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Leaked screenshots of an alleged Samsung Galaxy smartwatch surfaces


You know it’s funny, I was just talking to someone about how smartwatches really haven’t taken off, and I said it would take Samsung and/or Apple to make it happen. All of a sudden screenshots of an alleged Samsung Galaxy smartwatch surfaces. What’s interesting is that you see “Altius” in the screens, which we presume is a codename, but according to Sam Mobile, it’s the codename for the Galaxy S IV. What makes things even crazier is the fact that a couple of the images have “altios” (different spelling) in the top right in a smaller font. The last thing is the image above has a Windows Metro feel to it, which doesn’t make any sense. I honestly feel Samsung is working on a smartwatch, but it’s hard to believe these are real screenshots. Just like any other rumor, time will tell. Hit the break for all the screens and make your own conclusion.

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