Jet Set Radio Hits the Play Store

We gave you the heads up a couple of weeks ago about the 12-year old game that was originally released on the ill-fated Sega Dreamcast. Today is the day to get your retro tag and grind on – jet set, in-line skate style on your Android device. Cell-shaded games were all the rage back in the late 90′s and early 00′s. Now, those feeling a little nostalgic can go back in time and enjoy a faithful port of this niche game.  
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Orgarhythm THD released for Tegra 3 powered devices

More gaming news today for owners of Android devices. Acquire Corporation recently released a new title, Orgarhythm THD for Tegra 3 powered devices. Orgarhythm is a game that combines strategic thinking necessary to figure out your way through the different challenges with some “sensing” brain activity. The latter occurs as users have to figure out a tapping rhythm to employ to defeat enemies. The game play itself sets up the player as the God of Light battling the God of Darkness, with both sides deploying armies of elemental soldiers.
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Gree to close Openfeint with less than a month notice to developers

OpenFeint, a popular gaming network for Android and iOS devices, announced the service will be shutdown on December 14th. OpenFeint was purchased by Gree in 2011 and it was no secret the long term plan was to shutdown the service and move games to Gree’s own platform. However, indications up to this time were that the transition would not occur until later in 2013. With today’s news, developers have little time to roll out updates to customers.
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SHADOWGUN: DeadZone leaves beta, brings epic multiplayer action to all

Madfinger Games’ epic new multiplayer shooter SHADOWGUN: DeadZone has officially left beta today following a brief stint in public beta. The recently released sequel offers some of the most impressive graphics we’ve seen on a mobile title, and its complex and robust gameplay make it a compelling option for any avid gamer.

Of course players can earn perks as they battle their enemies, ultimately allowing for a great deal of customization and equipment variability. What’s better is that the game’s multiplayer mode isn’t just any boring 1V1 duel. Instead, gamers will be placed in 12-player tactical matches, complete with rankings and voice support, effectively matching console-like offerings.

Unfortunately, the game falls into the “freemium” category, so you’ll most likely be forced to make an in-app purchase at some point. Regardless, SHADOWGUN: DeadZone is an incredible mobile game definitely worth trying out.  Be sure to catch the official launch video, as well as the Play Storedownload link after the break.
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OnLive Game Streaming Now On LG Smart TV with Google TV


OnLive has announced it will be integrated with G2 Series LG Smart TV with Google TV TVs Televisions (wow that was a lot of TVs). The update should begin rolling out today. Those unfamiliar with the game streaming service can check out our hands on earlier this year. OnLive is currently available on VIZIO Co-Star and will also be available on the Ouya at launch.

Full press release after the break

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Sega Confirms Release Date For Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio, the 12-year-old Sega Dreamcast title, has seen numerous adaptations on several platforms. Today we learned Sega plans to release the Android, PlayStation Vita and iOS versions later this month. Vita users will get fist crack at it on November 20th. Android and iOS users will have to wait a little longer for a November 29th release. Not quite the summer release Sega had promised back in July, but if it’s the faithful port of the original Dreamcast, I doubt too many people will mind.

Hit the break for the game trailer.

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Call Of Duty Elite App Gets Updated To Support Black Ops II

Activision’s Call Of Duty Elite Android app has been updated to support the latest version of the first person shooter, Black Ops II. The app allows players of the Call Of Duty franchise to access historical player stats, game summaries and edit in-game options like custom weapons sets and logos. If going through all of your stats or watching Call of Duty Elite TV gets you in the playing mood, remember you can always jump on Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombies on any Android device.

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Angry Birds Space Update Brings 10 Additional Levels


There’s no doubt that Angry Birds Space is one of the best iterations of the Angry Birds series yet– and the latest update of the game continues to make an already good thing better. In the latest update of the game, users will find an astounding 10 new fiery Red Planet levels— with the ability to unlock even more additional levels with the completion of key objectives. Friends— the latest update just comes to show that a successful franchise will continue to have plenty of fight thanks to additional gameplay and content.

You’ll find the latest update in the Play Store today, so be sure to grab it by hitting the link below or scanning the QR code below.


Play Store

Amazon Game Studios releases Air Patriots, their first Android game

Today Amazon released their first company made game into the Play Store. Air Patriots is a game that puts you in control of a squad of planes using drawing controls to direct where and when your fleet attacks their enemies. Since this is a game that is created by Amazon, it also takes advantage of their Whispersync technology for cloud saving. This game, along with the release of the cloud drive photos app, gives Amazon a nice start to the month. I’m a little surprised that these apps aren’t an Amazon appstore exclusive and open to everyone in the Play Store. More images, a trailer video, and download links after the break.

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Ouya launch still on track, dumps Ice Cream Sandwich in favor of Jelly Bean

The developers of the Ouya, the kickstarter darling, say it is already upgrading the yet-to-be-released Android gaming console to Jelly Bean. They didn’t specify whether the update would be to 4.1 or the recently announced Android 4.2, but it’s good news either way. The progress report also stated they’ve been refining the hardware design and are now in the EVT (Engineering Verification Testing) phase. Once hardware testing is complete in the EVT phase, Ouya says it will be on track for a December launch of its SDK (Software Developer Kit).

Ouya’s hardware progress report said the device won’t have the familiar menu, back and volume buttons seen on most Android devices. The Ouya will instead have a single button that will pause and bring up the Ouya menu. This button may be similar to the Xbox 360 guide button gamers are familiar with. The controller is described as a “standard gamepad” and will include a touchpad capable of only single-touch input.  Since the Ouya will come with a Tegra 3 CPU, they suggested eager developers test their games on Android tablets with a NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor. “That’ll give you an accurate representation as to how your game will perform on an OUYA.” It sounds like my Nexus 7 will be my personal mini-Ouya until the March 2013 launch.

Source: Ouya