Samsung launches the Note 5 in India from Rs. 53,900, available from September 20


Well, that didn’t take long. After leaving Europe to make do with the Galaxy S6 Edge+ in 2015, many Note fans wondered whether other regions would share the same fate of being unable to upgrade to the Note 5. As was previously rumoured, though, Samsung is putting those fears to bed in India, at least. Note fans in India will be pleased to find out that the Note 5 will be available to purchase from September 20th.

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According to a Sprint document, the Galaxy Note 5 could have a MicroSD card slot after all

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4 (2)

So…there’s been much discussion of late about Samsung’s rumoured decision to omit MicroSD card support for its upcoming Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus handsets. Opinions are polarized, with some fans of the Note series saying they will look elsewhere for their next phone, while for others (myself included), the lack of MicroSD card support isn’t something we care about (the lack of removable batteries is another matter though). At this point, I think most of us have pretty much accepted that MicroSD card support will not be present, right? But, hold your horses because now there’s a chance that Samsung has decided to include it after all. Read more

Samsung looking for partners to design themes


One of the more recent additions to Samsung’s Touchwiz interface is the ability to load themes. Themes go beyond changing the wallpaper as related assets like buttons, some interface colors, fonts and icons are also updated. In addition to adding this new feature to their UI, Samsung is also working on opening a “theme store” where users can grab new themes to match a mood or look that they may be interested in loading. To help populate that store with content, Samsung is reaching out to designers and inviting them to partner with Samsung. Read more