NVIDIA Shield now available to purchase from Gamestop stores


If you’ve been interested in picking up NVIDIA’s quirky gaming device, the NVIDIA Shield, but didn’t want to order it online, you’re in luck. NVIDIA has announced that Gamestop retail stores will be carrying the Shield for the same $300 price, minus those pesky shipping fees. Of course, those shipping fees will be replaced by taxes, but at least you won’t have to wait for it to get delivered, right?

NVIDIA has posted up a Gamestop finder on their website so you can see exactly which stores carry the Shield. Otherwise, you could always call up your local Gamestop and ask. Anybody planning on picking one of these up?

Nyko PlayPad and PlayPad Pro controllers now available at GameStop

Back in June, Nyko and NVIDIA announced a joint project to bring wireless controllers to Android devices. I’ve been patiently awaiting the day until the controller’s release. According to GameStop’s website, it now looks like the day has arrived as you can pick up the PlayPad and PlayPad Pro for $39.99 each. Gaming on our devices these days has become a fairly large industry, and with games becoming increasingly more detailed and rivaling console games, it’ll only gain in popularity. Read more

Wikipad is Now Available For Pre-Order at Gamestop

The Wikipad is a different kind of Android tablet, made with gamers in mind. Having impressive specs such as a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor and a 10.1 inch IPS display, the Wikipad could be the tablet that hardcore gamers have been waiting for.

What separates the Wikipad from the large selection of Android tablets is the dock that makes the tablet a controller. Of course a game system is worthless without entertaining games made for it. Gamestop is working with game publishers to make exclusive content for the Wikipad, and Sony has already left there stamp on the device giving it PlayStation Certification. It will also have the ability to play streaming games with Gaikai.

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US Retailers Reporting Google Nexus 7 Tablet As Sold Out

Looks like Google may have hit a home run with the $199 Nexus 7 tablet (read our full review here). According to Reuters, retailers across the US are reporting their stock as being sold out. So far, GameStop, Staples, Sam’s Club, Office Depot, and Walmart have all run out of their pre-order allotments before the Nexus 7 even hit store shelves.

We blew through the first two allotments,” a GameStop spokesperson stated. Their third allotment won’t arrive until August. GameStop would not say how many units comprise an allotment.

This brings up the question of just how many units have been made for the initial production run. A previous rumor pointed to only 600,000 tablets being made in June, which could account for the quick sell-outs. With the Nexus 7 getting highly-positive reviews praising its high-end specs and low price, 600,000 doesn’t seem like nearly enough.

Of course, prior Nexus devices haven’t been top sellers in the past, so perhaps Google simply underestimated the demand of a low-cost/high-performing tablet. I’d rather believe that over Google purposefully keeping the initial production numbers low to artificially drive up demand. The Nexus 7 is good enough to stand on its own and doesn’t need marketing tricks to make it look popular.

Who’s already ordered theirs, and have you gotten it yet?

source: reuters

If you pre-ordered your Nexus 7 from Gamestop, good news, it’s now in stock

Those of you that decided to order your Nexus 7 through Gamestop are the lucky ones because you will be able to play with your new Nexus 7 before those that ordered it through Google Play. Gamestop is sending out texts and emails letting those who pre-ordered know that it’s in stock and ready for pick up.

Now if you didn’t pre-order, don’t plan on stopping by to snag one because they only received enough stock to cover pre-orders. The regular supply won’t hit stores until August 7.

source: reddit

GameStop taking pre-orders for the Nexus 7

Not ordered yourself a new Nexus 7 yet? Well it’s about to become a bit easier to get your hands on one. As convenient as it may be to order direct from the Google Play Store, some people out there still enjoy the experience of walking into a store, handing over some cash and walking out with their new toy. (Hard to believe I know)

For the more traditional shoppers amongst you, GameStop have got you covered. They will be stocking the Nexus 7 from launch and have even set up a pre-order page which is live right now. As an added incentive GameStop are accepting trade-ins of other tablets; any trade-in specifically towards the purchase of a Nexus 7 will gain you an extra 30% in store value.

Bargain hunters rejoice as the ultra-affordable tablet just got even more affordable. Check out the full press release after the break.

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GameStop to offer Android Tablets at over 1,600 stores Nationwide

You may have noticed as an avid gamer, and game trader, that there are Android tablets available for purchase and/or trade at 200 various locations. Looks like this program has been working out pretty well. GameStop has announce that out of the almost 4,500 locations in the US, it will commence offering Android tablets in 1,600 locations, from various manufacturers. The models specifically noted are the Acer Iconia Tab A200, ASUS TF300T, and the Toshiba Excite 10. These tablets won’t have only the stock apps you’ll normally find with a tablet purchase, but will “include a hand-picked selection of free games”. Tablets are no exception to being able to purchase on trade so this could be a good chance to get a quality tablet on trade for those games you’ve beat 3-4 times and have no more need for. Hit the jump for the full press release.

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GameStop to Launch a Bring-Your-Own Device Cellular Service

Here’s a bit of news I bet you had no idea was in the pipeline. It appears as though GameStop is getting ready to enter the cellular arena as GameStop Mobile and will front as an AT&T MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). No, you will not be able to buy new phones from the video game retailer, but you will be able to bring in your own carrier-unlocked device as long as it can work on AT&T’s 850MHz and 1,900MHz bands. I guess at one point in time you could actually see GameStop Mobile’s webpage but it has since been pulled down. Lucky for us Engadget was able to grab a few details surrounding the upcoming service, and according to them the plans will be contract-free and will begin at $5 and go on up to $55 for a monthly plan with unlimited voice, text and just 500MB of data. For those who are interested in a data-only plan, you can choose the 1GB a month deal at the high price of $55 a month.

As far as the webpage goes, we will include the link below so you can see what it looks like, but at this point in time you will notice it requires a password to go any further. I guess we will just have to wait for the official details as they emerge. Stay tuned…

source: GameStop Mobile
via: Engadget


GameStop now accepting Android trade-ins at select locations

Some good news for all my fellow gamers and dreamers out there. The toy store for all ages, GameStop, has just announced that they will now be accepting Galaxy Tabs and Nexus devices for trade-in credit and resale at select locations. In the past, GameStop has always been great about having special trade-in deals and discounts to help get customers into the latest new releases, all while offering an extensive collection of lightly used games as a cheaper alternative for the fiscally aware. GameStop plans on expanding its current Android collection to more devices in the near future and expects to roll out Android trade-ins to all locations sometime in Q4, just in time for the holiday season. I wonder if they already have a slightly used Sprint Galaxy Nexus for sale? Doubtful.

source: gadgetexperts

Transformer Prime Available December 9th According to GameStop

It was back on the 8th that the ASUS Transformer Prime was officially announced and ever since then tech savvy minds have wondered when it would be released. With amazing specs and a reasonable price, ASUS assured us that not only would it be available sometime in “early December” but an ICS update would be in tow.

Amazon was taking pre-orders but has since stopped taking orders, no release date is given on their website. It seems that GameStop is now too taking pre-orders, but claim to in fact have information about when the quad-core beast would be shipped, and according to them, early as December 9th. That’s not really too far away so I hope this comes to fruition, I am really looking forward to playing with one of these beasts.

Has anyone placed a pre-order yet?

[via GameStop]