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Words With Friends Arrives on Android

I’m pleased to say, today marks the death of the the “If only my Android phone had…” era. The one app I’ve wanted since getting an Android phone was, of course, Words With Friends. One of the most popular iPhone apps, and “the game” that all my friends have been playing, finally lands on Android. So if you’ve been waiting to school your unenlightened (ie iPhone-owning) friends in a Scrabble-like word game, you wait is at an end. Pick up Words with Friends (Appbrain link) in the market or by scanning the QR code below.

Words With Friends coming soon to Android according to insider email

We keep hearing it, over and over and over again. “When will we see Words With Friends come to Android?” Well, according to an insider email sent to us from tipster Jordan, it won’t be too much longer.

Jordan sent an email to the Words With Friends team, asking when we will see the game on our beloved platform. The response:

We’ve since hired a team to develop an Android Version. They’re actively at work on it at the moment and are getting close to being done, so not too much longer!

So stay tuned and patient, folks, as the wait may be close to over. What do you think of this? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

Thanks Jordan!

Loopt for Android: Mini Review

Loopt for Android

So you need to know where your best buddy is that you haven’t seen since you both graduated college last year, and you happen to be in town. Or, you want to see where your stalker ex-girlfriend is, who’s still in your facebook places, so you can avoid her like a plaid suit at a wedding. What can you do?

Get Loopt! (And I don’t mean loaded)

Users of Loopt will be happy to see that the developers of Loopt have built Facebook Places integration, so your Loopt and Facebook friends will appear as plots on the Loopt map.

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