Tether Your Droid X Without Cables

Sure, there are programs out there like PDANet that allow you to tether your phone and get internet, but until now that seemed the only way to do so without paying out the wazoo to do so. A few users have just discovered what is probably just a feature that Verizon forgot to close the loop on which allows users to tether their Droid X’s to their Mac, PC, or Box via Bluetooth. No cable, No root, No special program, no being redirected to Verizon for additional fees. All you have to do is use the built in mobile hotspot feature and set it to Bluetooth. How long do you think Verizon will let this go un-patched? Let us know in the comments!

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Try on a pair of American Eagle jeans and get a free Android Phone

American Eagle is giving away a voucher for a free smartphone including Android devices just for trying on a pair of their jeans. There are a total of 40 phones and the Android offerings include the HTC Aria, Droid Eris, and the Motorola Devour among others. You can also receive discounts on other Android phones such as the HTC Evo for Sprint and the HTC Droid Incredible for Verizon. I even spotted the Original Motorola Droid for $19.99 in the list. For the full breakdown of the phones offered for free or discount check out the American Eagle Outfitters website.

One thing to remember is that this deal is with a new two year subscription to the carrier depending on the phone chosen and the device will be mailed to you so you can’t just go pick one up locally. To sweeten the deal American Eagle will also send you a $25 gift card with your new phone so you can go back and buy those jeans you were staring so hard in the mirror at. :) Never the less if you are looking for a good Android phone for free or cheaper then go try on some jeans and walk away happy.

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More “Charming” news about T-Mobile’s new qwerty phone, the Motorola Charm (Basil?)

Motorola Charm

More info is rolling out about the upcoming Motorola Charm aka Basil for T-Mobile. While not much was said about the specs, a source for TmoNews was able to snap a nice pic of the candy bar phone. (Which I don’t know about you, but it looks a lot to me like my Peek email device, but anyway)

While the design may not be for everyone, the Charm is said to have a landscape-style screen which looks to be about 3 inches and is running an unknown version of the Android OS and Moto-Blur. The kicker on this update is that the device is said to have a touch pad much like the Motorola Backflip has.

Even better, the latest in store banners for T-Mobile show the Motorola Charm as one of their “Free” back to school special phones. A free Android-based, qwerty keyboard with all the trimmings. Who wouldn’t want to get in on that deal. Even my son is begging me to get him one. We’ll have to see if any rebates are needed for the “Free” price but still this makes it the cheapest Android based phone to date.

T-Mobile Ad

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PhoneWeaver Giveaway Contest

Ever had your phone start ringing at the most inopportune time? Meetings Church? Class? Dinner at the in-laws?

Well what if you had an app that could control what profile your phone used based on the time, your agenda, power connection or even location? Well thats the exact same functionality that PhoneWeaver provides.

YouTube Preview Image

We’ve got 10 copies of the $7 app to give away and the rules for this contest are pretty easy, so go check’em out and enter to win!

PhoneWeaver Giveaway Contest

Will Android Talk your Texts? You Bet!

I’m sure some of you have heard of BlueAnt before, but for those who haven’t, BlueAnt is a manufacturer of many different hands-free solutions that aims for a truly hands-free experience adding full phone voice commands. The company has just recently announced the release of an Android app to allow Android users to finally reap all the benefits! The app will work with the S4 True Handsfree Car Speakerphone, and the T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset. The company proudly touts these devices as simply groundbreaking. The devices allow you to listen to text messages, contact BlueAnt support lines directly, and allow drivers to communicate on the road without having to touch their phone. These features are on top of the T1’s wind noise reduction providing clear audio in 22mph winds, and the S4’s claim as the worlds first true handsfree speakerphone.

bluetooth headset android hands free

These claims are all pretty impressive, you can try it out for yourself if you are running Android 2.0 and up. The download is free to all S4 and T1 owners. However, the S4 hardware will run you$99

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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Pre order Unity Pro for Android, get a free Nexus One

Yes, you read that correctly – if you pre-order Unity Pro for the Android OS, you’ll get a free Nexus One.

Oh, so long as you are one of the first 500 customers to make the pre-order.

Unity is a game development tool for multiple platforms including Android amongst many others and judging by the looks of things, is a pretty powerful bit of kit. Not cheap at $1,200, but a skilled developer could make that back in no time at all. So if you were always intending on buying Unity Pro for the Android OS and quite fancy a Nexus One, get your skates on, sonny!

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Dell offering HTC Aria for free

Currently available from AT&T for $129.99, this newcomer is a sprightly, mid-high end smartphone from HTC with the flavoursome 2.1 Eclaire running in the background. However, if you feel that $129.99 is too much, then get to Dell’s website now where you can snap up the HTC Aria for nothing, nada, $0… And this is across the board, without having to pay for activation or shipping either. Even though this is for new AT&T customers only, it’s still a great deal.

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$199? I don’t think so, this Android is FREE!

There are a ton of Android-based phones hitting the market all of the time. While some folks don’t want to fork up the cash for an upgrade and often settle for the FREE price tag at local retailers, Wirefly is offering one of three Android- based phones for the acceptable price tag of $0. The only catch? You have to pay the $35 activation fee for Verizon service. No rebates, no in store credit, shipping charges, just $35 to activate your new phone!

Choose between the size and physical keyboard of the LG Ally and the Motorola Droid. Or you can picks the fun and functional HTC Droid Eris. Whichever phone you chose to pick, you get to take advantage of the great update that is Android 2.1.

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Free Google Android stickers – show your phone some love

The marketing power-house that is Google, is kindly giving away sets of 12 stickers to plaster over your phone. Dubbed ‘Gone Google’, this little ploy will tart up your phone and make the odd passer-by wonder what that daft little sticker is that is obscured by your hand while you talk.

Unless you have a habit of leaving your phone out of a case and face down on your desk for the whole world to see, I suppose.

Otherwise, head over to the ‘Gone Google‘ page, and click on the ‘get yours now’ link. Then you simply click the ‘Gone Google’ button (see below) and fill out your details.

I’m informed however, that you’ll need to set up an iPrint account and that these stickers, with a normal price of $2.49, will only be free to those countries supported by iPrint – options for delivery are “USA”, “Canada” and “International”, so it’s a little vague. Thanks to JR Raphael at Computerworld for the heads-up.

Supplies are limited, so get your skates on!

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