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Sprint Galaxy S II to Receive Jelly Bean Update (Finally)


If you have been sitting in the wings watching the GSIII and GS4 come and go, you are probably feeling a little “left behind”. If you are still stuck in your two year contract and have fallen a bit behind the power curve of late, fear not, a refreshing new update to your old trusty handset should be just what the Doctor ordered.

Sprint announced yesterday that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is on its way! I know this has been a long wait for those of you who have had your GSII since its release in 2011, but your wait is finally over. As you probably know, and have severely drooled over time-and-time again, the new update will bring with it:

  • Google Now
  • Project Butter Animations
  • Lock Screen Widgets
  • Numerous stability and battery saving enhancements Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II hits 20 million sales landmark

There’s cause for celebration over at Samsung Headquarters today as the Korean giants announced that the critically acclaimed Galaxy SII has hit a whopping 20 million sales worldwide. Perhaps even more impressive is the time in which it has taken Samsung to reach these heady heights. It took just short of 3 months to hit 5 million sales, 5 months to hit 10 million and 9 months to hit this most recent milestone. Not bad for a device that didn’t have a universal, worldwide launch date.

The prestigious ‘Galaxy’ name has proven to be a real golden ticket for Samsung with sales of all Galaxy labelled devices totalling well over 40 million. The appeal of the Galaxy name shows no sign of slowing in momentum, only today Samsung registered 4 new suffixes to tag on to the end of future devices. With the Galaxy S III looking to be arguably the most hotly anticipated Android phone of all time the future is looking extremely bright for Samsung and the Galaxy range in particular.

Samsung’s recent announcement that the world won’t see the unveiling of the new flagship phone at the Mobile World Congress leads me to believe that Samsung are timing the launch of the new device to steal some of the thunder from Apple’s iPhone 5 launch. What say you readers? Does the Galaxy name have the momentum to go toe-to-toe with Apple’s next big release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Q3 Smartphone sales Go to Samsung, Not Apple

Samsung claimed the top share of the global smartphone market in the third quarter with 23.8 percent, compared to Apple’s 14.6 percent. (Samsung fans rejoice.) Nokia took third with 14.4 percent of the market. Apple had the lead in the second quarter with 18.5 percent and Samsung was in second with 17.5 percent and of course Nokia was third with 15.2 percent.

Can anyone else see the same pattern I do? Samsung gained 6.3 percent from the second quarter to the third, while Apple and Nokia both lost ground. Best guesses are most buyers waited for the iPhone 4S release in the forth quarter.

Those  are still some impressive numbers from Samsung. This time last year, Samsung was in third with only 9.3 percent of the market. That is a 14.5 percent increase in one year. Apple lost 2.8 percent, while Nokia lost the most with 18.3 percent of the global market share. Samsung’s rise can be attributed to the 30 million Galaxy S, And Galaxy S II phones sold.

Are you happy for Samsung? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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T-Mobile To Get A Nexus S Looking Galaxy S II, Is This The Hercules?

With the popularity overseas of the Samsung Galaxy S II, it’s been hard to stop refreshing my Twitter account to catch a glimpse of news for a U.S. version. Thanks to Tmonews, it looks like there is concrete evidence that T-Mobile will be getting a sexy variation of the Galaxy S II.

Two things are making me salivate here. First, it looks like they ditched the god awful home button (anything even remotely iPhone like on Android makes me cringe). Secondly, it seems to follow a Nexus S type of body style which I’m a huge fan of. I hope that Samsung has also ditched using a plastic back plate in favor of metal.

It’s rumored that this will be T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ 42Mpbs phone and will also have a 4.5 inch display. Personally, I almost never make a call from my Android device anymore so I’ll welcome the bigger size screen.

There may be others out there like me that are about to switch carriers (I may even take a break from having a cell phone for a while to wait for this bad boy). With T-Mobile in my sights and not being a fan of Sense UI, I have been waiting patiently for news about the Hercules and here it is.

Touchwiz is the only thing that may turn me off to this phone so let’s all keep our fingers crossed that Samsung has made some changes for the better. If Samsung throws in NFC support here I’m all in regardless of Touchwiz.  Hit the break to check out a few more pics of the sexy device courtesy of our friends over at Pocketnow and TmoNews.   Read more

Why Thinking “The Decline Of Android Is Upon Us” Is Silly: Giving The Internet Some Much Needed Logic

Whoever said that it’s good to be on top clearly has never really been there. Every company, sports team, athlete, or musician knows that the further ahead you get of the competition the more they’ll do anything to bring you down. Such is the case with Android. Only a year ago many people would laugh at the analysts who were so daring to predict Android’s dominance in the smart phone world. While those analysts’ sanity could be called into question, it’s amazing how right they were. Whether you like screaming it from the rooftops or hate anyone that mentions it, one thing is for sure: Android is the dominant player in the smart phone world now. But with all that success comes other companies wanting to tear you down. Even worse, some media outlets are latching on to this new wave proclaiming that Android is in trouble. Whether it be the lawsuits, the surveys, or the products, everyone is so sure that Android’s reign on top will be falling quickly. I’m here to shed some much needed logic throughout the internet.

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Samsung To Reveal Dual-Core Galaxy R In The UK, GS2 Gets A Little Brother

The popular power horse of a device, the Samsung Galaxy S II is about to have its little brother debut in the UK in just a few weeks. The Samsung Galaxy R, as it will be dubbed,  is very similar to the GS2 and just comes in under a half of a hair in the specs department.

What’s the difference?  Glad you asked.  The Galaxy R will rock a 4.2-inch screen coming in at .1 tenths of an inch under the GS2, a Super LCD instead of the GS2’s Super Amoled Plus and a dual-core CPU manufactured by Nvidia (Tegra 2) instead of Sammy’s own Exynos chip.  In addition, the Galaxy R will sport a 5 meg camera on the backside with the ability to capture video at 720p while the Galaxy S2 houses an 8 meg camera capturing 1080p.  The only other difference between the two devices are the sizes, with the Galaxy R coming in at just a few mm’s thicker than the GS2.  Overall, it looks to be a worthy successor if you’re looking for something not as “high-end” as the GS2.  Stay tuned to Talk Android as we continue to dig a little deeper on price and availability.  Feel free to let us know what you think of the device in the comments below.  Hit the break for a quick peek at the back side of the device as well.   Read more

So what exactly is going on with Sprint?

For a company that many thought would be in trouble by year’s end, Sprint has seemingly taken the mobile world by storm. In fact, there’s more Sprint coming up in my Android feed than both Verizon and AT&T for the first time I can remember. That didn’t happen even before the release date of the Evo 4G. So what exactly is the littlest of the Big 3 up to now a days? From where I’m standing Sprint has some big plans for the future: Read more