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Jelly Bean update starting to roll for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus

It looks like the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is finally getting some Jelly Bean love. Not only has Verizon posted the changelog on their site, but we received a few emails from readers saying they already got the update. The build is JR003O and has a file size of 146.6MB. We actually saw this build last month, but we weren’t sure if it was going to be the final build at that time.

Once the update takes place, you will be able to enjoy Google Now, Google’s new enhanced Voice Search, new Notification panel actions, and a smarter keyboard.

So far it’s not available to me, but I need to check again when I get back to a WiFi connection. To manually check to see if it’s available to you, just go to Settings/About Phone/System Updates. Please let us know if you were able to grab the update in the comments below.

Hit the break for additional changelog information

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User Agent Profile For Samsung GT-I9260 Smartphone Leaks


It looks like we have another follow-up to a certain Samsung device. If you recall last month, we casually made a mention of a mysterious Samsung GT-i9260, which was originally believed to be a possible successor to the current Galaxy Nexus smartphone– but is more likely to be some sort of an enhanced version of the current Galaxy Nexus or the Galaxy Premier smartphone. Originally, we were treated to some major specs identified in the original leak such as an A9-based dual-core processor, 8MP camera and the addition of an SD card slot— and now we have a User Agent Profile that gives us even more details. According to the User Agent Profile, the GT-i9260 has a resolution of 1280 x 720, which almost mirrors the current Galaxy Nexus. However, something that is a bit unusual is the fact that the CPU listed is identified as the “ARM11” unit, which may indeed stand for a ARM’s Cortex-A11 processor since you know— the original ARM11 CPU powered the original Android smartphone and all. Nevertheless, this processor is listed and is expected to be clocked much faster than the processor found in the Galaxy Nexus.

So all in all, this device could either be a minor refresh of the current Galaxy Nexus or we can see a brand new Galaxy Premier smartphone (which I personally think is the more likely scenario). Either way, now that we have the User Agent Profile, it shouldn’t be too long before we get additional details.

source: Pocketnow


Early Reports Indicate Galaxy Nexus Smartphone Receiving Jelly Bean Update In Canada


Today is a joyous day for Galaxy Nexus owners in Canada. Various reports are indicating the coveted Android 4.1.1 update is finally reaching devices operating on wireless carriers Rogers, Telus, Fido and Wind. It seems like this is an early rollout of the update, so if you haven’t received the coveted update yet, be sure to check your System Software Updates as soon as possible to manually push it through to your Galaxy Nexus. Oh and do tell us how all that buttery goodness is working out for you all.

source: Mobile Syrup

Sprint rolling out Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S 4G starting September 6th

Sprint customers who own Samsung Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S 4G devices will be happy to know they are about to receive Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Sources have confirmed Sprint plans to rollout the update for the devices starting September 6th. According to Sprint’s internal information, Galaxy Nexus devices will receive update FH05 while Nexus S 4G owners will receive update JRO03R. It appears the updates will be “clean” versions of Jelly Bean with no overlays or OEM changes. The updates will be initiated by Google; users will not be able to download and install on their own.

source: Android Central

Download and Install the latest Jelly Bean Build (JR003O) for your Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Earlier today we told you that a lucky XDA member received a Jelly Bean OTA update for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. You can download the test build and install it yourself, but you have to go back to stock (build IMM76K) to make it happen. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Make sure you’re running stock (If you’re not then you can use WugFresh’s Nexus Root Toolkit to restore/install stock)
  2. Unlock the device and install a custom recovery (Wugfresh’s Toolkit can do this as well)
  3. Flash the IMM76Q Package via the custom recovery
  4. Flash the JRO03O Package via the custom recovery
If you need any help or want more info, hit up the source link below.

source: Androidcentral Forums


Is the Jelly Bean Update for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus Coming Soon?

Could the Verizon Galaxy Nexus finally be getting its Jelly Bean update? According to one lucky XDA forum member El Madhatter, who received the OTA notification on his Galaxy Nexus, the update is available as build JRO03O – the newest available Android version to date.

I wouldn’t get too excited just yet, as this guy appears to have a test version of the Galaxy Nexus and he was one of the first to receive the 4.0.4 IMM76Q update. Nonetheless it seems an update will soon be available.

The Verizon Galaxy Nexus hasn’t exactly lived up to the true Nexus name thus far, but are you Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners excited? Has Verizon already taken all the fun out of your Nexus? Hit up the comments and let us know how you feel.

Source: XDA Forums

Samsung GT-i9260 ‘Superior’ with Slightly Better Specs than the Galaxy Nexus Leaks, Could this be the Next Nexus?

It’s that time of year again. Samsung fansite Sammobile has revealed specs for a new Samsung phone with the model number GT-i9260. As we all know, the Galaxy Nexus is the GT-i9250, so this along with the leaked specifications indicate this device will be a mid-level spec bump. Among the improved specs are a 1.5GHz Cortex A9 dual-core CPU, 8 megapixel rear facing camera, 1.9 megapixel front facing camera, and the addition of an SD card. The bumped specs are slight improvements, which is disappointing if this is going to be the next Nexus phone.

Perhaps Google is going to introduce high end and mid-level Nexus devices since the Nexus 7 has been a huge success in part due to its low price. Or perhaps the addition of an SD card indicates this will be a Samsung TouchWiz powered device, since we all know Nexus devices no longer have SD cards. Let’s also not forget the rumor that there could be as many as five Nexus devices announced later this year.

Are you excited about the prospect of the next Nexus? Do you think this will indeed be the next Nexus or a TouchWiz phone? Hit up the comments and let us know what you think!

Source: Sammobile

Samsung engaged in “beat-Apple” strategy by copying iPhone Apple claims in court hearing

Last week all eyes were focused on a courtroom in California where Apple and Samsung were engaged in a litigation battle. That was only one front in the war between the two smartphone manufacturing giants. Across the country, in an appellate courtroom for the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, Apple and Samsung engaged each other to start this week in yet another Apple v Samsung case.

This particular hearing was the result of Samsung’s appeal of an order from Judge Lucy Koh to ban the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phones until the patent infringement trial takes place in March 2014. Samsung is trying to get the ban overturned, to get Judge Koh’s finding that Apple is likely to prevail overturned, and they are challenging the validity of the patent in question. On that point, the patent is the one that involves the ability of Google search to return “hits” for items both on the device and on the Internet – a unified search result. Read more

MIUI Jelly Bean ROMs now available for Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus

MIUI has proven to be a highly desirable aftermarket firmware among the developer community, and today marks the initial release of Jelly Bean builds for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Nexus S. Currently, the ROMs contain no major bugs, which is good news considering previous Ice Cream Sandwich builds offered less than ideal functionality. The massive changelog offers an in-depth look at the the backend changes that had to be made to support the bump to Android 4.1. Fresh features include a revamped video player UI, a new contact manager and hundreds of optimizations. You can read the official instructions and download your ROM after the break.

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Play your Android games in style; Check out this homemade PS3 controller Samsung Galaxy Nexus dock

Lets face it, gaming on an Android device (no matter how big the screen is) can be quite challenging, especially if you’re playing first-person-shooters or even games from an emulator. Wouldn’t it be a dream to use a console’s controller to play these games with, perhaps a PlayStation 3 controller? A Reddit user by the name of TheRealBigLou has done just that by creating his own homemade PS3 controller dock for his

TheRealBigLou was also kind enough to give a description of how he made this:

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