Samsung awarded design patent for refined Galaxy Camera

samsung-galaxy-camera-2-01Samsung’s Galaxy Camera is a cool concept, but the actual design of the device is pretty clunky, to say the least. It looks like Samsung is working on updating that, though, as they’ve been awarded a design patent for a new camera phone device that’s much sleeker than what you can get right now.

The patent shows a device with a more refined body instead of the awkward grip that you’ll find on the current Galaxy Camera. The headphone jack on the device also appears to have been moved to the top and center, and it looks like Samsung has possibly found a way to integrate the flash into the camera lens encasement. There’s a small hole on the outer edges and no hole on the face of the device, so going by this single patent design, that’s the most likely conclusion. Read more

Samsung announces Galaxy Camera 2 and NX30, could not wait until CES


After receiving certification in India last week, Samsung has decided to pull the cover off of the successor to its Galaxy Camera. The Galaxy Camera 2 (pictured above) has the same 16MP sensor, 21x zoom capable lens, and 4.8-inch display from before. The changes come in other ways. The battery is now fatter at 2000mAh and the weight has dropped to 9.2 ounces. To power Android 4.3, a quad-core processor clocked at 1.6GHz with 2GB of RAM is on board.

Samsung also took the cover off of the NX30 camera (pictured below), the NX20’s successor. This cameras sensor is 20.3MP and takes just 80 milliseconds to find what needs to be focused on. The display is based on one of Samsung’s Super AMOLED touchscreens and it can tilt and swivel to your desire. Samsung has not yet given a release date or price on either camera. Hit the source link to view the press release on each device.

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Next Samsung Galaxy Camera device shows up for Indonesian certification


A new Samsung Galaxy camera device has shown up on the ePostel certification web site for Indonesia, a good sign that the device is getting close to being released. The new device has model number EK-GC200 in the listing and we are able to glean from the listing that it comes equipped with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, NFC support, Bluetooth 4.0, and GPS. Like its predecessor, the device is expected to lean more toward being a camera with smartphone bits merged onto it versus the typical smartphone with camera bits included. Earlier this month Samsung revealed they had merged their camera and smartphone divisions as part of an effort to get the two teams working more closely. That move will benefit their smartphone business, at least they hope, but it could certainly help with their efforts to produce Galaxy camera devices even though development of this particular device was probably well underway prior to the merger.

With the device already going through the certification process in parts of the world, that could be a good sign Samsung may be ready to release it during the first quarter of 2014, possibly at CES 2014 or MWC 2014.

sources: @evleaks, PocketDroid

Grab Samsung’s Galaxy Camera app for your Galaxy S 4


Samsung’s original Galaxy Camera was a fairly niche product, but it did have some cool features in the camera. Developer LastStandingDroid is working on getting the camera app ported to other devices, and if you’re a Galaxy S 4 owner, you can test out a port of the Galaxy Camera’s camera app on your device without having to shell out several hundred bucks on a new device.

The port is packaged in a flashable zip file, so you’ll have to be rooted and running a custom recovery to try it out. For the most part, it’s a really functional app, and the flash, auto-focus, fast motion and slow motion, and front and back cameras work. Like any work-in-progress, though, there are still a few things that need to be fixed, such burst mode, the best face feature, and a few others. You’ll also lose your boot animation completely because of some Galaxy Camera specific files in the package.

If you don’t mind testing out new things that aren’t 100% broken, hit the links below.

source: XDA

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Samsung targeting Photog-Enthusiasts with latest Galaxy Camera NX unveiling


A week ago, several leaked shots of Samsung’s Galaxy Camera NX surfaced and gave us what to expect for today’s announcement. Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy Camera NX in an attempt to tap into the market of photography enthusiasts. The camera supports 13 different inter-changeable lenses. You won’t find any buttons on the back side as it sports a 4.8″ capacitive LCD touch-screen so it works more or less like a cell phone. If your’e familiar with Samsung’s Galaxy S 3 or Galaxy S 4 devices then the interface will be nothing new to you as it features Samsung’s TouchWiz UI alongside Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

If you’re interested in checking out the full press release alongside the full spec sheet, hit the break. Is this something you might be interested in? I’m curious to see if this gets any attention with amateur photographers out there, let me know!

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Samsung quietly working on the EK-GN120, a Galaxy Camera that’s also identified as a mobile phone



Samsung’s Galaxy Camera certainly made a splash when it was released last year and the Korean giant has plans on introducing some sort of a follow-up to the unique device. A mysterious EK-GN120 device surfaced on the Bluetooth website and obtained the coveted Bluetooth 4.0 certification. While there are no particular details that indicate what the new camera will bring– there is some speculation that the newest edition of the Galaxy Camera will be well… more than just a camera, thanks to the device being listed as a “mobile phone” under the Product Type. So it’s possible that the new device will feature some sort of calling functionality or something of that nature.

So now that the cat is out of the bag, we’ll be on the lookout for any new leaks regarding this intriguing new device— so stay tuned.

source:  Bluetooth SIG | TechTastic
via: SamMobile

WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Camera on the way to US stores and will arrive “later this month”



We certainly have a soft spot for the Samsung Galaxy Camera, but there are more than a few of you out there that loathed the fact it was a feature device for only a few wireless carriers. To that extent, Samsung has come out and confirmed it will release a WiFi-only version of the connected camera for those of us out here in the States. In case you’ve forgotten, the Galaxy Camera features a 1.4GHz quad-core chip, 1GB of RAM and most importantly, a decent 12MP camera complete with 21X optical zoom. The difference between the WiFi-only version and the cellular version: the WiFi-only version will run customers about $450, compared to $500 for the AT&T HSPA+ version and $550 for the Verizon variant. Hopefully with the loss of the cellular chip, we’ll see a reduction in the overall weight of the device.

Expect to see the WiFi Galaxy Camera to hit stores “later this month”. In the meantime, hit the break to see Sammy’s full presser.

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Samsung releases WiFi version of the Galaxy Camera


Interested in one of Samsung’s Galaxy Cameras but didn’t want the cellular radios in it? You’re in luck, as Samsung launched a WiFi-only version of the Jelly Bean powered point-and-shoot. Fortunately, dropping the 3G/4G connectivity should also drop the price a bit. All the other specs, like the 21x optical zoom, quad-core processor, and 16.3 megapixel sensor haven’t changed. No word on actual pricing or availability, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated. Hit the source below to see Samsung’s press release.

source: Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Camera Gets Updated To Android 4.1.2, Bringing New “Smart” Modes Along With It


The Samsung Galaxy Camera has gotten its first major software update which brings some significant improvements and goodies to the camera. In addition to bringing the Galaxy Cam’s Android software to version 4.1.2, the update brings a few new “smart” shooting modes including a dawn, food and snow settings which all aim to enhance whatever picture or image you are trying to capture— as well as some additional minor bug and lag fixes. While the update is available for users now— it will need to be flashed manually, so it’s advised that Galaxy Cam users take extreme caution in doing so. Or users can ummm, you know… wait for the update to be pushed out over the air and all.

The complete update file can be found at the source link below.

source: SamMobile

Samsung Galaxy Camera Review: Redefining What A Connected Camera Should Be


Let’s face it, we live in a world connected through the internet where we are constantly looking at (and for) noteworthy photos from our friends, family or anyone of any sort of relevance. It’s no secret that as we become more and more connected through the web, we are looking to share our precious moments with our family and friends faster than ever using our smartphones– especially since we can share photos to our friends and loved ones instantly with blazing fast cellular networks. It’s also no secret while we can share our photos faster than ever, the quality of the photos from many smartphones are average at best— especially compared to a photo taken from a traditional point-and-shoot or DSLR-type camera. Samsung quickly realized this and unveiled the Galaxy Camera: traditional a camera  that takes quality photos, while allowing the ability for users to be always connected to the internet in order to instantly share the photos with family and friends.

So in case you’re not familiar, let’s remind ourselves of what the Galaxy Camera is exactly: a camera that’s stuffed with TouchWiz-infused Jelly Bean running the show. The device is more or less what we identify as a connected camera: a camera allowing us to share quality photos and videos with our friends and family instantly thanks to an always-on internet connection via the camera’s built-in SIM card. As it always does with many of its products, Samsung takes a gamble by using its brand name to market a basic camera that’s connected to the internet via the Android platform, but does it succeed in trying to bring yet another “unique” device to the marketplace? We know that certain celebs have taken a strong liking to the device, but for the rest of you– you’ll need to read on past the break to see if it is worth your fancy in our review.


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