Unlocked UK Model Of The Galaxy S III Smartphone Gets Jelly Bean Update

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Owners of the American version of a particular device may be seething at this time— but if you’re an owner of a carrier-branded variant of the Galaxy S III, try not to be too angry: owners of the unlocked model in the UK can now look forward to the 284MB Jelly Bean update being pushed to their devices or via Kies Desktop software. Reports indicate that in addition to the latest version of Android (as of now), TouchWiz has been updated to include a “blocking mode” and “easy mode”— both of which offers better overall management of the device. If you live in the UK and own the unlocked variant of the device— head on down to your settings -> About Device -> Software update to get the latest update today. Oh and try not to rub it in the rest of our faces, pretty please?


source: Android Central


Listen to hilarious ‘sh*t Android fans say’

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We’ve all been there. You’re sitting with a friend who whips out their iPhone, ultimately leading you to pull out your very own Android powered smartphone. From there you begin making snotty remarks, claiming superiority with your allegiance to Android. Well, a new YouTube video accurately depicts the “sh*t Android fans say” on a daily basis. The subject matter is appropriate, so grab a snack and hit the break for the full video. » Read the rest

UK carrier O2 starts Jelly Bean rollout for Samsung Galaxy S III; Vodafone to start on Monday

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UK wireless carrier O2 has confirmed it is starting to roll out Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to Samsung Galaxy S III owners on its network. They have not indicated how long it should take to reach all device owners, but some should start to see it on Friday, October 19th. O2 joins Three in rolling out the Jelly Bean update for Samsung’s flagship device. Vodafone has issued a statement via their forums that Jelly Bean will be deployed to Galaxy S III devices on their network starting on Monday. T-Mobile and Orange have not yet released any information about timing for users on their networks. The update will be available to O2 owners as a WiFi over-the-air update or through Kies.

source: TechRadar

Samsung Galaxy S III for Three UK now receiving Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OTA

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Samsung has already told us to expect the update to Jelly Bean to take place over the coming months, but subscribers on UK’s Three network are receiving a very early Christmas present. Users are reporting that the carrier is now pushing out an update to Android 4.1.1, making it the first carrier-branded device to receive the highly anticipated firmware upgrade.

If you haven’t already been prompted for the update, you can head into settings > about phone > system updates to check for it manually. The file measures a whopping 286MB, so unless you’ve got loads of data you’ll want to connect to your local WI-Fi network. After you’ve completed the upgrade, be sure to let us know how the new software fares in the comments below.

Source: Android Central

Carbon Trust certification awarded to Samsung Galaxy S III and Ace Duo

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 The Samsung Galaxy S III is a phone that was instantly hailed as one of the best phones on the market and that was before the Jelly Bean update. When you have the combination of great hardware engineering and imaginative software all the praise is well deserved, now the Galaxy S III is being honored for being environmentally friendly. The Galaxy S III along with the Samsung Ace Duo in Europe were awarded the Carbon Trust PAS 2050 certification. PAS 2050 certification is based on greenhouse emissions over a devices lifetime. To put this into additional perspective, the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note had also received this certification, so this adds to Samsung’s recent history of environmentally friendly phones. Does the environment ever play a role in deciding which phone you buy?

Source: Android central

International Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean updates continue to roll out to more countries

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Looks like the Jelly Bean update for the international Samsung Galaxy S III (I9300) is finally in full force. The update has expanded to France, Spain, Romania and Australia with many more countries to follow in the next couple of days.

If you’re interested, you can grab the ROM via Samsung Kies. Other than that, wait patiently and you should receive your update soon enough! Let us know if you’re received your update in newer areas!

source: Android Police

T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S III to receive a small OTA that updates the build to T999UVLJ4

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First and foremost, this update isn’t Jelly Bean (cue the disappointment, but it will come soon enough!) but just a small OTA for tweaks on TouchWiz for your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III.

  • Version:
    • Android version 4.0.4/Software version T999UVLJ4
    • Approved 10/17/2012
  • Improvements:
    • Resolved Media Hub playback issues
    • Pinch & Zoom backend changes – No visible user  changes
  • Prerequisites
    • OTA and Samsung Kies update
    • T999UVLH2, T999UVLG1 or T999UVLEM
    • Device software is not rooted
    • 50% battery life
    • Data connection
    • 50 MB available memory (File size of update is 12 MB)

The update is a total of 12MB’s and is also available via kies if you prefer that. Other than that, just wait for the OTA to hit your device!

source: T-Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S III now as low as $99 on Amazon for a limited time only

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Widely regarded as the best Android phone currently out, the Samsung Galaxy S III has been nothing short of amazing ever since its release. Still salivating over the S III but unable to purchase one due to the high price? Well now may be your chance as you can snag this bad boy up for as low as $99 through Amazon! This limited-time sale puts the Android powerhouse in your possession if you sign up for a new individual or family plan with Verizon or Sprint. The AT&T model is also on sale, but for $129.99.

This promotion is for both the Pebble Blue and White 16GB versions. Remember, you have to be a new customer in order to take advantage of this deal. Links will be provided below!

source: Verizon | Sprint | AT&T

Samsung issues official announcement regarding Jelly Bean update for U.S. version of Samsung Galaxy S III

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As Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is taken up by more and more manufacturers on their new smartphones hitting the market in the near future, Samsung is in a bit of tight spot in trying to get their best-selling Samsung Galaxy S III updated to Jelly Bean. An update is needed to help customers who bought the popular smartphone happy and not feeling like their virtually new phone is outdated mere months after its release. Add to that news that U.K. carrier EE plans to make the Galaxy S III available with Jelly Bean pre-loaded and you have the potential to upset the early adopters. » Read the rest

US Samsung Galaxy S III Not Likely To Get Jelly Bean Update Until Possibly 2013

by Roy Alugbue on
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Please don’t be upset with me Galaxy S III owners, for I am the bearer of bad (and possibly discouraging) news. As Galaxy S III users in Korea and Europe are enjoying the Jelly Bean update on their devices, Jelly Bean testing has seemingly been not as smooth on the carrier-branded versions here in the States. As reported by the Examiner, the US variants of the device will be among the last to get the update and will see the update by “2013″. This is definitely a bummer too because Samsung has shown its commitment to providing timely updates, but the wireless carriers continue to be a thorn in customers’ sides.

For now, we’ll just need to wait and see if the update truly will be delayed for those of us here in the US. The good thing is that 2013 is just around the corner, so hopefully the wait won’t be too long for those Galaxy S III owners.

source: Examiner
via: Android Authority