Gameloft’s ‘Order & Chaos 2: Redemption’ now available in Play Store


Following last month’s news that Gameloft was preparing a sequel to their Order & Chaos title, interested MMORPG fans can now grab Order & Chaos 2: Redemption from the Google Play Store and immerse themselves in this new world. Order & Chaos 2 gives users options to choose from one of five races – orc, human, elf, mendel and kratan – as well as from five different classes including blood knight, ranger, mage, warrior and monk, when creating their new character. Read more

Layoffs, studio shutdown in order at Gameloft in New York City


Gameloft has released a massive amount of games over the years for mobile devices, allowing people to believe that the mobile developer and publisher’s success has been unscathed. Really, you cannot possible say that you’ve never played a game from Gameloft. A new report, which has seemingly been confirmed internally, claims that the company will be laying off workers and closing its New York City studio.

There was not a reason provided for the unfortunate decision but we can only guess it was due to the rising cost of development.

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Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5: Blackout update brings new content, moves game to Freemium model

GameLoft Modern Combat 5

Remember when Modern Combat 5: Blackout was released last year July, Gameloft promised there would be no In-App-Purchases (IAP’s) because it would be a one-off payment upfront? Then they hedged a little by introducing optional IAP’s a few months later. Well, that promise has been well and truly shattered by the news that the First-Person-Shooter (FPS)is turning into a Freemium game thanks to the update that is due to go live any minute. And we all know what that means tight? More details after the break. Read more

Dungeon Hunter 5 from Gameloft now available


Last month Gameloft released a trailer for the next installment of the Dungeon Hunter series, Dungeon Hunter 5. The title is now available in Google Play so players can step into the fantasy world and start engaging in some hack ‘n’ slash action. Dungeon Hunter 5 follows the serial nature of previous titles in the series and picks up in a world that is still dark despite the failure of a demon invasion in the Kingdom of Valenthia. Read more

Top 5 free Android games that are incredibly tough to put down [February 2015]


When I was in secondary and post-secondary school, I put tons of time into computer and console gaming. These days, I’m lucky if I can plan a time to watch a television show.

What I do usually wind up with are rare, random segments of time, during which I sometimes feel like squeezing in a few minutes of gaming entertainment. The only problem is, over the course of a year, I’ve found a few games that really want to unleash that old gamer in me and I have to struggle to put them down.

So because misery loves company, here are my top 5 Android games that you’ll definitely enjoy. As a bonus, all of these games will look great on your tablet in addition to your smartphone…..and they are Free. Read more