Quick Look at Today’s Free Amazon App: Spectrum Puzzles

If you’re a “puzzle freak”, as the developer puts it, today’s free Amazon App is going to surely to tickle your fancy.  Spectrum Puzzles for Android allows you to unscramble images much like a real life puzzle.  It’s simple, slide the images around to assemble the photo at hand.  The developer has packed the app with a whopping 50 lively and energetic photos for your convenience.  As you increase in level the difficulty increases as well.  And if for some reason you rock’em all, the developer has added support for you to upload your own photos too.  How cool is that?  Among the photos pre-loaded you’ll find various landscapes, nature shots, city skylines and buildings as well as cool machinery.

The puzzles range from four different sizes allowing for 12 to 48 different pieces to be visible.  Level of difficulty ranges are simple as you’re offered Easy, Medium and Hard.  Your kids are sure to have a ball with this one while on long trips or lengthy commutes.  If you’re ready to give this a download, head on over to the Amazon App Store.  If you don’t have the App Store side loaded onto your device, you can grab it from here.  Just enter your mobile number or your email and a download link will be sent to you.  Just ensure that your device has the “unknown sources” box checked off under “Applications” and you’re all set.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Hit the break to check out some more screen shots of the application.  
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AT&T and NGMOCO to Bring Social Gaming Network MOBAGE to AT&T Customers on Android

We learned on Thursday that AT&T would be partnering with NGMOCO to bring a whole new social gaming experience to the Android platform. Mobage will serve as a centralized ‘hub’ where gamers can connect and discover new games, as well as communicate with fellow players.

Games are consistently among the most popular entertainment apps for smartphones,” said Ted Woodbery, vice president of Wireless Data, Voice and Ancillary Services, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “We are pleased to be the first U.S. wireless carrier to work with NGMOCO and look forward to giving our Android customers access to the rich Mobage gaming catalog later this year.

AT&T customers can find the app conveniently located in the Android Market, under ‘Mobage’, after its release. While the service is only in beta at this time, AT&T hopes to give users an easier way to find good high-quality and indie games, by providing a centralized place dedicated to just that. This author would love to see some better games on Android.

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Beta Modern Warfare 3 App Hits the Android Market

If you’re one one of the millions waiting anxiously for the release of Modern Warfare 3, look no further than this app from XDA member j.13.leach. Though the app is still in beta and the game has not yet been released, it functions as a comprehensive guide to many new perks, videos, maps, weapons and more. This isn’t the first CoD app to hit the market, but it may be among the few polished ones. It features updates twice daily, and even will alert you when new content is made public. Check it out if you’re into the CoD franchise, and tell us how it holds up.

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Today’s Free Amazon App: Grave Defense HD

Today’s Free Amazon app comes to us from ArtOfBytes, a relatively new developer to the market. In Grave Defense HD, one must fight the hordes of zombies, slimes, and demons using strategic placements of lasers, turrets, and missiles.

Yeah, it’s another tower defense game.

In its defense, I’ve been playing this game since it was in beta, and it’s a blast. Forget the fact that there are a million and one tower defense games on the market (many of them already free), Grave Defense HD is an example of what tower defense should be. Challenging and unforgiving, I’ve spent hours playing just a few levels, yet never felt “ripped off” when I would lose.

It’s also worth noting that the visuals are amazing, for a 2D app. Stylized animations, bright colors, and pretty explosions make for an engaging experience that always leaves you wanting to try “one more time”.

This reviewer deems Grave Defense HD a keeper, and easily one of the better tower defense games to hit the market.

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Captain America “Sentinel Of Liberty” Now On Sale In The Android Market For 99¢

Everyone’s favorite first Avenger is coming to the big screen, however, it’s also coming to the little screen.  Your Android device that is.  The folks over Marvel have managed to bring us Caps’ adventures on our mobile devices and I must say, not too bad.  I’ve only managed to play the first six or seven levels but game play is very smooth and the animation was great.  Some 3D effects would have been great, but it wasn’t entirely disappointing to play in 2D.  The graphics were of HD quality and I especially loved how there were no controls on the screen other than to throw Cap’s shield.  You get to play and operate Cap on the full screen using only gestures.  The game play was very responsive to my rapid multi-touches and comes packed with tutorials on how to jump, punch, slide and more, along with great up close and personal combo attacks.  The pop-ups can sort of become annoying, however, I found them very informative while quick to return me to game play.  But if you really wanted, you could easily turn the function off in the settings menu.

Head into HYDRA territory with your sights on Red Skull and reclaim your stolen comrades in this action packed game, all on your Android smartphone.  I tested the game out on my T-Mobile G2X and as expected, having a dual-core Tegra 2 on board, the game ran smooth, like butter rolling off the pancake.  Ready to download this bad boy?  Head on over to the Android Market and give it a test run for yourself.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s ready for tablets just yet.  I was unable to see the game in the market with my original Galaxy Tab, which is running Froyo 2.2 (basically just bigger Android)  So, there’s nothing that would convince me that the game is ready for Honeycomb devices.  Hit the break for more screen shots and a video demo of Captain America taking names and kicking assets.  
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Today’s Free Amazon App: Farkle Dice Deluxe

Farkle is a very popular dice game that started at the table and has made its way around to Facebook and mobile devices. Different sets of dice are worth different amounts of points. You have ten sets of rolls to accumulate the best score, and you take turns against a computer opponent. As with every version of the game, the trick comes in balancing when to turn a die in for points, and when to roll it again to better your chances of getting a set in your next roll.

Farkle Dice Deluxe has been in the Android market for a while wearing a modest price tag of .99, but is available for free today at Amazon.  This is the ad-free version as well, and it’s worth a download for anyone who is even passingly interested in dice games.

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Keep up to date with all the latest soccer scores thanks to Football Score 3 for Android

Any soccer fanatics out there? If you raised your hand, then put it down… there’s no hands in soccer. Now that your hands are back in your pockets, be sure to whip out your Android phone out and check out this awesome new app to help you get all the soccer score addiction fixes you’ve been looking for, thanks to Football Score 3. According to the application thread on XDA:

”Football Score 3″ is an Android app provides soccer real time score for most of the soccer/football leagues worldwide. It is FREE to use.

Key Features:

  • PUSH update for goal alerts! Save your device’s battery
  • Many leagues included
  • Fast update
  • Multi-languages

That’s right, folks… push notifications of all the latest stats and scored. So what are you waiting for? Hit up the original application thread here, and be sure to let us know if you like it in the comments.

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Extent offers up all-you-can-eat gaming on your Android device for cheap

Tired of paying out upwards of $5, even $10 for a good quality game? Also tired of lite versions of games that, while free, simply don’t quench that gaming thirst? Software company Extent think they have the answer, and they call it GameTanium Mobile.

The service offers up a buffet-style of gaming choices, following a very Netflix-esque profit model. For $4.99 / month, you can gobble up all the games available to you through the service, which (at the moment) is just over 75 options large. While most of the options seem to pertain mostly to extremely casual gamers (Treasures of Montezuma and Farm Frenzy), there are some racing games, even the fairly popular Parachute Panic.

The launch of the service takes place today. While you can get it as a standalone app / service through their website, the final goal of the company seems to be partnerships with carriers. Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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RocknBall for Android – 3D Labyrinth game

You’ll come across a good number of labyrinth style games in the Android Market. All of which can be addicting fun, and great time wasters. They all hold our attention with nothing more than some balls and various levels of mazes. Well XDA member and RocknBall developer myp3uk has just offered us a 3D version of this game. Just as all labyrinth style games it uses your phones accelerometer to guide the ball to through the maze, and at the same time avoiding the black hoes, and various obstacles.

One feature that cannot be left out, is that the developer has optimized this game for Honeycomb devices. This makes the game a keeper. Playing this on your ASUS Transformer, or other Android 3.0 tablet has got to be a blast and full of eye candy!

Check out the XDA Thread from developer myp3uk and leave your feedback on the game, and give a big thanks for the work that has been put into RocknBall.

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“Weave Your Way Through Traffic At Insane Speeds” With Lane Splitter For Android (Video)

When writing reviews about anything on Talk Android I always try my best to sound somewhat intelligent and as knowledgeable as possible in what I’m covering. To do that I try to use technical and detailed terminology. However, when playing Lane Splitter for Android, all I could muster up was “fricking awesome”.  I’m not sure if it was the dual core CPU on my T-Mobile G2X or what, but game play was smooth and steady during testing.  This game is extremely fun and will have you reaching for it every free second you get.

As Jake Melton, a sport bike rider in a tux, you’ll have to do your best to avoid wrecking in an attempt to make it to your wedding on time and in one piece.  Long press the screen or just quickly tap to snag a boost and wheelie forward in rapid speed bypassing crazy drivers just inching to plow you into the wall.  The game is both fast paced and extremely addicting.  I dare you to try it!  Head on over to the Android Market for the download and hit the break for more info from the developer.  You can also check out some more screen shots and a quick demo for your viewing enjoyment.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.    
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