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Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5: Blackout update brings new content, moves game to Freemium model

GameLoft Modern Combat 5

Remember when Modern Combat 5: Blackout was released last year July, Gameloft promised there would be no In-App-Purchases (IAP’s) because it would be a one-off payment upfront? Then they hedged a little by introducing optional IAP’s a few months later. Well, that promise has been well and truly shattered by the news that the First-Person-Shooter (FPS)is turning into a Freemium game thanks to the update that is due to go live any minute. And we all know what that means tight? More details after the break. Read more

First look at some gameplay from Gameloft’s upcoming Blitz Brigade


Remember that borderline-insane shooter Gameloft teased a few weeks ago, Blitz Brigade? We’ve finally got some gameplay footage to look at it, and it definitely looks like it’s going to make a splash. It’s cartoony and doesn’t take itself too seriously, but there’s still enough blood and explosions to keep even the most hardcore FPS fans entertained. It definitely still has the Team Fortress feel, but that’s definitely not a bad thing to be compared to.

The folks at Gameloft still weren’t kind enough to give us a release date, so we’ll have to wait just a little longer for the actual release. Judging from the polish on this gameplay footage, though, I can’t imagine it’ll be too much longer. Hit the break below to get a glimpse at possibly the craziest shooter that’s going to hit the Play Store this year. Read more

Gameloft to release a wacky FPS called Blitz Brigade

Blitz Brigade is going to be Gameloft’s newest addition to its already massive library of games. Blitz Brigade features team based gameplay, big guns, explosions, and blood. The teaser trailer Gameloft released doesn’t have any actual gameplay footage, but there’s obviously quite a bit of Team Fortress 2 inspiration in this title. Unfortunately, no release date yet, but this is probably that other FPS we saw listed on Gameloft’s 2013 roadmap. Fingers crossed it doesn’t take too much longer to hit the Play Store. Hit the break to watch the trailer. Read more

Quick Review of N.O.V.A 2 HD from Gameloft (Video)

Even though N.O.V.A. 2 HD  has been out for awhile, I don’t believe there has been a decent review of it. Come with me as I help break it down.

You are Kal Wardin of the Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, the only problem is you were retired and enjoying life. As we all know, soldiers never get to enjoy there time off, and Kal is no exception to this. War is breaking out (again) and you have been pulled back into the fray. Living among colonists of the desert planet Scorpius, Kal is forced to take up arms and save the universe once again.

Enough with the back story, lets get down to the meat of things. N.O.V.A. 2 HD is made by Gameloft. The same people that made Lets Golf 3 HD. They totally hit this one out of the park by utilizing the Tegra 2 processor. The game will only run on HD devices. I have mine on the Tab 10.1 and it looks amazing.

The controls are some of the best I have seen on any game. Most games allow you to customize the controls to your liking with limitations. However Gameloft made it to where you can put the buttons anywhere on the screen. Giving you total control of your gaming experience. Also it offers gyroscope control so if you move the device left, you look left and vice versa. If this feature isn’t to your liking don’t worry you can turn it off. (As a hint for any of you that wants to use the gyroscope control, one of our authors Jim Farmer suggested sitting in a swivel chair while playing.)   Read more

Duke Nukem 3D coming to Android thanks to Tapjoy and MachineWorks Northwest

Do you remember playing Duke Nukem twenty years ago? That wise-cracking, cigar-chomping, woman-loving tough guy is coming to Android soon. Tapjoy, Inc. has partnered with MachineWorks Northwest to bring Duke Nukem 3D to Android.

The partnership is part of the Tapjoy Android Fund which is designed to bring top-quality mobile games and applications to the Android platform.

Duke Nukem 3D is the third installment of the series and is set in Los Angeles, “sometime in the early 21st century.” Your job is to use increasingly sophisticated weapons to defeat aliens and mutated humans from taking over the world. Duke Nukem 3D might be the third installment of the series, but it’s the first time a Duke Nukem game has made its way to the Android market.

You can expect to see Duke Nukem soon (possibly next week), and it will be compatible with both smartphones and tablets running Android 2.1 or better.

One more screenshot and full press release after the break:

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Gameloft shows off Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation [Video]

Gameloft has given us a teaser video showing us the next chapter of the Modern Combat series. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation will probably be the most realistic smartphone FPS to date. It will include 13 missions, support for up to 12 players, 6 maps, and an addictive ranking system that includes more than 90 experience ranks.

YouTube Preview Image

Full presser after the break

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EVO 4G update axes FPS cap

Remember back in June when the EVO 4G first came out, and there was that big to-do about the phone’s FPS being capped at 30? HTC claimed this was due to the need to support HDMI-out, and that they were unable to conjure up a software update to unleash the full power of the device (even though the folks over at XDA-Developers were pretty quick to nip that one in the bud).

Well, 3 months later, and HTC has decided that EVO owners have suffered long enough. The latest firmware update being rolled out by Sprint has in fact removed the framerate cap from the EVO, so if you’re an EVO owner and have received your update, you’re good to go! Leave us a comment below and let us know your results.

[via Engadget]

Deadly Chambers for Android review

Android shooters are a bit of a rare commodity, at least when compared to the slew of puzzle and arcade style games which make up the majority of the Android gaming market.  Some of you may have some experience with Android shooters, including Quake, and the port of GameLoft’s Nova.  Today, we’re bringing you a new addition to this rather sparse genre: Battery Powered Games’ Deadly Chambers.

In Deadly Chambers, you play as Dr. Chambers (clever, yes?), who has been taken captive by some unknown assailant and forced to fight for his escape.  While playing, you will be faced with numerous foes, who get tougher and harder to beat as you progress through the game.  Never fear, though, for you are constantly rewarded with bigger and better weapons to slay your enemies.

The game can essentially fall under both the FPS and TPS (third-person shooter) categories, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Are you curious yet as to how this game stacks up against the likes of titles such as Quake and Nova? Continue reading after the break for the full review of Deadly Chambers for Android.

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HTC Evo maxing out at 30fps

htc evo 30 fps speed limit

Remember that old game, “one of these things is not like the other”? Let’s see if you still remember how to play:

8MP Camera, 1GHz Snapdragon Processor, 4.2″ Screen, Video Chat, 30FPS Framerate.

If you guessed the framerate, congratulations! Looks like you still remember the game.

It appears as though the HTC Evo is capping out at 30 frames per second on benchmark tests. Some thought that perhaps it was the fault of Android 2.1 running on the device, but the issue has been confirmed on Android 2.2 as well. Hardware? Not a chance. With the specs involved with this mean little machine, it should be flying.

So could it be that this is just a limitation somewhere else, and Evo users just have to deal with it? Not a chance, according to one Android framework engineer, who states, “target was, is and will be 60fps.”
So then HTC… why the slow down? The complaints have been coming in from xda-developersGoogle Code, and other places around the net. Even the HTC Hero, a device (which I am currently the proud owner of) with less than half the hardware capabilities in some aspects, can get as much as 54 FPS when scrolling between its SenseUI-infused homescreens.

We’re hopeful that, in the coming days, HTC will be able to pinpoint the issue and bring the Evo back up to snuff. Until then, dont get into a smoothness match with your “lesser” Android users… you just may end up embarrassing yourself.

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