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Republic Wireless is finally adding some decent phones to its plans and picking up a second carrier

republic_wireless_logo_white_smallRepublic Wireless is an innovative phone service, but one of the biggest pain points for the carrier has been its lack of high-end phones. Currently your only options on phones are the Moto E and Moto G, and while those aren’t bad phones by any stretch, you’re extremely limited in your options. If you want to plop down the cash for a high-end device, you’re simply out of luck. Read more

T-Mobile launching new round of deals for family plans


If you are in the market for a family plan, T-Mobile is hoping to entice you to jump over to their network with a new Simple Choice family plan launching on May 11th. Consumers do have to sign up for at least four lines of service, but if they do they will get 6GB of LTE data on each line at a cost of $30 per line per month, or $120 per month for a family of four. Additional lines can be added for only $20 per month. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 review: The phone to beat in 2016

samsung_galaxy_s7_display_on_talk_android_TAThe Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s stab at a 2016 flagship, following the very well received Galaxy S6. It’s facing some incredibly stiff competition again this year, with LG’s module-driven G5 and HTC’s polished-to-perfection HTC 10, but Samsung has always held up against most other companies in the market. It’s taking a safe approach with the Galaxy S7 by building off of the successful aspects of the Galaxy S6 instead of a radical redesign like we’re used to seeing.

So how well does the Galaxy S7 hold up?

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The Galaxy S7 Lens Cover kit is now available in Europe for €149


The Galaxy S7 is known for having a great camera, whether it’s used taking images in low-light or making a lovely panorama shot, it will deliver a great image for a smartphone. But what if you want to take even better photos, perhaps zooming in at a distance that would normally require a telephoto lens, or take an image with a wide-angled viewpoint? Well, Samsung teased us with the Lens Cover kit for the S7 back in February, and now it seems the Korean handset maker is finally making it available through its online stores.  Read more

Here are three more promotional videos for Samsung’s Galaxy S7


Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (reviewed here) handsets have been available to order for a couple of months now, but does that mean that its marketing department has taken its foot off the gas? No, sir. Instead, what we have is a steady stream of promotional videos to keep the Korean electronics giant’s newest flagships firmly in the public’s eye. Join us after the break for the latest Galaxy S7 promo videos.  Read more

Camera Shootout: Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 6


For many people, the camera on their smartphone is the most important feature of the device. Most companies realize this, so over the past few years we’ve seen tons of improvements to mobile cameras with just about every new iteration of flagships. Samsung’s latest, the Galaxy S7, was hyped up on its photo shooting capabilities, and with good reason; it’s arguably the best camera you can find in a smartphone. Read more

Best chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge


It can be tricky to find a charger that’s worth buying, and we know how that is. So we’ve compiled a list of eight chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge that are the best. We’ve included quality products paired with fast charging and sleek designs for the the ultimate guide to chargers, making it simple for anyone to order a new quality charger, whatever their price range may be.

With this broad range of charger types, we hope you find what you’re looking for.

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