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iGrill now available for Android devices

What exactly do you get when you combine grilling with Android? iGrill. Previously limited solely to iOS devices, the food-monitoring Bluetooth accessory is finally compatible with Android. The company broke the news on its website earlier today, announcing that an official application had been made available on the Play Store for Android users to download.

If you’re not familiar with the gadget, iGrill wirelessly pairs to your Android device and will feed you live readings of your food’s temperature. The iGrill component itself retails for $79.99. While that may seem like a steep price to pay for a fancy meat thermometer, keep in mind that what you’re actually getting is the best possible mixture of serving your duty as grillmaster and using your Android smartphone.

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Source: iGrill
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Something to share with our readers – Thanks Technorati!

We just wanted to share with our readers that Technorati has listed TalkAndroid as their ‘Blog of the day‘ under the “Android Channel”! Some may not consider this to be anything significant, but we at TalkAndroid, the writers and owners alike, feel it’s pretty awesome when the site you have all helped support gets any recognition. So for that reason, we are humbled, and wanted to specifically thank you all, our readers, for supporting us!

There’s a lot of competition out there in the blogging world, particularly in the technology industry, and we wanted to give a shout to Technorati for helping blogs like ours get the info syndicated so it can be reached by many. Founded as the first Blog search engine, Technorati is based out of San Francisco, and is currently indexing over a million blogs each day. You can learn more about Technorati here.

Google Purchases Modu’s Patent Portfolio for $4.7 Million, What’s In Store For Future Android Devices?

Some of you may recall and some of you may not (most of you will not) remember the company Modu, which was obsessed with making tiny phones with the hope that they will dock into other devices like QWERTY keyboards, stereo systems and high end cameras, further extending the functionality of the them.  It was difficult to take the company seriously, especially when they never really launched anything worth glancing at.  However, Google seems to have a little something up their sleeve.  They have recently purchased Modu’s patents for a whopping $4.7 million dollars, a little over double the original price of $2 million.  One can only assume something really cool is going to come out of this.  Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to plug the device into a number of other cool devices, making our cell phones the only thing we’ll need to take around with us.  At home, pop into a device giving you full PC functionality.  On the go, pop it into a laptop or a tablet to extend our profiles.  And the list could go on.  Treadmills, TV’s, refrigerators and cars.  I’m not just talking about an aux port/cable like the iPhones uses on most products, I’m talking about a dedicated slot for the device.  Now that’s a concept.  I don’t know, maybe Im just letting my imagination run wild a bit?  Here’s to hoping we see Google do something incredible with the patents as future Android devices are revealed.  What would you like to see these little gadgets dock into?

[via intomobile]