[Deal] Cricket Wireless Cyber Monday Samsung Galaxy sale


Consumers on the hunt for a Cyber Monday deal this year on a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone may want to check out Cricket Wireless. The pre-paid carrier is offering several Galaxy S devices for 50% off with activation on one of their no annual contract plans. The devices include the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4. Read more

Pip-Boy wearable will house many popular smartphones, including the Galaxy S4 and S5


Last week before all of the E3 2015 excitement began, developer Bethesda Softworks announced the anticipated Fallout 4, along with a Collector’s Edition said to include a wearable Pip-Boy housing. Now, the company is saying that the Pip-Boy will come with foam inserts to fit all kinds of smartphones, including some of Samsung’s most popular devices, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 edge expected to sell 45 million units in 2015


Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones have generally been well received, with the main complaint about the handsets being the absence of MicroSD card support and shortened battery life. While unnamed Samsung executives have previously let slip that sales of the S6 and S6 Edge handsets has met internal targets, no one has had a solid idea of how well they are actually selling.

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Sprint starts pushing out Lollipop update for Spark-branded Galaxy S4’s


Sprint has finally started pushing out the much-anticipated and long-awaited Lollipop update for all Sprint Spark-branded variants of the Galaxy S4 located in the United States. In terms of added functionality, this upgrade transports the latest build of the Android operating system to the handset, in addition to a truckload of bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Samsung starts rolling out stability update for the Galaxy S4


Samsung is currently pushing out a relatively minor over-the-air stability update to all unlocked variants of the Galaxy S4 currently located Europe. Sadly, this upgrade doesn’t bring much in terms of added functionality, but it does include the latest builds of KNOX and Silent Mode, as well as a handful of ‘system stability improvements,’ all aimed at making a user’s experience better when using the handset.

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Samsung starts rolling out Lollipop OTA for Galaxy S4’s in France


Samsung is now pushing out the long-awaited Lollipop update to all unlocked models of the Galaxy S4 located in France. The 729.59MB, upgrade which carries version number 7.18.531.2, transports the latest build of the Android operating system to the handset, in addition to a handful of bug fixes, stability improvements and speed optimizations.

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