Renaissance Blood THD now in the Google Play Store and TegraZone

Renaissance Blood THD is the latest game to hit the TegraZone. Built on Unreal Mobile Engine and Tegra 3 optimized, it’s a “House of the Dead” style FPS developed by Bridea and published by NCsoft. It takes place in the Renaissance era and the object is to find the final blueprint that the great Leonardo da Vinci left behind. After Leonard DaVinci’s death, heroes of Renaissance started to fight a battle for capturing “DaVinci machine” which DaVinci designed. Immerse yourself in a world where science and alchemy set the rules, and battle your way through a slew of mobs with spectacular weapons inspired by Da Vinci’s inventions.

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Say Goodbye To Game Lag On The HTC One X

Owners of the HTC One X have been complaining about occasional lag during game play on a device that shouldn’t be lagging at all (despite previous issues with Sense lag). What’s causing it? XDA contributor hamdir has put together a tutorial to not only explain why this is happening, but also how to fix it.

First, the reason it lags. It has to do with the number of cores in use and how some apps don’t get access to all the cores. Additionally, the cores that are being accessed are not always running at the highest clock speed. hamdir puts it like this:

The stock CPU governor on the One X keeps ramping up and down the clocks during games which is the main cause of bad frame rate

The fix for this is simple, but requires a rooted phone. If you’re rooted and running stock, simply download an app called System Tuner from the Play Store and do the following:

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Grand Theft Auto III is only 99 cents this weekend in the Google Play Store

The very popular Grand Theft Auto III is on sale this weekend in the Google Play Store. It’s normally priced at $4.99, which in my opinion is already a great price, but starting today through May 28th, you can grab it for .99 cents. That is an absolute steal and if you’ve ever had fun playing GTA in the past, you must go and grab it.

I admit the touch screen controls are a little difficult, but its compatible with game controllers so you can grab the OnLive controller or the Logitech F710. It just so happens we are giving away the Logitech controller as part of our ASUS Transfomer Pad Prize Pack giveaway. Hit the break for download links.

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In Case You Forgot: Because We May Sale Is Officially On Until June 1st

Hopefully you all haven’t forgotten the best way to kick off the holiday weekend— but in case you have, we’ll give you a quick reminder of what it is. You may recall we mentioned how Because We May would be celebrating the successes of games from various developers by creating a massive week-long sale of select titles starting today in the Play Store. Well, the sale is officially on and gamers are flocking to app stores to grab premium games as we speak. Originally there was 39 titles planned for the Google Play Store, but now there are 61 titles. Oh and the list of titles are a doozy too. Hit the break for the complete list.

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Play Store Newbie Review: Reiner Knizia’s Skyline [Brain & Puzzle]

Reiner Knizia has designed a lot of games over the years and the latest installment is Skyline. It hit the Google Play Store recently and I took it for a test drive. I’m a huge fan of puzzle games so I was intrigued. At first I did have a hard time understanding how it all worked, but as soon as I got the hang of it, I found that I couldn’t put it down.

It’s sort of like a Sudoku game in that there is a grid and you can’t have like objects in the same row. You are given a certain amount of buildings that you have to place on the grid. The buildings range from 1 floor to 4 floors. The object is to place the buildings along the grid so that from certain vantage points you can only see a particular number of buildings. As I mentioned you can’t have more than one building in a particular row, but there are parks which aren’t subject to that rule. It’s really hard to explain, which is why I did a hands on video. I guess the developer had the same problem because there really isn’t much of a a description on the Play Store page.

There is a free version, which includes the 1st level of 14 puzzles. The full unlocked version is .99cents and unlocks 3 more levels or 42 more puzzles. If you’re doing the math, the game consists of 56 puzzles across 4 levels. I found the first level to be fairly easy, but things get pretty tough with the 2nd level.

Hit the break for the hands on and download links

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Dozens of games to go on sale May 24th through June 1st in the Google Play Store ‘Because We May’

How about a really hot gaming sale to kick of your Memorial Day Weekend? Because We May is celebrating those app stores that give developers the ability to price their accomplishments however they wish. As a result there are 39 titles that will go on sale between May 24 and June 1 in the Google Play Store. It’s not limited to the Play Store as you will also find a bunch other titles for the iOS App Store, Steam, the Mac App Store, and others.

There still could be even more games by the time the 24th rolls around since developers have until the 22nd to jump onboard. So far the list has some really good titles like World of Goo, Shadowgun, Riptide GP, and Osmos. This is a great opportunity to try out some new games. Unfortunately we don’t have the sale prices yet, but hit the break for the complete Google Play Store list along with links for each game.

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[Video] Trailer for Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. 3 now available


The Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance aka N.O.V.A. is and action adventure first person shooter from Gameloft. Up and coming is the third installment of this action packed game. This is one of those games that will take full advantage of the power coming out of today’s mobile platforms. Gameloft itself is even taking a part in mobile 3D gaming, starting with optimizing a number of games for the LG Optimus 3D Max.

So feast your eyes on the video below. You won’t see any real gameplay, but it will definitely hype you up for the N.O.V.A. 3 release.

YouTube Preview Image

Play Store Newbie Review: iSlash [Game]

iSlash landed in the Play Store about 10 days ago and it already surpassed 50,000 downloads. Since it was already a hit with iOS users, this isn’t a surprise. This one is for all you puzzle fanatics. I like iSlash because it trains your eye/hand coordination as well as your thinking skills. As with many puzzle games, the premise is simple but the task isn’t. Each level consists of a playshape. Your job is to destroy most of it by slashing your finger. Simple right? There’s just one problem, you have to avoid the ninja stars or you lose. Your rated by how much time it takes you as well has how many slashes it took to complete the task at hand. You can advance with one star, but you only feel satisfied with three stars. It’s quick and easy to play and it’s free. Hit the break for the full features, our hands on video, and download links. Let us know what you think.

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Dance Legend Gives Android Gamers A Reason To Dougie

Android gaming continues to grow in popularity by the day. There are all types of games from first-person shooters to racing games to casual puzzle games, but what about some Dance Dance Revolution-type games? Well the fine development team at TuneWiki thought about the curious absence of a dance game and created the surprisingly good Dance Legend. The game provides a decent lineup of tracks, solid customizations, great graphics and easy controls. The game is easy to pick up and start playing right from the get-go. Simply put, this game is a must-have for not just hardcore gamers, but casual Android users as well. Read more

Temple Run Receives Another Update Today, Brings Twitter Integration and Bug Fixes

Looking over my Android apps that received an update today, Temple Run is one of the more notable ones along with the Chrome browser. The uber popular game has already been downloaded over 10 million times and has only been available in the Play Store for just over three weeks. It is pretty amazing how fast this game has spread and the developers obviously want to keep the millions of users happy.

Today’s update brings Twitter integration as well as a few bug fixes such as; a bug that made it difficult to score points, a bug that caused the runner to accelerate too fast, and a few spelling errors. On top of making the app run better for users, the Twitter integration allows you to tweet your score after completing a run through the Temple. This may prove beneficial to some of you, and more of an annoyance to others. I dunno.

If you have yet to receive the update or haven’t even tried the game, go ahead and hit up one of the links below. The game is free and has almost been perfected at this point. Now if I could only perfect my hand-eye coordination and I would be set!


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