Rogers Samsung Galaxy Tab Available In Stores Nov 16

rogers galaxy tab

We reported to you earlier today that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is ready to launch at Rogers Wireless in Canada. The site to view the tab was unavailable at the time of the article, but the page is now live! Which means the Samsung Galaxy Tab is confirmed and available for in-store purchase at most Rogers locations nation-wide beginning tomorrow, November 16th 2010. Best thing to do would be to call ahead and make sure the location you wish to hit up actually has them in stock.

RedBoard has confirmed and loaded up a video for the launch for your viewing pleasure here.

Rogers Releases Samsung Galaxy Tab – $674.99 No Contract



Rogers Wireless up north in Canada is the first Mobile Carrier to offer the Samsung Galaxy S Tab running Android 2.2. The Galaxy Tab is available on the following price plans:

  • $674.99 – no Contract
  • $599.99 on a 1-year
  • $564.99 on a 2-year
  • $539.99 on a 3-year

Finally available in Canada after seeing everyone in the US launching! I was starting to get jealous.
Fear not Canada, as the Rogers order page is currently unavailable for pre-order here, it should be up either today or tomorrow, and we’ll let you know when!

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Best Buy offering up some good Android deals on Black Friday

The busiest shopping day of the year, aka Black Friday, is only two weeks away. Best Buy is always a major shopping destination on that day, and they have a few great Android deals to be had. A couple of them require a new 2-year agreement, but if you’re in the market for one of those the price for a couple of these is out of the world. Check out the deals below:

  • Samsung Transform – $69.99 with 2 year contract
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab – $549.99
  • LG Optimus S (Charcoal and Purple) – $1 with 2 year contract
  • HTC Droid Incredible – $1 with 2 year contract
  • Samsung Fascinate – $1 with 2 year contract
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab -$549.99

Any of those one dollar deals are pretty sweet, but again you need to get that pesky new contract. We’d love to hear from you! Are you planning on heading to Best Buy in two weeks and grabbing one (or more) of these Android devices? Leave us a comment below and let your voice be heard!

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Galaxy Tab pre-order offered to Sprint Premiere customers

We know how excited you all are about the Samsung Galaxy Tab, so here’s another story for you.  Members of the uber elite Sprint Premiere club likely received this email today inviting them to a special online pre-sale for the Galaxy Tab. For the next three days, members can pre-order the device and it will ship as soon as the order is processed, so that the long and dangerous journey to the local brick and mortar location can be avoided.

Still, the free shipping being offered is a pretty sweet deal, so if you happen to be a member and are interested in purchasing the Galaxy Tab, this may be a good option for you.

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Samsung aiming for 40m smartphones in 2011, also hints at 10-inch tablet

Shin Jong-kyun, Samsung’s mobile lead, has told the media that his company is expecting to ship over 40 million phones in 2011, which is double their expectations for this year.

Samsung is aiming to compete with Apple, which began moving 10 million iPhones a quarter over the summer. However, even if Apple sells more phones than they do, Samsung still benefits due to Apple’s contract with Samsung for flash memory, LCD screens, and the A4 chip Apple uses in most devices.

Also, Jong-kyun hinted that his company is planning on a 10-inch version of the Galaxy Tab, and is hoping to release that sometime next year. Nothing else is known, but some are speculating that Samsung is waiting for the more tablet friendly Android 3.0, codename Honeycomb, which is due out next year.

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Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Tab postponed until after the holidays

According to this internal Best Buy document, the Wi-Fi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab will have its release date postponed until after the holidays.

Also, in Verizon Galaxy Tab news, while they are going to be selling with for $599 sans contract, it seems you will be required to sign up for a month-to-month data plan if you want to purchase one. So, let’s tally this up here. First, you get to spend the full $600 without any carrier subsidies, and then you are forced into a month-to-month contract?

Obviously, you would be free to cancel this contract after the first month, but then you just spent $600 on a tablet you can only use with Wi-Fi? I’m still holding out that Verizon is going to make a last minute change to their pricing structure for the Galaxy Tab, but with November 11th only a few days away, hope may be dwindling.

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Verizon’s Galaxy Tab will have Skype after all… but only for Wi-Fi


Last week we brought you a story that the Verizon version of the Galaxy Tab would not be featuring Skype. Well thankfully it seems that is no longer the case, but rather only partially the case.

Skype will in fact be available on Verizon’s Galaxy Tab, but not over 3G. This does not come as a big surprise, given that all versions of the Galaxy Tab will be using the “direct-to-consumer” version of Skype Mobile, which is strictly Wi-Fi only.

No word yet about whether or not NFL Mobile, and V Cast video will make their way to Big Red’s Galaxy Tab, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab coming to U.S. Cellular Soon

Samsung Galaxy Tab for US Cellular

Samsung Mobile announced today that it will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab with U.S. Cellular. Although a date and pricing have not been given, and we know T-Mobile is the 1st carrier to offer the Galaxy Tab in the US, we know it’ll be after November 10th at the very least, with similar price points.

Click Here to view the Official Press Release.

Samsung Galaxy Tab available in Israel

The Samsung Galaxy is on an all out, world-wide blitz (I’m in defensive NFL mode, its Sunday) ready to take on the ever demanding and popular iPad.

Israel is the latest, adding another location the Samsung Galaxy Tab is available. The tab will be offered exclusively by Cellcom where it’ll cost 89NIS ($25 US) per month in 36 installments, which adds up to 3,604NIS ($900 US). The only Galaxy Tab available is the 16GB version, not the 32GB . If you decide to grab this Galaxy Tab, the purchase requires an additional 89NIS ($25 US) monthly data plan.

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