Sony Ericsson Xperia Play teams up with Havok gaming tools

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The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has been seeing a fair amount of action online, and Sony is looking to cement the Xperia Play into gaming minds and hearts alike. How do you do that? Push the Xperia Play into the hands of professional gamers that’s how.

Sony will be teaming up with Havok, who provides tools that are used in high-profile games like Epic Mickey, Fallout New Vegas, Uncharted 2, Demon’s Soul and Bioshock 2. Given the tools are cross-platform, this may give the Xperia Play a little boost in popularity, regardless of favorites.

Sony will also be teaming up with MLG (Major League Gaming), which is a smart move to push this device into gaming spotlights, thus giving it the appearance of a gaming platform, rather than just another smartphone. The Xperia Play will be the official device of the MLG.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play getting GSM approval from FCC

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We know that the Xperia Play will be hitting Verizon in the U.S, as well as O2 in the UK, but we haven’t heard much about where else it may be heading. Rogers Canada will be launching the Xperia Play this Spring as well, but we now see that the Xperia Play is htting the FCC again for GSM approval. More specifically, for GSM bands 900/2100MHz 3G, which are used in Asia and Europe more than other parts of the world.

Makes you wonder where the Xperia Play will be launching next, seeing as it’s getting FCC approval for Global GSM bands.


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Tegra 2 CPU Brings More Games to Android Through Tegra Zone

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nVidia’s Tegra 2 dual-core processors bring gaming on Android into a whole new world from anything we’ve seen thus far. In addition to having all the advantages of a dual-core CPU, nVidia is also focusing heavily on the graphics side of things, allowing for what promises to be some truly impressive games. To better facilitate the distribution of these games, nVidia is launching the Tegra Zone, which will highlight games and apps that are developed specifically to take advantage of the extra power the Tegra 2 offers. nVidia has been talking about it for a while, but it has finally gone live and can be downloaded from the Android market on any Tegra 2-powered Android device. The games available at launch are as follows:

  • Fruit Ninja
  • Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Deluxe
  • Samurai II: Vengeance
  • Galaxy on Fire 2
  • Backbreaker
  • Vendetta Online
  • Monster Madness
  • Hardwood Solitaire IV

These games, along with all future Tegra Zone games, will be available from the Android market as well, designated as “THD” games — the Tegra Zone just serves as an easier way to highlight these games. If you have, or will soon have, one of the few Tegra 2 devices on the market, check it out and let us know what you think! Full press release below.
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Minecraft will be coming to Android later this year

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The hugely popular sandbox building game Minecraft will be coming to Android platform sometime later this year according to the game developer Mojang. The game has sold it’s millionth copy in January this year, and is still in beta form, meaning it’s actually got some 8-bit lovers enough that the developer thinks it’s time to move onto other platforms.

There was consideration from the developer to get a third party company to put Minecraft into mobile form for Mojang, but they decided its best to keep it in the family, and work it out themselves. No solid dates yet on the release, or cost if any, but we’ll keep you posted!

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Android Malware ‘Hong Tou Tou’ found by NetQin in China

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It looks as though another piece of malware was recently found on an Android device in China by mobile security company NetQin. The malware is called ‘Hong Tou Tou’, and will basically sneak its way in by accessing your private data and sending it out to the writers server for review. The malware finds it’s way in by attaching itself to apps installed on the device, such as found in the popular game called ‘RoboDefense’.

NetQin says the best way to protect yourself against malware attacks such as this is to make sure you know the developer is trusted when downloading and installing, also …get this…using their NetQin Mobile Anti-virus. Big surprise there right.

Be careful out there.

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Yep, Another Location Based Game For Android, Home Invasion

by Joe Sirianni on
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If you thought location based games were just a fad and were going to die out soon, think again. Member bompo, over at XDA has brought us another location based goodie called Home Invasion.  Home Invasion takes place around the fact that aliens have invaded your neighborhood and aim to destroy everything their leader has ordered them to.  Oh yeah, did we forget to mention that you are the alien?  Head outside and turn your GPS on and begin your alien quest on destroying the human race one neighborhood at a time, as they come within laser range.  If you’re ready to give this a go, then head on over to the application thread here and get your human blasting practice on.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

YouTube Preview Image

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Flight Control For Android Now Available In The Market

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Namco finally brings Flight Control, the popular plane landing game which has been present on iOS for quite some time.  For a whopping $4.99, you can be well on your way to strategically landing planes on their respective colored runways.  The addicting game allows you to trace out your route for multiple planes as you try to land them safely without crashing into each other.  The game includes 10 different planes for you to choose from along with the ability to track your stats and high scores.  If you’re ready for the challenge, then head on over to the Android Market  for more info and to download the game.  Don’t forget to give us your thoughts in the comments below.  Is $4.99 a deal breaker for you?

Words With Friends Arrives on Android

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I’m pleased to say, today marks the death of the the “If only my Android phone had…” era. The one app I’ve wanted since getting an Android phone was, of course, Words With Friends. One of the most popular iPhone apps, and “the game” that all my friends have been playing, finally lands on Android. So if you’ve been waiting to school your unenlightened (ie iPhone-owning) friends in a Scrabble-like word game, you wait is at an end. Pick up Words with Friends (Appbrain link) in the market or by scanning the QR code below.

AT&T bring Gaming Platform to Android

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att android gaming

With AT&T’s commitment to bring more focus to its Android customers, and potential new customers, AT&T will develop a new gaming platform specifically for Android devices. They won’t be doing this alone, as they’ll be partnering with existing Android gaming platform OpenFeint to deliver the goods to AT&T’s 65 million registered users.

AT&T commented that they currently have a community of over 15,000 developers already contributing to the new Android gaming platform, however didn’t comment on when this will be available to AT&T’s Android community.

We’ll keep you all informed!

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HTC Wants to Push Games on Smartphones, Makes a $40M Investment in OnLive

by Michael Murphy on
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OnLive, for those who may not be aware, is a gaming service that does all the computing and processing server-side, and then sends the results via the internet to the client. It’s a fairly new service that enables low-grade PCs to play some of the newer games but moving all the hard work to the cloud.

Well, HTC wants in on the same. In order to improve the gaming experience on smartphones, HTC is investing a nice sum of $40M to the OnLive service, intending it to be applied to bringing its service to smartphones. It’s expected that when launches, the service will hit Android phones first, likely made by HTC, but rest assured that they won’t stop there. With all the hard processing done on the server side, games ought to be accessible from many different clients, provided that the internet connection is stable enough to transmit the data. Hope you have wifi, or an unlimited data plan.

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