Samsung Galaxy S III coming to the U.S. this Summer on multiple carriers

Those of us here in the U.S. felt a little left out today since nothing was mentioned about a U.S. release during the big unveiling. As I previously wrote, we can’t expect to see anything stateside for several months. The question is what carriers and what will be different? Samsung had this to say:

Samsung Mobile is planning a U.S. version of Galaxy S III, optimized for the fastest LTE and HSPA+ networks in the U.S., which will be available in the summer of 2012. Exact timing and retail channel availability is not being announced at this time. We believe the Galaxy S III is the most anticipated product in the 20-year history of Samsung Mobile; therefore, we will continue to share information as it becomes available.

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Samsung unveils the Galaxy S III, A smartphone designed for humans and inspired by nature, To be available on May 30 in Europe

The Galaxy S III is now official folks and the picture above is finally the real deal. This is promised to be the best smartphone in the world and its designed by humans and inspired by nature. Sure the hardware is impressive, but it’s not all about that. Samsung showed off a lot of different software innovations.

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Missed the Samsung Mobile Unpacked S III Commercial? Then You’re in Luck as We Have it For You!

In case you’re at work, live under a rock or just were in the wrong place at the wrong time you may have missed the Samsung Unpacked Event. You may have also missed the unveiling and official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Well if so, you’re in luck. While we may not have the full Unpacked event yet for your viewing pleasure, we do have the S III commercial. Hopefully this will be able to tide you over until we are all able to get our hands on this amazing device. However rather than ramble on and on about it, I will let the commercial do the talking. Hit the break to check it out. Enjoy!


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Samsung Galaxy S III to be released May 25 in the UK?

We’re about 2 hours away and rumors, leaks, and speculation continue. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with ourselves after the official unveiling other than drool. The latest is from a source from one of the major UK mobile networks that says the Samsung Galaxy S III will go on sale on May 25 in the UK. Of course pre-orders will start well before then.

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Samsung Galaxy S III to feature only a 4.6-inch display and 8MP camera?

We’re a little over 5 hours away and the speculation is still rampant on what the Next Galaxy is going to be. Other than it being called a Galaxy S III, and even that’s not guaranteed, we’re expecting a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED Plus 720p HD display, an Exynos 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, and 12MP camera. Expansys, has a listing for the Galaxy S III in their latest email newsletter that show the major specs, and they’re a little lower than expectations. The quad-core is in place, but the display is shown as 4.6-inches and the camera is at 8MP.

Could it just be a placeholder? Seems strange that it would even be placed in the newsletter to begin with, placeholder or not. Even it was a placeholder, I would think Expansys wouldn’t put out information like that because they are a major tech retailer and not some fly by night operation. I guess we will know for sure in a few hours.

source: eurodroid

Samsung Reminds Us We’re Only One Day Away from the Next Galaxy

The end is nigh my friends. The Samsung Galaxy S III will finally be unveiled tomorrow during Samsung’s Mobile Unpacked Event in London and for those of you who want to see the unveiling for yourself, Samsung will be airing the event for your viewing pleasure. Not only are we going to see the highly anticipated GSIII (or the Next Galaxy phone, we still don’t know the official name), rumor has it Samsung could also be announcing a new Galaxy Tab and may even unleash their new cloud storage solution called S-cloud.

To see the event on your mobile device you are going to want to visit the ‘The Next Galaxy’ website, and from a desktop you can either go there or the Samsung Mobile Facebook page. If you are unable to watch as it happens live, have no fear because our own Chris Stewart will be there to relay all the gritty details. We will even have a hands on demo shortly after the event wraps up! So even if you do watch the video you will want to be sure to tune in shortly after the event to see this bad boy in action. We are so close now.

The show will begin at 7PM sharp UK time (2PM EST) at either of the source links below.

Samsung Mobile Facebook

Samsung Galaxy S III to be dressed in both white and blue

In today’s not so major news, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S III will be available in both blue and white. This is far from shocking, but news is news. GSM Arena got a tip that the Carphone Warehouse inventory system has it listed in both of these colors. This of course confirms what we reported a couple of weeks ago. There was no listing for a black version, which is quite interesting. Will anyone miss black?

source: gsmarena



Is This Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S III? A User Agent Profile Suggests, Yes It Is

As we get closer to the big day tomorrow, we are beginning to get more and more details leaked regarding the anticipated Galaxy S III. While we expect the Galaxy S III to feature an LTE chip to be used on Verizon’s network later this year, it was uncertain whether this Galaxy S III variant would carry the Sammy-built quad-core screamer or an alternative processor such as the Snapdragon line of chips. Well it looks like we have the answer folks. According to a leaked user agent profile obtained by our pals at pocketnow, a Verizon “SCH-I535” smartphone will feature a Snapdragon MSM8960 processor— aka a Snapdragon S4 chip. While there’s no concrete evidence this “SCH-I535” smartphone is indeed the Verizon variant of the Galaxy S III, some features of the device hints that this is the Verizon version of the smartphone on the way. For example, there is a heavy scoop of Android 4.0 and a 1280 x 720 (most likely HD) display. Oh and the “SCH-I535” matches up with other premium Samsung devices sold by Verizon (see SCH-I515 – Galaxy Nexus as example).

This potential strategy of including Snapdragon-based chips by Samsung should come as no surprise really. Samsung previously made it clear that not all of its Galaxy S III variants would feature their in-house chip because simply put— the Exynos processor may not quite be ready to implement LTE technology just yet. So it makes sense for Sammy to include cost-effective alternatives like the Snapdragon which would allow the devices to operate on LTE (think of what HTC did with its One XL smartphone). While we do know the Exynos processor is in a class of its own compared to the competition— the Snapdragon-based chips more than holds its own against other competition. Just ask the AT&T HTC One X smartphone.

source: pocketnow