App Review – Backgammon for Android not just for nerds and old people


Okay, before you start wondering what the heck ‘Backgammon’ actually is, I’ll explain it very briefly for you. Essentially it’s a lot like checkers, except you roll dice to move your pieces around the board, to collect and roll them out the opposite side, while being able to land on your opponents’ markers, thus slowing them down from winning. That’s about it…with a bunch of rules on how exactly to do that.


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Scoreloop Assisting iOS Developers with Android Game Porting

As all of you in-the-know people are aware (and if you’re on this site, clearly you’re in the know), Android has seen an exponential increase in sales and users over the past couple of years. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to bring their hard work to a larger user base, many iOS developers have been making Android versions of their apps. Jumping into a completely different app development ecosystem can be a daunting task however, and Scoreloop wants to ease that process as much as possible. With the launch of their “Go Android” program, Scoreloop has put in place a support system to help developers with porting, testing, and launching an app in the Android Market. Scoreloop also offers an SDK for enabling cross-platform gameplay, ensuring that early adopters of the Android ports will have actual opponents to play against. For Android users and iOS developers alike, this sounds like a great opportunity. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments! Full press release after the break.

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Pocket Legends Developer Says They Make Substantially More Money From Android than iOS

While Android has come a long way in the gaming world, there are many who contest that it is still very inferior to Apple as a gaming platform.  Protagonists love to cite “fragmentation” and an obstacle to developers, saying that it’s just not worth it for people to make game for the Android platform.  Well, Spacetime Studios, deveopers of the wildly successful mobile MMO Pocket Legends, would argue that point.

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Rovio Reveals Angry Birds Seasons with a St. Patricks Day Twist

Game creator Rovio has really been moving with their incredibly popular game Angry Birds. Undoubtedly, part of the game’s large success has been with the company’s continued efforts to release content for the game. Not content to rest on their already successful releases, Rovio has posted a video of their latest development, a St. Patricks Day themed Angry Birds Seasons. Boasting more levels and pig obliterating fun, this green-imbued release will undoubtedly be a blast. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Developer Promises Full Version of AirAttack Coming March 11

AirAttack HD Lite hit the market a few days ago, but it’s just a sneak peek. Right now, only two levels are available for play — and the second one was appended via an update. Thankfully, the developer has promised a full version will be hitting the market on March 11th, according to our friends over at Android Central.

If you haven’t checked out the version currently available, I recommend it. It’s a fun little time-killer, and, as the name might suggest, it’s gorgeous. You can choose whether to control via touch or tilt (I recommend tilt, but make sure you have your screen set to stay on), and either way it gives a very satisfying experience.

Thanks to developers like these, gaming on Android is becoming more and more fulfilling. Grab the game from the market if you don’t already have it, and here in a few days we’ll see the full version.

[via Android Central]

App Review: Stupid Zombies is the New Angry Birds

Angry Birds has seen more downloads than pretty much any other game in the Android market. It has been downloaded on over 30 millon times on Android devices alone, to say nothing of its downloads on the iOS operating system. In much the same vein, Stupid Zombies features the same concept of adjusting the angle of your shots to take out the highest number of zombies with each bullet. Each shot has several ricochets, and by judging your angle and figuring out the path of the bullet, your goal is to take out all the zombies in the fewest shots possible. The fewer shots you use, the higher your total score on each board.

Much like Angry Birds, taking out all the zombies on any gives board will give you the ability to move onto the next board in the set, with several total sets available for unlocking. When you accumulate enough stars, it will unlock an entirely new set of levels. Later levels bring buttons that open and close off various sections on the level that have to be manipulated at the right times to allow you the access you need at the right times.

Stupid Zombies is a free download in the Android market, and is every bit as addictive as Angry Birds.  If you’ve been a fan of Angry Birds, you should definitely check out Stupid Zombies.  Download it now from the market.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play teams up with Havok gaming tools


The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play has been seeing a fair amount of action online, and Sony is looking to cement the Xperia Play into gaming minds and hearts alike. How do you do that? Push the Xperia Play into the hands of professional gamers that’s how.

Sony will be teaming up with Havok, who provides tools that are used in high-profile games like Epic Mickey, Fallout New Vegas, Uncharted 2, Demon’s Soul and Bioshock 2. Given the tools are cross-platform, this may give the Xperia Play a little boost in popularity, regardless of favorites.

Sony will also be teaming up with MLG (Major League Gaming), which is a smart move to push this device into gaming spotlights, thus giving it the appearance of a gaming platform, rather than just another smartphone. The Xperia Play will be the official device of the MLG.

[via intomobile]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play getting GSM approval from FCC


We know that the Xperia Play will be hitting Verizon in the U.S, as well as O2 in the UK, but we haven’t heard much about where else it may be heading. Rogers Canada will be launching the Xperia Play this Spring as well, but we now see that the Xperia Play is htting the FCC again for GSM approval. More specifically, for GSM bands 900/2100MHz 3G, which are used in Asia and Europe more than other parts of the world.

Makes you wonder where the Xperia Play will be launching next, seeing as it’s getting FCC approval for Global GSM bands.


[via Engadget]

Tegra 2 CPU Brings More Games to Android Through Tegra Zone

nVidia’s Tegra 2 dual-core processors bring gaming on Android into a whole new world from anything we’ve seen thus far. In addition to having all the advantages of a dual-core CPU, nVidia is also focusing heavily on the graphics side of things, allowing for what promises to be some truly impressive games. To better facilitate the distribution of these games, nVidia is launching the Tegra Zone, which will highlight games and apps that are developed specifically to take advantage of the extra power the Tegra 2 offers. nVidia has been talking about it for a while, but it has finally gone live and can be downloaded from the Android market on any Tegra 2-powered Android device. The games available at launch are as follows:

  • Fruit Ninja
  • Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Deluxe
  • Samurai II: Vengeance
  • Galaxy on Fire 2
  • Backbreaker
  • Vendetta Online
  • Monster Madness
  • Hardwood Solitaire IV

These games, along with all future Tegra Zone games, will be available from the Android market as well, designated as “THD” games — the Tegra Zone just serves as an easier way to highlight these games. If you have, or will soon have, one of the few Tegra 2 devices on the market, check it out and let us know what you think! Full press release below.

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