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Various stress tests show the durability of Samsung phones [Video]

Just how durable is that $600 Samsung phone in your pocket? The cheap feeling plastic may be more durable than you think. While Samsung builds some fantastic devices, build materials are not one of their specialties. A video put out by Samsung Tomorrow TV declares that the light, seemingly fragile plastics used are actually stronger than we give them credit for. From button stress tests to wash and rain tests to bend tests to your more standard drop tests, the plastic holds up remarkably well. Hit the break for the video. Read more

U.S. Marketing Campaign for the Galaxy S III launches

The Galaxy S III, Samsung’s flagship phone for the year, is ready as ever for its American debut. For the first time ever, Samsung’s Galaxy S line has uniformity within all of US carriers. This means every Galaxy S III in America will look the same and will actually have the same name. This means no more of that added Epic 4G Touch and Skyrocket discrepancies within the names. So you can bet that Samsung is ready to market this phone out like it has never before. This video from Samsung kicks off the start of this marketing campaign with Samsung proudly touting the multi-tasking king that is the “pop-up video” feature where the actor is texting and watching a video at the same time. Checkout the video and see for yourselves! Does this make you even more excited for its pending US release?

T-Mobile and Sprint Already Overwhelmed with the Galaxy SIII Demand Quantities, Will Have Limited Quantities On Launch

A statement released by a Sprint representative via their website has informed us that they are running behind on a number of their Samsung Galaxy SIII pre-orders. While they are still optimistic that they can meet every one of their pre-orders on time, Sprint says there will be a chance that they could be a “day or two late.” Sprint’s 16GB version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII will be available for web sales and tele sales starting June 21, and will be available in stores the following week. Here is the full statement from Sprint: Read more

Samsung Shows off Official Galaxy S III Accessories in New Promo Video

The first thing I look for right after buying a brand new phone are accessories! I mean, who doesn’t love accessories for their lovely new device, right? Online retailer MobileFun has aired a promo video showcasing the official accessories that are now available for Samsung’s newest flagship device. The video shows off the GSIII’s docking station, some flip cases, a water-proof gel case, the “C” Pen, and the highly talked about wireless charging dock. While I usually tend to shop for generic branded accessories as the official ones are usually very pricey, these ones look great and could really make you enjoy your new Galaxy S III even more. Take a quick look at the video after the break and let us know what you think! Will you be purchasing any of these goodies? You can do so through the link below.


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Qualcomm’s 28nm Snapdragon S4 Chips Will Fail To Meet Demands Until 2013

A statement released by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the contract chip maker that’s in charge for the production of the SoC’s for Qualcomm, stated that they will fail to meet demands for the Snapdragon S4 processors until next year in 2013. The 28nm Snapdragon S4 processors are arguably the most used and wanted mobile processor on the market. They’re huge in the American market as it’s the processor that will be used in all of the US’s versions of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, and it is already used in the widely successful AT&T One X and T-Mobile One S. The reason it’s so popular within the American carriers is due to its LTE integration, considering every US market is or will be pushing their own LTE service.

The TSMC has said that production quantity of the chip should start improving near the end of the year in Q4 and the “market demand is likely to be satisfied in 2013”. While we’ve already reported before of the shortages of the Snapdragon S4, even causing the ASUS Padfone a slight delay in its release, I don’t think this generally jeopardizes any current upcoming device releases that will use this processor (i.e. the Galaxy SIII), but this is definitely something that we should keep our eyes on.

source: Reuters

How Does The Galaxy SIII Compare To The Galaxy SII, Galaxy Nexus, and HTC One X?

Now that Samsung has released their latest flagship, the Galaxy SIII, everyone wants to know how the specs compare to some other heavy hitters. The folks at Droid Life have put together a handy comparison chart between the Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SII, Galaxy Nexus, and HTC One X. Click the image above to see the details.

source: droid-life

Samsung GT-I9300 Benchmarked Using GLBenchmark, Possibly A Galaxy SIII?

We’re all anxiously awaiting the newest device in the Samsung Galaxy line, namely the Galaxy SIII. Rumours have been floating around, as they usually do, and we didn’t hear anything about the device at this years Mobile World Conference. Just recently we heard that we might see an April release, but today that rumour has apparently been debunked. To curb the resulting disappointment, there’s been a benchmark result posted on the GLBenchmark results page, with a model number resembling what one could believe is the next along in the Galaxy line, GT-I9300.

The results claim that the device is running a resolution of 1196 x 720, dispelling the rumours of full HD. The results also claim the device is running Android version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and hit a maximum processor frequency of 1400MHz, though no mention of something important — how many cores — is found. Personally, it’s hard to believe Samsung’s super-hyped flagship handset would be fitted with such dismal [relatively speaking] specifications. My guess is this is isn’t actually the specs for the Galaxy SIII, and if it is, I – and a lot of others – will be truly disappointed.

source: glbenchmark

Further specs surface for Samsung Galaxy SIII

Tech sites worldwide are ablaze with the surge of news coming in from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, however ironically it’s a device that we definitely will not be seeing unveiled in Sunny Spain that continues to dominate the headlines.

Earlier today we brought you the news that BGR had released some juicy titbits on Samsung’s forthcoming flagship device, the Galaxy SIII. BGR disocvered that the much-hyped super phone is set to be an ultra-thin, waterproof, ceramic coated unit packing a 4.8″ display that will launch simultaneously in 50 countries worldwide. As much as this information is more than enough to pique our interests, the latest rumours will blow your socks off.

BGR has stepped up to the plate yet again with a few more pieces of the jigsaw and all signs point towards the Galaxy SIII being the most stylish and most powerful Android smartphone to date. The highlights are :


  • 1.5GHz quad-core Exynos processor
  • 4.8″ 1080p Full HD screen
  • 8MP rear camera and 2MP  front camera
  • Ceramic casing
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 4G LTE
So there you have it, the Galaxy SIII is set to be an absolute monster of a phone and really build on the already stellar reputation of the Galaxy brand. As I see it, all that’s left to ask is where and when can I get one. Stay tuned in to TalkAndroid for further developments as they arrive.source : BGR

Samsung Galaxy S III Will Feature 4.8-Inch Display And Have Simultaneous Launch Globally

We may not be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S III at MWC next week, but we know it’s very much real and on its way. BGR reports that Samsung will not be launching the device in phases as it was done with the Galaxy SII. The Galaxy S III will launch in 50 markets simultaneously around the globe, meaning those of us here in the States likely won’t have to wait 6 months after the initial launch as we previously saw with the Galaxy S II. Moreover, in addition to the sexy thin profile and waterproof design the S III will likely have, it will feature a 4.8-inch screen, meaning it will likely be the perfect compliment to Android 4.0 and an HD display that was previously rumored about the device. Oh and the back of the phone will be made of ceramic, not the glossy plastic we’re accustomed to.

If you thought the Galaxy S II was a major breakthrough in smartphone design, the Galaxy S III is ready to raise the bar even higher. Stay tuned with Talk Android for any future updates or developments in the Galaxy S III saga.

source: BGR