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Desperate for the arrival of the Galaxy S III (or whatever it will be called!) and feeling like May the 3rd just won’t come quick enough? Official registration is now open so why not head over to Samsung’s Next Galaxy website and sign up for updates on the big event in London. It looks like you need to sign up in order to receive the link with the live stream of the event, that sounds like a good enough reason to us to get your registration in.

TalkAndroid will be live and direct in London on the day. If you want to tune in and follow the event, you better click the link below to get started.


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Did accessory maker Kolay just out the Samsung Galaxy S III?

It’s been a game of chess between Samsung and the entire media/public with Samsung winning hands down and enjoying the media attention. Hey, they deserve it, they had the most popular phone last year with the Galaxy S II, and there’s no question that the Galaxy S III is going to be even bigger. Everyone is fishing around for clues or leaks, but will most likely come up empty. We only have 10 days left so this should be fun.

Today’s possible leak is from accessory maker Kolay. They have a few cases on Amazon UK with pictures of what’s supposed to be the Galaxy S III or model i9500. It looks reasonable enough, but is it a placeholder? I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung told Kolay to post those pics.

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source: Amazon (1) (2) (3)

Samsung unveils teaser video for the ‘Next Galaxy’

The timer on the teaser site that Samsung launched over the weekend came to a close and we got what we expected, not much. I quick knock of Apple fans with an iSheep reference, but that’s about it. Maybe there’s something hidden in the video that you guys can find as well. So far this campaign is working because everyone is having a tough time getting into the site, so to makes things easier for everyone here’s the video…

YouTube Preview Image

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Samsung launches teaser site for the Galaxy S III, ‘Take the next step’ in less than 9 hours

Oh it’s going to be a fun and wild ride for the next 10 days until Samsung unveils that next chapter in the Galaxy S series. Will it be the Galaxy S III or just the new Galaxy S? Will we see 100 fake renders between now and then? The Samsung faithful are going to hope tomorrow brings something worthwhile from Samsung. Earlier today they launched a teaser site for what’s most likely the Galaxy S III or whatever they call it. Will Samsung divulge anything interesting or are they going to toy with us? Expect the latter folks. It will most likely be a clue or riddle or maybe even the beginning of many clues and riddles to give us something to talk about and analyze for the next week and a half. They do tell us that we can “take the next step” tomorrow at 7:00am eastern time (12:00pm London time). Will that be a big step or a little step?Again expect the latter folks.

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Samsung Outs Galaxy S III Silhouette on Facebook, Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Yet

It is safe to say the anticipation level for Samsung’s May 3rd event in London has reached a boiling point. Not only are we expecting to see the unveiling of the Galaxy S III (or the next Galaxy phone, whatever they decide to name it), but other rumors suggest a new 10-inch tablet and S-cloud, Samsung’s cloud storage solution. Out of these three possibilities I would venture to guess the majority of people (including myself) are more anxious to see what the next Galaxy device will look like. In an effort to taunt us even further, Samsung has just posted a teaser image of this upcoming device on their Danish Facebook page, accompanied by the device’s launch date.

Looking at the blanketed device in the image above, it’s clearly obvious that all attempts to shroud the device in secrecy has ultimately succeeded. The phone really looks nothing like the “leaks” we’ve already seen, and it appears that the reports are true that Samsung has concealed the test devices in a dummy case. Under that blue blanket of mystery you can tell that the device will have a curved screen and corners much like the Galaxy Nexus but that is about all that can be deciphered. It really looks like Samsung may actually successfully keep this thing under “wraps” until the 3rd of next month where we will be live on scene to give you the full low-down. We are most definitely looking forward to it. How about you?

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source: Facebook


Samsung to Unveil S-Cloud Alongside the Galaxy S III on May 3rd?

We already know that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S III on May 3rd in London but we are now learning that there may be a nice supplement to the anticipated announcement. Maeil Business is reporting that Samsung will also unveil its could service that they have been working on, and is to be called S-cloud. It will work similar to the other cloud storage options that are currently available but will have no restrictions on the type of data it can store.
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Samsung Galaxy S III sports a disguise and smiles for the camera

After hundreds of leaked pictures, blurrycam exclusives and ropey mock-ups, the Galaxy S III has decided to strut its stuff on video for the first time. As ever this could well turn out to be a convincing hoax however this is about as authentic as we’ve seen to date. Samsung recently spoke out claiming that the identify of the Galaxy S III has been carefully protected and that none of the so called leaks have been accurate to date. Samsung also added that all test models are housed with a generic case in order to prevent any such leaks. With that in mind, this could well add some credibility to this video as the phone under the lens certainly sits in a bland case.

What we can take from this video are the specs of the device. We can see a quad-core 1.4 GHz Exynos processor, 1GB RAM, an 8 MP camera, NFC and a 1184 x 720 resolution HD screen. TouchWiz is also (unfortunately) present however I still hold out hope for the rumoured dual boot into stock ICS or TouchWiz. The Navigation buttons are on screen which would make this device the second phone since the Galaxy Nexus to use this feature, definitely a welcome inclusion.

So while these latest pics and video do not necessarily confirm 100% that what we’re looking at is definitely the Galaxy S III, what we can see is that this is a high end device with some impressive specs. It’s only a couple  more weeks until May 3rd when we’ll finally find out!

Check out the pics and the video and let us know if you think this could be the real deal in the comments below.



YouTube Preview Image

source : androidcentral

Samsung Galaxy S III may have an Exynos quad-core chip, but only for the global version

We’re all expecting the Samsung Galaxy S III (or possibly just the new Galaxy S) to feature an Exynos quad-core CPU, so it really isn’t news if I tell you that’s it’s been confirmed by The Verge, but what’s interesting is the fact we might only see this CPU on the global version. Actually it isn’t all that surprising since HTC has implemented the similar NVIDIA Tegra 3 in their global One X, but in the U.S., they went with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 primarily for LTE connectivity. The Exynos chip is a little unknown at this time, and I guess I was hoping that it would have LTE compatibility, but I guess it won’t be the case.  I know NVIDIA is promising LTE support for the Tegra 3 soon, so I guess it’s safe to assume that Samsung is just as far behind in getting the Exynos ready.

If there’s one carrier in the U.S. where it’s possible to find the quad-core Exynos, it might be T-Mobile since they don’t have LTE at the present time. Still unlikely since the dual-core Exynos that was in the global Galaxy S II didn’t make it to T-Mobile because of compatibility with AWS. I’m guessing this scenario will probably be the same with the new chip.

Something tells me that we won’t find out too much about the U.S. variants during the May 3 announcement, so we might have to wait a little longer to find out.

source: theverge


All Samsung Galaxy S III Leaked Photos May Not Be Accurate

The latest leaked screenshots of the most anticipated device from Samsung may not be accurate, according to what a source told The Verge. The source, said to be familiar with Samsung’s plans, claims they are on the right track, but the images show what may be a generic test box that holds the S III internals. These test boxes are used to hide what the final design of a device will look like and allows for internal testers to take the device out in public without leaking anything.

That’s not even close to the final design,” said the source. “No leaks of the final design have been accurate.

The security and secrecy surrounding the Galaxy S III is tighter than it has ever been for any product in Samsung’s history, rivaling that of a certain company in Cupertino. Apparently, security is so tight that the source doesn’t even know if the name will be the Galaxy S III. The press invites for the May 3rd event in London only say “the next Galaxy” so it’s very possible they might be breaking away from the S series naming scheme.

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Could this be the Galaxy S III? We doubt it!

Is anyone else bored of seeing so called “exclusive” photos of Samsung‘s hotly anticipated, forthcoming flagship device? I can honestly say that it’s reached the stage where I let out a little sigh when I come across a new mock-up or leaked photo. It’s to Samsung’s credit that this is the case, the hype and anticipation for the successor to the uber-successful Galaxy S II surpasses anything I’ve witnessed since the birth of Android. The rumours and speculation are simply a result of the astronomical success of the Galaxy range.

I’m now going to be a huge hypocrite and add further fuel to the fire by giving you a peek at the latest would-be Galaxy S III design. Gizmodo Brazil landed some exclusive photos of what it believes could be the Galaxy S III. The design doesn’t really stray much from the Galaxy S II, it’s reportedly a little thinner yet heavier and sports a 12MP camera. Gizmodo also reported that the device number is GT-I9300 which we had previously reported to be the Galaxy M. If the photo does turn out to be genuine then it backs recent speculation that the device may only be an incremental update and not the massive overhaul that everyone expects.

Roll on the 3rd of May, when the rumours will finally be put to rest under the bright lights of London town. Check out the images below and let us know your thoughts on the authenticity in the comments.

source : Gizmodo