Vulkan API promises significant graphical improvements for Android gaming and 3D graphics

vulkan gnomes3D graphics have been moving very quickly in the mobile space, getting increasingly competitive with traditional home video game consoles and the like. That trend will continue now that Vulkan, a 3D rendering API, is coming to Android to improve the graphics experience on mobile devices.

Vulkan is a much more efficient API than Open GL ES that Android currently uses, offering a significantly lower CPU overhead and better tools for developers. A video showcasing a horde of gnomes was created to really show off the difference between the two APIs, and it’s incredibly apparent how much better Vulkan should be for mobile gaming.  Read more

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes reveals potential for virtual reality games


The Samsung Gear VR has a new game available that shows how virtual reality devices can be used in new, creative ways for game play. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a cooperative video game that requires at least two players – one wearing a Gear VR headset and one manning a bomb defusing manual. As a demo video for the title shows, getting a group together for some gameplay will work as well and may even add to the experience. Read more

YouTube Gaming to be lauched this summer


Don’t we all have days when we spend hours watching YouTube videos and doing little else? Well, things are just getting better, especially for gamers, as YouTube Gaming is being launched this summer. Striving to become the largest gaming community online, YouTube Gaming will show you videos and live streams related to your favourite video games, players and game publishers on a single platform.

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Terminator Genisys: Revolution now available


Competing against a host of other franchise movies coming out this summer, the companion game for Terminator Genisys managed to score some points as the first app listed in the Google Play Store for pre-registration. Terminator Genisys: Revolution first popped up almost a month ago with a “Pre-register” button that enabled users to sign up to be notified of the game’s availability. That time has come as developer Glu has released the title for installation on Android devices. Read more

[Deal] Amazon has 38 paid apps and games for FREE ($110 value) through May 16


Amazon is at it again with another Android app and game sale. Amazon always has at least one free app of the day, but today they are bundling 38 apps and games. All of these titles are absolutely Free and will stay that way through May 16.

Some of the more notables are Photo Studio Pro (normally $3.99), Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 (normally $2.99), Game Of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series (normally $4.99), and Fleksy Keyboard (normally $1.99).

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Top 10 best Android games for smartphones and tablets [May 2015]

Mobile games.

They’re everywhere–on our smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and even invading our computers. While this certainly isn’t a bad thing, there’s more terrible games out there than great, and the bad titles tend to be what people see most.

However, there is an array of remarkable mobile games available where a lot of heart and soul has been put into them. If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet–iOS or Android–we’ve got a list of the top ten titles available right now.

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Google Play launches app pre-registration feature with Terminator Genisys: Revolution


Being able to sign up for a product before it is actually available is not a new sales strategy and is actually used quite often in the smartphone industry. Google has been working to bring a similar strategy to their Play Store. For example, Avengers: Age of Ultron was made available for pre-order at the same time it hit theaters. Now Google is bringing this feature to the Apps portion of their marketplace. Read more

Fast & Furious: Legacy drifts on to the Play Store

Fast-and-the-Furious-LegacyFurious 7 is the latest installment in the Fast and Furious movie franchise and is set to hit theaters from April 3rd with its exotic cars and crazy stunts. In case you can’t wait until then, the official Fast & Furious: Legacy game that puts you behind the wheel of more than 50 sports cars has just hit the Play Store. We have the video and download link after the break.  Read more