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Dailymotion video streaming app arrives in the Android Market

I am sure by now you have heard of the Youtube alternative website called, Dailymotion. Well, I bet you didn’t know that they have turned all that great video watching experience into an Android app, did you?

The new app, Dailymotion, allows users to create an account and customize the dashboard to create a mashup of all their favorite videos and channels in one easy to locate spot. The app also plays back selected videos like a playlist would in iTunes and has continuous play. That means that once a selected video finishes playing, another related video or the next video on the channel or playlist will automatically begin, creating somewhat of an uninterrupted streaming video service.

The Daiymotion app is available now as a free download in the Android Market. Hit up one of the links below to check it out and jump past the break for a full press release. If you give it a spin, let us know in the comments how the experience stacks up against Youtube.

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A Moon Odyssey – A Live Wallpaper That’s Out of This World

I’m not usually one to report on live wallpapers (our very own Joe Sirianni usually finds the best ones), but I found one tonight that I think is pretty damn neat. It’s unlike most live wallpapers, instead of fluid computer generated graphics it uses a hand drawn sketch-like in old school animation.

Reminding me of a flip book I did when I was a kid, A Moon Odyssey LWP, gives your android device a completely different and unique look than before. When you unlock your phone from a resting state you are presented with a hand drawn moon that appears to be in orbit. Once you swipe from screen to screen or press any where on the display, you activate the space shuttle and thus begins the moon odyssey. Following your finger placement, the shuttle traverses left and right and journeys closer and closer to the moon. I am not sure what exactly happens after long use, does the shuttle actually make contact? Either way, you should give it a test flight.

This live wallpaper is free and can be found in the Android Market or through the QR code below. You should check it out if you want to try something completely out of the norm and be sure to let me know what you think. Now don’t go getting your hopes up thinking this will be the most epic LVW you have ever seen, I just wanted to point out something completely original. I give the devs credit for thinking out of the box – nay, out of the universe!


Lemon App, The Sweetest Way To Manage All Of Your Purchases

If you are anything like me and have a super hectic, sometimes scatterbrain lifestyle, a little bit of organizational skills can go a long way. I find that unfortunately my finances are sometimes victim to neglect and I lose track of where and how much money I am spending. Recently I came across a free app in the Android Market called Lemon, it keeps track of how much money you spend and even keeps an image of your receipts. Instead of cramming a bunch of receipts in your wallet, just send them to Lemon where they will be instantly filed and organized for future reference. It’s that easy!

The Lemon app also provides a email address that you can enter when making online purchases. When a receipt is emailed after your purchase is complete, it automatically filters out the relevant purchasing data and sends it to your Lemon account for safe keeping. You can even snap a picture of your paper receipts with your Android phone as long as it has an auto focus camera. The app will then search for text within the image and makes them searchable via character recognition. Data is compiled into handy reports that keep you in tune with your finances and provides visual graphs that plot your spending habits.

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