Samsung officially announces availability of Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Samsung just announced the availability and details for the upcoming Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. This of course, is the replacement for the Galaxy Tab. It will feature a 7-inch (1024 x 600) display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, 3MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, Android Honeycomb, weight in at 345g, and will be 9.96mm thick.

It will also feature the Peel Smart Remote TV application, which lets users instantly find and watch their favorite TV shows and discover new shows based on preferences. The built-in infrared capability can control the user’s home theater/TV setup and work in conjunction with the Peel app.

The Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus will feature 16GB of storage and will be available nationwide through Best Buy, Amazon, Tiger Direct, Fry’s, and other retailers starting November 13th for $399.99. Pre-orders will being October 23rd from select partners.

Full press release after the break:

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Buy A New Appliance At Lowes And Get A 7-Inch Original Samsung Galaxy Tab On Your Way Out

Well, you don’t see this every day.  Samsung and Lowes have concocted a deal allowing those seeking out a new “qualified” appliance to also walk out with a free original 7-inch Galaxy Tab.  Not exactly a real reason to run out and buy a $2,000 fridge but hey, if you were going to get something anyway, you might as well snag the free tablet.  The offer is good through Oct 3rd.  In addition, Samsung is allowing you to nominate your favorite school to receive a $48K technology make over to spruce things up.  Sounds like a win win to me if you’re window shopping for a new household appliance.  And no, we’re pretty sure you can’t just by a toaster and walk out with a free tab.  You can try though.

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Samsung mobile device SCH-I815 makes its way through SIG

Samsung device number SCH-I815 made its way through the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) on Monday with a hint on what SCH-I815 might be.

While the Bluetooth SIG does not say what kind of device is attached to SCH-I815, a quick search showed that SCH-I800 was used for the original Samsung 7″ Galaxy Tab.  Does this point to the SCH-I815 being a follow-up based on the way it was named?

What do you think?  Is the naming scheme just a coincidence?

We will continue to track SCH-I815 and keep you updated as more information becomes available!

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IDC reports worldwide tablet shipments for Q2 2011, Android market share declines

International Data Corporation (IDC) just released worldwide data for tablet market share for the 2nd quarter 2011. In their last report overall tablet sales were lower than expected, but for the 2nd quarter, the performance was so strong, it has lead IDC to increase its outlook for the 2nd half of the year to 62.4 million units, up from the previous projection of 53.5 million units.

That is the good news. The bad news is that Android’s market share dropped to 26.8%, down from 34.0%. This is surprising to me as a lot of Android tablets were released in the 2nd quarter. During the 1st quarter of 2011, only the 3G version of the XOOM and the Galaxy Tab was available, and Android was able to grab a 34% market share. I doesn’t make sense. Either last quarter’s figures were wrong or this quarter’s is. RIM’s PlayBook grabbed 4.9%, and Apple rose to 68.3% from 65.7%.

Unfortunately IDC sees Android’s share continuing to drop to 23% and finishing the year at 25.9%.  I am not in the business of analyzing data, but I find it difficult that Android’s tablet share won’t improve dramatically with all the tablets that are currently available, not to mention the upcoming Amazon tablet.

Full press release after the break:

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Looking for tablet apps? Look no further.

Finding apps for your Android tablet isn’t as easy as it is for your phone. You want apps that take advantage of Honeycomb’s screen size and functionality; apps designed for tablets. Google started to help your search by adding the “Staff Picks For Tablets” section in your on-board market, as well as “Featured for Tablets” to the web-based market. For me, that wasn’t enough because I only got a small glimpse of the Honeycomb apps that are out there. I started searching the web and forums for a better way. Then, finally, I came across, which was created by XDA member ayman07.  I’ve only known about the site for a few hours, but it’s helped me find and download 10 new apps today; apps I’ve never even seen in the “Featured for Tablets” section, although they should have been.

The fledgling is making a great effort to fulfill a need in the Honeycomb community, all the while performing a service to tablet app developers. If you’re a tablet owner, I highly encourage you to drop by the site. If you get the chance, leave a thank-you on the XDA post.

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Samsung releases 2nd teaser video for big announcement on September 1st (Video)

Another teaser video from Samsung avows “something big is coming” at the start of the IFA trade show in Berlin on September 1st. These videos are creating more questions rather than answers for what we can expect.

Simply put, the first of the two clips gives us images of some young and beautiful people smiling with wind-blown hair on the peaceful oceanside. The second shows more young and beautiful people, this time with a dose of hip and a splash of cool, as they smile and walk around town carrying and using glowing handsets and tablet devices.

Some are buzzing that one of the glowing mystery devices could be Samsung’s rumored Android Honeycomb Galaxy Tab which features a 7-inch Super AMOLED screen (1024×600 resolution), 3-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front facing cam for video chat. Another theory is that it might be a phone since “glowing handsets” appear in the videos.

What do you think the BIG announcement is? Leave us a comment and check out both videos after the break.

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Verizon reveals end-of-life plans for some phones and announces Motorola DROID 3 is backordered

With technology moving at the speed of light, no phone can stay in the market forever. We are always yearning for fresh blood, and the above document confirms some end-of-life information for some Verizon Wireless devices.

First off, the Motorola DROID 3 seems to be out of stock. This obviously has nothing to do with the end for the newest DROID, but it it is good news that sales seem strong. One other newer device is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 gray version, which will have constrained supplies for the next few weeks.

As for the end-of-life and other supply issues we have the following:

Samsung Continuum – might already be done since a lot of the supply has been depleted.

Samsung Galaxy Tab – supply is limited so if you want to grab one, you better get to your local store now. It will end by September / October.

Motorola Citrus – will be done by late August / early September

Motorola Droid 2 Global (Blue and Whilte) – done by August

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Get the Original Samsung Galaxy Tab from K-Mart for $99

With the likes of the Toshiba Thrive, the Motorola Xoom, and the new Galaxy 10.1 being out and about, it’s easy to forget Samsung’s original Galaxy Tab tablet, despite its somewhat recent update to Gingerbread. Still, for those looking to get a pretty good tablet on the cheap, you can’t do much better than K-Mart’s deal: the aforementioned Galaxy Tab for a mere $99. Even better, there’s no mail-in rebate. Naturally this offer comes with the usual caveats of a two year contract and monthly service, but these are pretty minor and that cellular service can be quite handy, even without the 4geez. Anyone planning cashing in on this deal? Let us know in the comments!

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Australian Galaxy Tab Launch Event Postponed

In an ongoing feud with the heat (or immaturity) of a sibling rivalry, Samsung has decided to postpone the August 11th launch event for the Galaxy Tab 10.1. This appears to be more of a game of tug of war than anything else. First Apple prevented Samsung from selling the 10.1 in Australia. Samsung responded saying they’ll sell it anyway because it’s slightly different. Now it goes back to Apple. I’m guessing the next move will be Samsung forcing some sort of lawsuit that requires iPad users to wear ugly purple shorts in public. Seriously, my younger brothers and I fight less than this.

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Verizon’s LTE Ready Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Is Officially Coming July 28th

A couple of days ago we wrote about how the LTE version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 was going to be available on July 28th.  Well, it now appears that it’s official and underway.  Verizon announced the availability of the power horse tablet and stated that you’ll be able to grab it via the web and in stores.  The device will run you $529 for the 16GB version and $629 for the 32GB version.  According to the presser, the device will come in metallic gray and glossy white.  In addition, the tablet comes with a $25 Samsung Media Hub credit for the reading enthusiast at hand.  Hit the break to check out the full press release from Verizon and don’t forget to let us know what you think.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the best devices to hit the market among other giants like the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer and Slider.  The LTE radio on board is about to set this device apart and please a lot of Big Red users in the process.  Honestly, I’m a little jealous.  
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