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Galaxy Note III with dual-SIM launches in Asian markets, not region-locked

galaxy_note_3As previously rumored, Samsung has launched its dual-SIM variant of the Galaxy Note 3— it’s only available in China, so don’t go crazy just yet.

The device features the Snapdragon 800 processor and actually doesn’t come with a region lock. Samsung hasn’t officially announced it, but GSMArena says it costs €735 (the single SIM model is around €700).

Although it’s only being sold in Asian markets for now, (and will most likely stay there) the absence of region locking is great— if you feel like having one shipped to you from the other side of the globe, go right ahead.

Source: SamMobile

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3


After many months of leaks, we finally got to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in all its glory. Samsung held events in both Berlin and New York City to celebrate with their typical pomp and circumstance. They say if you grab the device it will grab you back.

Thanks to the very thin bezel, the width of the Note 3 has a larger display (5.7-inches vs 5.5-inches) despite the phone being the same width as the Note II.

Although Samsung is known for giving you the best specs available, it’s always more about the features. The Note 3 sports an improved S Pen and the newest features revolve around a dot, circle, and box.

By hovering the S Pen over the screen until a dot appears, you can access Air Command by pressing the button on the S Pen. It’s a quick menu to such features like Action Note and Scrapbook. With Scrapbook, you can draw a circle around anything you want to save to your personal scrapbook. Next up is the Pen Window, which adds to Samsung’s Multi Window feature. Just draw a box on your display and you will be able to open certain apps from within this box for enhanced multitasking.

Hit the break for a look at these features in our hands on video from NYC. Read more

Galaxy Note III specs confirmed again, this time with 2.5GB of RAM


We will get the official word tomorrow from the horse’s mouth, but it looks like the Galaxy Note III will come with 2.5GB of RAM. This is according to @evleaks, and a little less than the previously rumored 3GBs.

They also tweeted the screenshot above, which confirms Android 4.3. Along with that, you have an AnTuTu score of 24,497, which is based on a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem all that high.

Last but not least, they confirmed the display size of 1920 x 1080, but I didn’t think that was ever a question.

source: @evleaks

Fingerprint scanning a possibility for Samsung Galaxy Note III


Samsung’s Galaxy Note III device is scheduled to be announced this week, so it is only fitting that rumors abound concerning what we will discover. The latest technology that seems to have been identified is some type of fingerprint scanning capability for the Galaxy Note III. Twitter tipster @evleaks managed to get his hands on a list of APK files included on the forthcoming device. The list is quite long thanks to Samsung’s TouchWiz interface and buried in the list is a file named FingerprintService.apk. The presence of this file would seem to imply Samsung is planning to provide the ability to scan fingerprints as part of the device’s security capabilities.

Implementation of fingerprint scanners in smartphones is not a new concept as seen on the Motorola ATRIX 4G. More recently we have been witness to the on again, off again rumors regarding a fingerprint scanner included in the HTC One Max.  Even Apple is supposedly exploring fingerprint scanner options for their devices. All of this activity is likely driven by the increased focus on security as smartphones and tablets begin to displace traditional computer form factors and carry more sensitive information.

source: @evleaks

Image of Galaxy Note III leaks, rumored to have extremely thin bezel


The successor to Samsung’s phablet, the Note II, is only a few days away from an official announcement, but you won’t have to wait to see what the back of the device looks like. A picture of the Galaxy Note III has leaked online, and according to the tipster, the device has extremely narrow bezels.

The phone is rumored to have a 5.68-inch full HD super AMOLED display for developed markets and full HD LCD for developing markets, a Snapdragon 800 processor in 70-80% of devices while there will be an Exynos 5220 in 20-30% of devices, a 13 MP camera, 3 GB RAM, the option for 32/64 GB internal storage, Hifi Music Playback at 24bit/192kHz, a 3300-3420mAh battery, and Android 4.3.

We already know that the phone is going to be an absolute beast, so it’s just a matter of time before we can get our hands on it.

Hit the break for a more zoomed in photo of the device.

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New, cheaper variant of Samsung Galaxy Note III could be in the works


We are all familiar now with major manufacturers producing several variants of their flagship devices in order to target specific markets and demographics, so news that Samsung may be ready to release a cheaper variant of the new Galaxy Note III intended for emerging markets should not be surprising. According to sources in Korea, Samsung has a version of the new stylus-equipped phablet that costs 20 – 30% less to manufacture than the “normal” version slated to be unveiled next week. It appears changes will include the use of an LCD screen instead of Super AMOLED and a downgraded rear-facing camera capable of 8 MP compared to 13 MP for the normal unit. Samsung could also look at a change like downgrading the processor to a Snapdragon 600.

You may recognize that de-tuning the screen and camera were the same changes Samsung made when producing the Galaxy S 4 Active. So another alternative may be that Samsung is working on a ruggedized version of the Galaxy Note III for buyers who want to use their device in the great outdoors or other hazardous environments.

We should find out more next week.

source: ET News

Samsung Galaxy Note III possibly releasing to Taiwanese markets on September 27th


We’re incredibly close to that impending Galaxy Note III announcement, but that’s not going to stop the rumor mill. The latest details come from Chinese website ePrice and claim the Note III will hit the Taiwanese market on September 27th following preorders beginning on September 16th. There’s no indication if that means it will be a simultaneous global launch or if we’ll see it later in the States, but judging by how our carriers tend to release phones, I doubt we’ll see the Note III widely available by the end of September.

Regardless of when it launches, September is going to be a busy month for phones. Samsung and Sony both have high-profile devices set to be announced, and they’ll be running up against a new Apple iPhone in the same month. It’s an exciting time if you’re in the market for a new phone.

source: ePrice

Galaxy Note III front panel leaks, shows 5.68-inch display and very thin bezel


The Samsung Galaxy Note III front panel is out in the open. It confirms that it will resemble the Galaxy S 4, but it also confirms a display size of about 5.68-inches. As each Note’s display has grown by about 0.2-inches, the bezel has continued to shrink over time. The Galaxy Note III will sport a 2.2mm bezel, which is 0.45mm smaller than the LG G2.

We are exactly a week away from getting our hands on this bad boy. Are you guys excited despite the lack of optical image stabilization? Hit the break for more images.

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Samsung exec confirms what we already knew, Galaxy Note III and Galaxy Gear on tap for Sept 4


They are saying the cat’s out of the bag, but is it really? Every indication pointed towards the Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch to be part of the Samsung Unpacked 2013 Episode II on September 4th. Just in case you’re not a believer, Samsung Mobile VP Lee Young-hee confirmed both devices in a chat with the Korea Times.

Another tidbit we knew was that the Galaxy Gear won’t have a flexible display, and he confirmed that as well. The only other thing he offered was, “The new device will enhance and enrich the current smart mobile experience in many ways.” As to the Galaxy Note III, he didn’t divulge anything.

source: Korea Times
via: Engadget

Latest Samsung Galaxy Note III rumor says shooting 4K videos will be possible

Samsung Galaxy Note III

Earlier today we got word that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note III will not have optical image stabilization for the camera. Buyers who are more interested in moving pictures technology may have something to entice them though as the latest rumor suggests the Galaxy Note III will support recording 4K Ultra HD videos. You may recall that last week the MHL Consortium announced their new MHL 3.0 standard that includes support for 4K Ultra HD video. While the world waits for content providers to prepare UHD content, if this latest rumor is true then owners of the Galaxy Note III will be able to get ahead of the curve. Along with the news about 4K video recording, sources in Korea also indicate the new device will be capable of playing back sound at Hi-Fi 24-bit/192KHz levels.

If true, these rumors hint at the Galaxy Note III being a strong device for content producers to use for original content creation and to display that content directly from their devices.

source: Hankyung
via: TechKiddy