Word puzzle game available now – Anagram Online

I will venture to say there isn’t one of our readers that have at least one word puzzle based game on their phones. Whether it be the various versions of Scrabble, Sudoku, or word searches, all of which can give your brain a healthy workout.

Developer Silly Cube now has a word game in the Android Market called Anagram Online. This is the first of its type to be able to play online against another person. See additional info on the new game after the break.

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Live Holdem Poker Pro – App Review


If you like online poker, and don’t like being stuck to a computer to do it, then Live Holdem Poker Pro is the app for you. The single best feature of this app is that it’s Free! Yup, it’s free. Then the rest of the cool features kick in, like single sign on with Facebook instead of having to sign up (even though it’s fast and easy). The facebook single sign-on feature not only uses your facebook info to get you playing, but there’s also a facebook app for the same game. So any credits you win and stats will be viewable either through your facebook apps, or through your Android app, it’s all the same. Sweet!


As you can see, the game itself is pretty well made, the table view is easy to know what’s going on at any time, and it always prompts you for when it’s your turn. Rather than playing the computer, you’re playing with live people online, which always makes the game just that much more realistic. Some other features of the game include the following:

  • Live Chat
  • Personal Avatars
  • Shootout tournament mode
  • Sit-n-Go tournamet Mode
  • Ring Games
  • Free daily Gold
  • Lottery Draw
  • 200+ Virtual goods you can send ppl on tables
  • Facebook connect for fast registration (optional)
  • Save to SD car

All in all, this game is great to play, the gameflow is seemless, and they start you off with 5000 credits. If you want, there are ways to earn more free credits through promos and surveys, or you can just make an in-app purchase for more as well, your choice. Easily the best and largest online Android Poker game there is. Grab it below, and maybe we can sit at a table together…I’m not that good. :)

live holdem icon

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Android eating into Nintendo DS market share – nom nom nom

In a new report from research firm Flurry Analytics, Nintendo is starting to feel the pressure from mobile gaming, particularly from Android and iOS devices more than any other. As we showed yesterday, Android apps in the market are over 350,000, with a good percentage of those being games. Major game developer companies like EA see the potential and have ported or re-created many games for the mobile platform such as Madden and Tiger Woods Golf. These games are obviously not the quality you’d get for a PS3 or Xbox 360 console, which is mainly why the consoles haven’t been affected by the mobile gaming growth. The same cannot be said for the Nintendo DS and PSP handheld systems.

Pricing likely has a lot to do with the mobile gaming growth as titles for the PSP or Nintendo DS range from 19.99 – 39.99 for newer titles, where most games for Android won’t go over $4.99. The attraction is clearly money related, but also, Nintendo and PS emulators have been in the Android Market for some time which can provide many of the classic games you’d see for sale otherwise.

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Sony Ericsson launches its own section in the Android Market

sony market

If you’re the owner of a Sony Ericsson Android device, you may see something a little different in the Android Market today. As it was before, you would have seen 3 sections called Apps, games and My Apps. After Wednesday however, Sony Ericsson users will now see ‘My Apps’ replaced with ‘Sony Ericsson’. As many other companies have created their own duplicated Android Markets and stores, Sony Ericsson has created its own ‘channel’ within the original Android Market, where SE owners will find Xperia related apps tailored for use on SE Xperia devices.

As this channel has replaced the ‘My Apps’ section, you’ll need to go into your Android menu to get to your installed apps section, or you could always use one of the free ‘uninstaller’ apps available from the market as well. I say, leave it the way it is, or rather than fill the actual Android Market with more crap tailored channels, make an app for it giving users the option of using your crap app, or using the default, everybody has it, everybody can use it Android market. This feature by the way is currently carrier specific at the moment, but may work its way across all carriers soon enough.

Ah Sony, why must humans continually re-invent the wheel….it’s a wheel….it works! What do you think Xperia owners, do you mind this new feature?

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App Review – Backgammon for Android not just for nerds and old people


Okay, before you start wondering what the heck ‘Backgammon’ actually is, I’ll explain it very briefly for you. Essentially it’s a lot like checkers, except you roll dice to move your pieces around the board, to collect and roll them out the opposite side, while being able to land on your opponents’ markers, thus slowing them down from winning. That’s about it…with a bunch of rules on how exactly to do that.


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Scoreloop Assisting iOS Developers with Android Game Porting

As all of you in-the-know people are aware (and if you’re on this site, clearly you’re in the know), Android has seen an exponential increase in sales and users over the past couple of years. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to bring their hard work to a larger user base, many iOS developers have been making Android versions of their apps. Jumping into a completely different app development ecosystem can be a daunting task however, and Scoreloop wants to ease that process as much as possible. With the launch of their “Go Android” program, Scoreloop has put in place a support system to help developers with porting, testing, and launching an app in the Android Market. Scoreloop also offers an SDK for enabling cross-platform gameplay, ensuring that early adopters of the Android ports will have actual opponents to play against. For Android users and iOS developers alike, this sounds like a great opportunity. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments! Full press release after the break.

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Pocket Legends Developer Says They Make Substantially More Money From Android than iOS

While Android has come a long way in the gaming world, there are many who contest that it is still very inferior to Apple as a gaming platform.  Protagonists love to cite “fragmentation” and an obstacle to developers, saying that it’s just not worth it for people to make game for the Android platform.  Well, Spacetime Studios, deveopers of the wildly successful mobile MMO Pocket Legends, would argue that point.

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Rovio Reveals Angry Birds Seasons with a St. Patricks Day Twist

Game creator Rovio has really been moving with their incredibly popular game Angry Birds. Undoubtedly, part of the game’s large success has been with the company’s continued efforts to release content for the game. Not content to rest on their already successful releases, Rovio has posted a video of their latest development, a St. Patricks Day themed Angry Birds Seasons. Boasting more levels and pig obliterating fun, this green-imbued release will undoubtedly be a blast. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Developer Promises Full Version of AirAttack Coming March 11

AirAttack HD Lite hit the market a few days ago, but it’s just a sneak peek. Right now, only two levels are available for play — and the second one was appended via an update. Thankfully, the developer has promised a full version will be hitting the market on March 11th, according to our friends over at Android Central.

If you haven’t checked out the version currently available, I recommend it. It’s a fun little time-killer, and, as the name might suggest, it’s gorgeous. You can choose whether to control via touch or tilt (I recommend tilt, but make sure you have your screen set to stay on), and either way it gives a very satisfying experience.

Thanks to developers like these, gaming on Android is becoming more and more fulfilling. Grab the game from the market if you don’t already have it, and here in a few days we’ll see the full version.

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