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Google Releases A Pair of Commercials To Showcase The Galaxy Nexus

Reports all over seem to be consistent in that Verizon isn’t doing a whole lot to advertise the Galaxy Nexus for the masses.  We’re told it could be a different story after the holidays for some reason. However, Google isn’t just standing by as two different commercials touting the device’s social features and facial recognition unlock screen are shown off.  I’ve actually recalled a few other commercials released for the device as well from when the GSM version debuted and thought I would just mash them all up here in one post for you.  Definitely entertaining, so check them out and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

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Adobe Updates Flash Player To Support Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Since the launch of the great and powerful Galaxy Nexus, updates are beginning to come out of the wood works to support the latest and greatest OS to ever come out Googleplex.  Adobe’s Flash Player 11 is the latest to receive an update in support of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and though according to the change log there are few issues that still require ironing out, it’s all good for the most part.  The update brings the application to version and can be snagged in the Android Market as well as the QR code below for your convenience.


Android Market Link

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ICS 4.0.2 (ICL53F) Factory Images Released for Verizon Wireless Galaxy Nexus

More good news for those of you who managed to score the Galaxy Nexus on this Merry Nexus Day. Not even two hours after the Android 4.0.1 images were released for the Verizon Nexus, Google has decided to drop the 4.0.2 factory images on us as well. The build for ICS 4.0.2 is ICL53F and is the current build you’ll have after the phone updates shortly after activation. For those of you who are wanting to flash, mod and tweak your phone it is suggested that you tuck these away just in case. Check back and we should have an update on how to flash these to your phones should you botch a flash.

maguro/yakju download link

toro/mysid download link

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Full Changelog for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4.0.2 update

As we reported yesterday, everyone who purchases a Galaxy Nexus from Verizon today will get a notification for an update shortly after activation. We weren’t sure of all the details, but the changelog is out so here you go:

Software Version: ICL53F / Android Version 4.0.2

Device features

  • Optimized Mobile Hotspot when used with VPN.
  • Optimized 3G/4G data sessions for faster response times.
  • Fixed an incorrect notification that “data was disconnected due to roaming”.
  • Wi-Fi now automatically reconnects when returning to a known Access Point.
  • Improvements to special visual effects feature when using front-facing camcorder.
  • Visual improvements to the lock screen.

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Commemorate The Galaxy Nexus’ Release By Unlocking The Bootloader

Happy Galaxy Nexus Day folks! What better way to celebrate this momentous day by having full instructions on how to unlock the boatloader? The good news is that the process is relatively brief and not too challenging thanks to the fine team at Droid Life. Since the Galaxy Nexus is a pure developer device, there’s no need to bypass or hack the bootloader like you would another device. Feeling lucky, ambitious, and ready to unlock the phone’s true potential? Hit the break for full instructions for those using Windows-based computers. Read more

[Deal] Verizon Galaxy Nexus Available Tonight at Midnight for as Low as $155 from LetsTalk

Plan on finally picking up the Verizon Galaxy Nexus? Are you are so upset with the way they went about launching the device that you are having a hard time giving them $300 for the phone? Well you in luck! At midnight tonight, is offering the device for $154.99 for new customers, and $174.99 for existing customers who are eligible for an upgrade. The phone will retail for $229.99, but by using the coupon code $75VZN, you will get a sweet little revenge discount. Existing customers need to pay a $20 premium in case you were wondering why the price difference.

Head to this link at 12:01 PST to get yourself a shiny new toy at a great discounted price! The coupon code ($75VZN) can be found through LetsTalk’s Facebook page in case you don’t believe me.

It’s Officially Official: Galaxy Nexus Launches On Verizon Tomorrow December 15th For $299

We know what you’re thinking.  Damn! Finally!  And probably some other words we can’t officially type on the blog.  But here it is folks, finally made official by Verizon, the Galaxy Nexus will arrive tomorrow 12/15 and will go for $299 on contract with a new two year agreement.  You’ll be able to order the device online around 1am eastern and stores should be fully stocked already in the event you want to skip waiting for the device to arrive by mail.  Enjoy it all of you who waited so patiently and don’t forget to stay tuned to Talk Android as we get our review up of the 

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Verizon gives us a Galaxy Nexus simulator, but where’s the real thing?

Still hoping that tomorrow will bring the release of the Galaxy Nexus? It’s not looking good since they made it clear there would be a press announcement, and as of right now there isn’t one. If you like to be teased than hit the source link and you can enjoy a virtual Galaxy Nexus compliments of Verizon. I can only imagine how many suits are at Verizon corporate right now laughing at all of us.

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Verizon Releases PR Statement on Galaxy Nexus Release Status

Well finally after a whole lot of silence after each targeted release date miss Verizon is speaking up about the Galaxy Nexus. In a short PR statement Verizon announced the following:

“The Galaxy Nexus is still on track to launch this year. We will definitely send a press release to announce availability. Feel free to visit to sign up for email alerts to be one of the first to know.”

So with that being said, it appears that tomorrow’s rumored launch is not going to happen. Although it does say that the device is still on track for a release this year and that we will hear it straight from the horse’s mouth when it will happen. So even with the rumors of the Nexus launch flying about you can safely bet that it won’t happen until we hear it straight from Big Red. If you have missed out on any of the news regarding the Nexus you can read all about it right here. I don’t know about you guys though, but I am both saddened and relieved at Verizon’s statement.

Telstra to Sell the Galaxy Nexus Tomorrow, December 14th

Australians rejoice! You are next in line to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Starting tomorrow, Telstra is offering the device online and in two flagship stores in Melbourne. You can get a hold of this America-illusive device for as low as $69 a month on up to $129 depending on which contract you go with. For all the details check out the source link below.

If you plan on going to one of the Telstra stores you might wanna get there before the doors open. I imagine you aren’t the only one craving a piece of the GNex action.

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