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Cloud-based gaming service OnLive officially acquired by ‘newly-formed company’ with ‘substantial funding’

Yesterday, it was reported that the popular cloud-based gaming hub OnLive had allegedly laid off a majority of its staff and planned to file for bankruptcy. OnLive remained quiet for several hours after the initial rumor became widespread. When asked about the potential folding of the company, OnLive’s director of corporate communications refuted the claim by saying “we don’t respond to rumors, but of course not.”

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Total Recall Episode 1 The Game hits Google Play Store

Total Recall: Episode 1 sneaked its way into the Google Play Store 10 days ago and actually offers some decent graphics and game play. Not to be confused, this game is based on the original take on Total Recall starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is a side scrolling shooting game with a jump and shoot button to your right. You’re basically playing as the main character and set on a mission on Mars fighting against enemies through boss levels. Here’s some of what you can expect from the game:

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Featured Play Store Review: Bring back the fun of Tic-Tac-Toe with Super TTT [Hands on Video]

Remember when you were much younger and you loved to play tic-tac-toe? A very simple game at the time, but it was a whole lot of fun. Of course, as we got older the game was just too boring because of it’s simplicity. Well it’s time to bring back that fun with Super TTT. We all download cool games and for me, most of them last a couple of days or a week and then I move on to the next one. With Super TTT, I can honestly say that I’ve been playing this bad boy for over a month now and I can’t quit.

There are two aspects of this game that make it great. First, it’s very challenging and second, you can play anybody anywhere in the world at your own pace like Words With Friends and Draw Something.

As to the game, it’s a Super version of tic-tac-toe in which the game board consists of nine mini tic-tac-toe boards. Players are either X’s or O’s, similar to the original game. Seems simple right? Think again. You really have to plan out your moves because depending on where you place your X or O, it determines where your opponent has to play. For example, if you place an X in the top left of the center mini board, your opponent will then have to play his or her O in any free space in the top left mini board. At the start of the game, the player that gets to go first can place his or her X/O anywhere they want. There’s still one more catch. As players get tic-tac-toes in the mini boards, nobody can play in those anymore. What that means is if you play in a spot that would direct your opponent to one of those completed mini boards, your opponent will have the option of playing their X/O in any uncompleted mini board. It’s really hard to explain, but you will easily get the hang of it, and I’ve included a video below to show you how it works.

How do you win? All you have to do is win three mini boards in a row for tic-tac-toe. Now you might be asking, what happens if nobody can achieve that (which would happen a lot in traditional tic-tac-toe)? You can still win by winning at least five mini boards. I would say that the majority of my games are won by getting three in a row, and I have yet to experience a tie.

As to playing with opponents, fans of Words With Friends and Draw Something will feel right at home. You can create a new account or log in via Facebook. You can search for any user and invite them to a game or you can play a random opponent. You don’t have to worry about setting aside a lot of time to play a game because you will get notifications when it’s your turn. A game can take as little as a few hours or a few days. You can also save any players as friends so you can easily find them in the future. You can also chat with your opponents, and if they take too long to play, you can nudge them, which will send them another notification reminder that it’s their turn.

Sometimes it can get a little tough to plan out your moves so they also have what’s called a Strats Map. You can use this to simulate where you think your opponent will move and see how things could break down 6 plays later (3 moves for you and 3 moves for your opponent). That definitely comes in handy. They are going to be coming out with a paid version that will let you save multiple maps.

Super TTT is Free and its a total blast. Check out my hands on video and then hit one of the download links below. BTW, it looks great on the Nexus 7.



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EA includes Android in new platforms for Origin app

At their GamesCom press conference, Electronic Arts announced some additional platforms, including Android, for their Origin download service application. Origin was first announced for the Mac OS X platform as part of EA’s release of SimCity for the Mac. In the announcement at GamesCom, EA indicated they were going to make Origin available for Android, Facebook, and Smart TV in addition to OS X. Along with the new platforms, EA also announced some new features for Origin including the ability to access free-to-play games, digital content, live videos, and a new dashboard for the application. No information regarding a release date or availability was provided by EA.

source: The Verge

Gaikai Could Turn Android Into Next PS3 Thanks To Sony

We’ve all seen what cloud gaming on Android looks like with OnLive, and from what I’ve seen, it looks pretty good. However, gaming service Gaikai, recently acquired by Sony, is likely going to bring cloud gaming to the next level. Currently available through PC browsers, an Android client is on the way, and it promises to be an exceptional gaming platform.

So what makes Gaikai so special? First, it’s speed. Harnessing the power of NVIDIA’s GeForce Grid technology moves the service way beyond what OnLive can do now… and the faster the game can stream to you, the more it feels like a traditional console. Improved responsiveness in a game can be the difference between life and death, and hardcore gamers will appreciate the advantage this provides.

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Featured Play Store Review: 3D Mini Golf Masters [Hands on Video]

The other night I started playing 3D Mini Golf Masters and I couldn’t put it down. Created by DMW Media, 3D Mini Golf Masters is a miniature golf game where the courses are in the sky so the views are stunning and the 3D effects are really cool.

Each course features challenging obstacles, slopes, turns, ramps, and beautiful wooden bridges. Trust me, this isn’t your local putt putt, these courses get hard pretty quickly. Thankfully the controls are easy in that you only need to worry about the direction and speed of your shots.

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Build your own arcade cabinet around Android

Yesterday we reported on an example of someone using a Google Nexus 7 tablet for an in-car entertainment system. Today we have another example of using an Android powered device for a purpose other than as originally designed. This time the tablet is used as the focal point for a homemade arcade cabinet. Readers who grew up in the age of arcades will certainly appreciate the sense of nostalgia of playing a video game on such a piece of “hardware.” Read more

Ouya And XBMC Announce Joint Collaboration, Brings One Closer Step To Ensuring The Gaming Console Can Also Be A Topnotch Media Center

It’s no secret that Ouya is set to revolutionize gaming and XBMC is primed to revolutionize how we consume and manage our media— but what happens when you get both hyper cool concepts and mesh them together? You get a joint collaboration of course. Both XBMC and Ouya announced their agreement to ensure the media app runs smoothly on the gaming console. To ensure the app runs smoothly and at an optimal level, the XBMC team will receive early prototypes of the console and will undergo vigorous testing to ensure the app has an open, DRM-free media functionality.

The Ouya console just seems to look better and better by the day, doesn’t it?


source: The Verge

Gameloft releases “cute” Monster Life game for Android

The description for a new game from Gameloft, Monster Life, starts out, “Join the cutest (and fiercest) monsters ever, in a thrilling adventure! Discover a magical world of cute monsters and exciting battles!” Monster Life is a “papercraft” game where users collect and raise monsters for eventual battle against bad guys. While not your typical hardcore gamer title, it still shows promise and puts an interesting spin on a familiar storyline. The app only requires Android 2.2 and the price is free. So it may be worth a spin, especially if you have a gaming fan looking for something “cute.” Hit the download link to access the Google Play store to grab Monster Life.

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RENOVATE Gaming Boost app improves gaming performance on HTC One X

Owners of the HTC One X, one of the top smartphones on the market, have discovered that game apps may not perform up to their expectations. The hackers at XDA pinpointed several issues that affect the performance and figured out how to get around the problems. However, doing so involved several manual steps to several different settings. To change that, some XDA members combined forces to put together the RENOVATE Gaming Boost app. Read more