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Foxconn’s $6.2 billion takeover of Sharp Electronics is put on pause


While cheaper LCD panels are generally good news for the consumer, it has been one of the main contributing factors for the financial woes of electronics manufacturer, Sharp, with the company racking up around $4.5 billion in debt. Sharp’s search for new investment had culminated in an announcement that the Japanese electronics manufacturer had accepted a $6.2 billion takeover bid from Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry, more commonly known as Foxconn. Everything was going swimmingly until the most recent statement by Foxconn which has cast doubt over the deal being completed. Read more

ASUS joins ‘Make in India” initiative with help from Foxconn


As one of the hottest mobile device markets around the world today, India’s government took some steps to capitalize on the interest shown by manufacturers in selling to their citizens. The “Make in India” initiative was created to encourage production of smartphones within the country rather than having them shipped there from other manufacturing plants in other countries. The project appears to be proving successful with several smartphone manufacturers announcing plans to locate production facilities in India. The latest to join the list is ASUS, in partnership with Foxconn, which announced plans to commence production of some of their Zenfone series of devices in India. Read more

Rumour: BlackBerry is developing multiple Android handsets with Taiwanese ODMs


By working with Google to make Android more business-friendly and allegedly developing an Android handset with the codename Veniceit would seem that BlackBerry is ramping up its foray into the wonderful world of Android. Today we have news that the Canadian company is reportedly planning on releasing multiple handsets using the Android operating system.

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Foxconn rumored to be making the Amazon Phone

Amazon has had quite a lot of success selling their Android-based Kindle Fire tablets, and we’ve long heard rumors that the online mega-store will continue to build on that momentum by adding an Amazon Smartphone to the mix. Well, today those rumors are heating up.  According to industry sources, Amazon has struck an exclusive deal with Chinese manufacturer Foxconn (who is famous for manufacturing Apple’s iPhone and iPad, among other things) to build 5 million units of the yet unnamed Amazon smartphone. The phone is said to be released in quarter two or quarter three of 2013, and is rumored to be very affordably priced at $100 to $200. Amazon has become well known for selling good hardware at low prices, relying on content sales (books, magazines, music, etc) to make up the majority of their profits. If Amazon is able to deliver a high end phone at such a low off contract price-point, they are really going to give Google’s Nexus line a run for its money.

Source: CENS

Amazon Smartphone in the Works

While most of the buzz around Amazon is that they will produce a larger version of their Kindle Fire (presumably a 10 inch version), Bloomberg’s “people with knowledge of the matter” claim that a smartphone is actually in the works. The rumor centers around a supposed chase for wireless patents so that Amazon won’t have the same problems that other companies like Samsung is having now. There are no details about the device nor a timetable of when it will be released, but we do know that Amazon has partnered up with Foxconn to aid them in the manufacturing process.

What do you guys think about an Amazon manufactured phone? I can see this as a win for consumers as we can never get enough of good and affordable devices.

source: Bloomberg

Foxconn CEO Claims iPhone 5 “Will Put Samsung Galaxy S III to Shame”

Saying one product is better than the other is one thing, it’s a completely different issue when you’re just being plain out unprofessional and even borderline racial. Foxconn’s CEO Terry Gou just couldn’t help himself to stir up some controversy by highly urging customers to hold off on purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S III and wait for the eventual arrival of the iPhone 5 later this Fall. He even went as far as saying that the “iPhone 5 would put the Samsung Galaxy S III to shame.” If you think that’s bad, Gou gets even more personal by also reportedly called Samsung “a company with a track record of snitching on its competitors” this was a reference to a European price-fixing investigation of the flat panel industry in 2010. He also went on to praise the Japanese: “I respect the Japanese and especially like their execution and communication styles. Unlike the Koreans, they will not hit you from behind.” This isn’t much of a surprise as Foxconn reportedly does have an alliance with Japan’s Sharp Electronics Co. What really hit hard and probably made people lose respect for Gou, is that he also reportedly called Korean’s “gaoli bangzi” which can be translated to “Korean country hicks” or “Korean sticks.”

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