro HD cousin) was a given, it was just a matter of when. It looks like the time has come for the smartphone to finally receive that coveted Playstation certification. The gang at Android Central reports the placeholder link on the app drawer in the device will now take you to you guessed it– the Playstation Store where the PS Pocket app can be downloaded. As with any 3rd party app store, you’ll simply need to enable Non-Market applications by going to your Settings and then Applications in order to get started. Then you go to the “Let’s Start PS Store” in the app tray. After that, it’s just a matter of downloading a few more apps which let you buy and play games and bam– you’re all set to enjoy all of that Playstation goodness on your phone.

Keep in mind, you’ll need a PS Network or Sony Entertainment Network account in order to access Sony’s library of games, which is currently limited to a dozen or so games. And even then, some of the available games are still limited to the Xperia Play, so that number really shrinks a bit more. Still, Xperia S (and Acro HD) owners will now have yet another reason to waste time thanks to the newfound availability of awesome Playstation games.

source: Android Central

Google to Combine Existing Gaming Platforms and Google+ Into One Unified Platform

Google+ Product Manager Punit Soni promised today, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, that Google will combine it’s multiple gaming platforms into a single unified platform, making developers’ lives much easier.

“By next year, we will not be here talking about Google+ Games, Chrome Web Store games, Games for Native Client and Android games. We will be talking about Google games.”

Doing this will give developers a much larger audience to target, making developing for Google more lucrative. Technically, this will entail using technologies such as HTML5 and Google Chrome Native Client, which enables browser games to take advantage of 3D graphics hardware, for easier and higher performing cross-platform compatibility.

Google+ will serve as the social layer supporting and helping games get noticed. With already more than 100 million active monthly users spending more than one hour a day on the site, Google+ will certainly attract gaming companies. Game developers are excited to have a Facebook alternative, but want Google to provide more promotional opportunities for their games. Google is starting to do this already with a new notification system to promote games to your Google+ circles.

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FTW Will Allow Gamers To Sync Game’s Progress Across Platforms

Gaming is about to get a smidge better, no matter what your platform cup of tea is. In a “why-didn’t-I-think-of-that-?” moment, gaming service FTW has brought the ability to play one game on something like your iPad, save it— and then continue the game’s progress on your Android. The way FTW works is developers would integrate FTW into their apps/games and then FTW will sync your game’s progress across all platforms.

I’m sure you’re all excited and asking the question, “where can I sign up at?” Well, the service is not quite ready yet kids. While FTW is still in development, the necessary APIs can’t be found in games at the moment, though they are hoping for a launch within the coming months for both iOS and Android— with Mac and Windows to follow shortly after. In the meantime, FTW is urging gamers to send emails to their favorite game developers to have them jump on board with FTW by including the service into their apps and games. Don’t wait kids— make sure you email your favorite developers today. You’ll be especially thankful later.

source: FTW
via: Phandroid

PlayStation Suite SDK open beta to be released in April

Remember the news about the PlayStation SDK from September? It entered closed beta in November, and it looks like the open beta is finally coming in April. This means any developer can create content for the PlayStation Suite, which would become available to all PlayStation certified Android devices. This news could hopefully bring the PlayStation certification to more handsets. Obviously Sony’s products are (mostly) certified, but other manufacturers might soon jump on board. For example, HTC might already have plans for the second half of the year.

The official (out of beta) version is still slated for later this year and will carry a $99 yearly subscription with it. However, the open beta is free for anyone to use. It think this is solid news to wake up to for gamers. What do you guys think?

Full press release after the break:

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Dark Legends Gameplay Trailer Released, Makes Us Yearn For More Blood And Gore

The next great MMORPG game is almost here folks! Spacetime Studios recently teased us with an intro trailer for Dark Legends, but now the developer wants us to drool even more by showcasing some of the awesome action found in the game. In addition to the fluid and smooth look of the gameplay, you’ll be able to see details such as blood, fallen limbs and just plain gore goodness. But don’t take our word for it— check out the gameplay trailer in the video below.

YouTube Preview Image 


source: Phandroid

Xperia Phones Used to Drive Automated Cars on Real Life Reckless Racing Track

We talked plenty about Sony’s Xperia line of phones over the past couple months, the Xperia P and U, Xperia S, Xperia IonXperia Play2 and the Hayabusa(?). Now, it’s time to see what the Xperia name can really do… on the racetrack. The Reckless Racing 2 racetrack. In real life even!

The crazy people behind the Xperia Studio have taken a couple of MGF cars and completely automated them to be driven entirely by the physical buttons of the Xperia Play and the touchscreen of the Xperia S. I don’t suspect this is anything that you think about when shopping for a smart phone, let alone will attempt to do, but it’s pretty bad-ass nonetheless. What you are about to see is a couple of grown men playing with some seriously cool toys. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

YouTube Preview Image

If you want to see more on this Xperia Studio experiment and others, be sure to hit up the source link.

source: Xperia Studio
via: Xperia Blog