T-Mobile Galaxy Tab pre-registration page goes live

We already know that the Galaxy Tab is landing in the UK on November 1, but those of us residing in the US and Canada are still eagerly awaiting information regarding pricing and release dates.

We’re still in the dark in this area, but T-Mobile is at least now taking pre-registration for their first Android tablet.

The juicy details will likely find their way online before T-Mobile can send it out, but if you’d like to sign up to be notified about the Galaxy Tab, you can do so here.

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Galaxy S likely headed to Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo in October, Galaxy Tab in March of 2011

Evidence suggests that some incarnation of the Samsung Galaxy S is headed to Japan before the end of this year, and it may be shipping with Froyo. Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo is the likely home, and is expected to be selling the phone sometime in October.

NTT DoCoMo, along with Dai Nippon Publishing, are planning to launch an e-book store sometime in 2011, with a trial service starting on the Galaxy S and Ericsson’s Xperia X10 around the end of October. The Galaxy Tab is also expected to go on sale in Japan sometime in March of 2011.

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Zooppa and Samsung Team Up for Tab Ad Campaign

Zooppa with Samsung Tab

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will be utilizing user-generated advertising from Zooppa. The media advertising community has several big name companies already using its services, some of which are Microsoft, Hershey, Nike, and Sony to name a few.

Zooppa and Samsung are asking their community members to incorporate the slogan “It’s Go Time!” into the campaign, where we will see banner ads, prints, and videos that will answer the question “If you had a Galaxy Tab, what creative things would you use it for?“.

The creative winner of the chosen ads will win $30,000 US. Imagine the Samsung tabs you could buy your friends with that!

ABOUT ZOOPPA: Zooppa is the world’s largest source of user-generated advertising. With a community of more than 80,000 people, Zooppa offers brands an innovative model for developing creative advertising, building word-of-mouth and gaining consumer insights.

Contest details can be found here. Continue after the break for the full press release.

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Crestron home automation app for Android demo’d on Galaxy Tab

After 1.5 years of work, Blake Krikorian, founder of Sling Media, has finally unveiled his Crestron home automation app for Android. Annoyed by some of the shortcomings of iOS, Blake was a big fan of Android’s true multitasking and background notifications. While the app isn’t quite finished yet (still being developed under the R2 codename) once it is released, it’s expected to cost about $99. While this may seem like a steep price for an app, when you look at the price for a dedicated Crestron remote, and see some prices in the ~$600 range, you begin to see the value of the adding the $99 app to an existing device.

There has been no word yet on a release date, but head on past the break to check out a video of the app in action on a Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Samsung Admit Galaxy Tab Has Display Issues with some Apps

Yesterday Samsung admitted that not all apps on the Android will take full advantage of the 7-inch screen that the Galaxy Tab provides. Instead, users will find that some apps are not scalable and will therefore run at their reduced resolutions.

Here is what they said:

If you download Android Market apps to the Galaxy Tab, you will find that many of those applications are fully scalable. Those applications that are not scalable are framed in the display at 800-by-400 [pixel] resolution.

- Samsung spokeswoman said e-mail in response to an inquiry from Computerworld

The issue appears to be limited to the Android Market as the Spokeswomen confrimed that Google’s “entire suite of mobile services, including Google Maps, are fully scalable to fit the Galaxy Tab’s 7-in. screen at 1024-by-600 resolution.”

It has not been exactly determined how many of the Android Market apps will be fully scalable/non-scalable. What Samsung is focusing on is bringing all of its own proprietary services and apps such as Social Hub, calendar, e-mail, etc., as fully scalable, along with Google mobile services like Google Maps, Gmail, etc. What we do know now is that many of the Android Market apps will be scalable, but it is just too early to put an exact number of percentage.

Does this move anyone towards not buying the Galaxy Tab? Had you already decided that this device wasn’t for you? Or is there anyone still planning for a release day purchase?

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Galaxy Tab to Use Chrome OS, Not Android?

The Galaxy Tab hasn’t even reached our shelves yet but rumours are already flying about the future of the device. One rumour that is going around today is that the device will be able to not only run Chrome OS, but ultimately will use it instead of Android.

Apparently, the Galaxy Tab’s stock OS (Android) “can be replaced with Chrome, when that arrives, though owners who aren’t tech savvy should have this upgrade carried out by a professional“. That was written in a subscribers-only report of the Sunday Times yesterday and was then picked up by a number of other sites.

While this rumour doesn’t exactly scream credibility, it certainly is an intriguing one. We have not got a copy of the Sunday Times article that mentions this, but reports say they do not provide a quote or source for the information.

Whether true or not, the idea can still be discussed. Will the 7″ device be big enough to utilise Chrome OS fully? Would the device be powerful enough? Would Chrome OS in fact limit the devices capabilities instead of making it better?

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Adobe updates Flash 10.1 device support list

Adobe has update their Flash Player 10.1 certified devices page to represent all the devices currently supported. The list consists of the Droid, Droid 2, Nexus One, Incredible, Desire, EVO 4G, and coming soon, the Droid X and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

To get more information about the supported devices, hit up the source link below.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab will only have 3G or WiFi, no 4G

We just got done wrapping up our live blog of the Samsung press conference and were happy to hear that Samsung is planning to bring the Galaxy Tab to all 4 of the major carriers in the U.S. –  just like they did with their Galaxy S phones.  Unfortunately, if you were hoping for some 4G goodness, you are out of luck.  We are uncertain why Samsung decided to go this route, maybe it was a push to get to the market first.  In any case,  at least you can expect competitive pricing with whichever carrier you plan to go with.

Verizon internal systems say Samsung Galaxy Tab coming soon

Man the Galaxy Tab sure does get around doesn’t it? So far, it’s on the way to AT&T, Sprint, Vodafone, Three and now it’s all but confirmed for Verizon.

We’ve had a sprinkle of Galaxy Tab/Verizon news already, but the image above all but beats you over the head with the fact that the GTab (I like calling it that, although Google probably wouldn’t) is definitely coming to Verizon in the not-to-distant future.

With how far Samsung is spreading the Galaxy Tab, do you think it can/will dethrone the iPad? Let us know in the comments

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