FCC Sees Forte and Xoom/Bionic?

This week the FCC has already received and made public documents on a couple of different Android devices. The Samsung Forte, which was recently seen in the wild, has made it through the FCC and they have some very basic information about it available online. Another device crossing the desks at FCC is a Motorola device, and while it was originally thought to be the Bionic, more information that has been discovered (like “non-removable battery”) has speculators leaning more toward the Xoom.

Either way, a few more Android devices are starting to receive various stamps of approval, thus coming steadily closer to being released.

[via FCC, (1), by way of Engadget, (1)]

Samsung SCH-R910, Also Known As the Forte, Seen Up-Close, Making its Way to MetroPCS Soon

We’ve seen the SCH-R910 popping up here and there, and it’s recently been identified as the Samsung Forte, heading for MetroPCS. Finally, through some (intentional?) leaks, we’re starting to see it up close. It’s got the tell-tale TouchWiz UI that Samsung is so fond of lately, and that does nothing to squash rumors that this might be a Galaxy S variant.

Pictures and video at the source link. Still no solid word on a release date, but we’re looking for it. ┬áMore on this phone as it develops.

[via Engadget]